FCC public comment at Duke

I got a call from an activist friend in Seattle yesterday. He was fresh from the FCC public comment on new regulations which would relax ownership laws for radio stations. He told me that they’d run three hours over with people largely protesting the new regulations.

He was pretty hyped and asked me to get him in touch with folks in the area who could motivate locals to go to the public comment that’s going to be held at Duke on March 31st.

here’s some more scoop:


ringside rocks

this shouldn’t be news to me or anyone else in durham, but i’m sad to say it was. ringside rocks. i went there saturday night to see piedmont charisma, gerty, and jett rink.

jett rink seriously rocked the house, and viva’s performance was the most out of control thing i’ve seen in rock since pine state. but the main act, for me, was the club itself.

four floors in a very old, very narrow downtown building. sort of like four clubs, all terribly intimate and dripping with comfortable swank. bored? switch floors. go to the dance club, or the comfortable lounge replete with sofas and a projection video system, or get right on the floor with the rock band, or look down upon them from above.

if you’re not a member, the cover is a little more and you’re a “guest”. this little song-and-dance means that they can serve mixed drinks without having to have food.

get thee to ringside.

oh, and jett rink are REALLY good.