10 weird things about me

Bart’s “ten weird things”:http://bart-calendar.livejournal.com/316757.html meme, because “cortocorto”:http://cortocorto.livejournal.com/167796.html tagged everyone, so why not?

1. This one is a riddle: although I was born in the continental United States, I was not born in any state in the union.

2. Once when I was a very little girl mom and I were going somewhere on a toll road in her 1965 VW Beetle. It was a very hot day. My mom noticed the woman in the toll booth staring into the back seat. When my mom looked back, she discovered that I was stark fucking naked. I really hate being hot.

3. When I was in elementary school, I attempted to start a newspaper. I tried to get other kids involved but for some reason, they did not share my romantic visions of journalism. I did, however, produce at least one issue which my mom photocopied for me at work. I was worried she would get in trouble.

4. I have shaved my head, mainly out of curiosity.

5. I have hated eggs since birth. They make me gag. Oddly, I love eggnog.

6. I was a vegetarian for about 15 years. I hate how smug I was about it at the time.

7. When I was in junior high, I had orthodontic surgery to reduce the size of my lower jaw. Afterwards my jaw was wired shut and I was unable to speak for six weeks.

8. I find watching Star Trek: The Next Generation comforting and relaxing because the world of STTNG is very orderly and clean.

9. I have worked at the same company full time since I was 20, and I had my first job there when I was 16.

10. When I was a teenager I habitually snuck out of the house late at night and walked around the city.