my favorite big bad

* the master

* angel

* the mayor

* adam

* glory

* willow

* the first/caleb

sarah was saying that the mayor is hers. we had a buffy marathon at shayne’s house the other day, and we watched an episode with some good mayor stuff in it.

i’m inclined to agree with her, though angel is really great as a bad guy. he just enjoys it so much. and i liked the master, too, he just doesn’t get enough of the story that season.

adam and the first/caleb were definitely disasters.

much of the way the willow story was handled was pretty bad– the heavy handed addiction metaphor, egads. but jeez, she just _looked_ so good with the black hair and the veins (“i’m simply covered in these viens…”).

yeah, i’d have to say either the mayor or angel. or the master.

my inner house needs renovation

i guess it’s a good thing that i _like_ to renovate houses.

this morning i dreamed that i visited the house of my friend h.

(h. is a friend who symbolizes something in particular to me. h. recently went on disability, i believe for depression. h. is no longer at work. h. did not return my last email. to me, h. is someone who was overcome by a force inside, a force that i see and fear in myself.)

it was an old victorian in need of a lot of renovation. i was there with some radio station people. i remember the bedroom was occupied by a california king with a dark burgundy cover. the bed was much too large for the room. wonder what _that_ means. heh.

i remember a vast cast-iron door, like the door of a potbelly stove, except larger than a person. i was afraid to open the door, but someone else did and we found a secret staircase inside the house. i remember in the landing was h.’s diary (which i didn’t read, though i thought it might shed some light on h’s state of mind).

i remember thinking, “this is just the sort of house i like to work on” (which it was), and what it shame it was that h. seemed unable to make any headway with the place.

there was more, but now i don’t remember. a lot of running around with radio station people, i think.


yesterday i finally got frustrated with my inability to print at home, and bought a printer.

i have to say, printer technology has come a very long way since i last bought a printer in the mid-90’s.

i got a photo-quality printer with separate tanks for each color that makes virtually no noise and spits out a page of text in about the amount of time it takes for me to turn my head from the computer screen to the printer.

how much was this astounding machine? $150.

it’s starting to make me really love my cube, not just as a nifty museum piece, but as a highly functional desktop. it’s zippy, the LCD monitor is bright and crisp, and hey, it prints! plus, the speakers sound pretty nice, and i can listen to xdu online whilst printing.

enough radio to choke a large horse

i did two shows today… “2 – 4pm”: and “8 – 10pm.”:

it was very quiet, though at the end of the second show i did have someone call to ask what the last few songs were, which was gratifying.

and jason had “a kind word.”:

bendte arrived for her 10pm show sporting a new haircut; we both go to the same guy to get our hair cut. she said their inspiration for how he did the back was that scene in 16 candles when the girl gets her hair caught in the door and her friend cuts the hair off to free her.

she cracks me up.

i also talked to sylvia in the afternoon, about thrift stores and, oddly, horseback riding. i also gave her some advice on men, but she probably won’t take it.

not safe for kids!

i had the disorienting experience of having this blog site redirected to yahooligans when i went to view it on a computer i bought recently. my initial panicky thought was that my site had somehow been hijacked, but when it came up ok on a different computer, i realized that the previous owner of the computer must have installed some kind of parental controls on it.

so i’m very excited that my blog is offically unsafe for children. yay!


you know, i love the idea of biking. it’s so clever.

the last time i tried it, i really sucked at it though. not only did i not have the aerobic capacity to go very far, but i’m not very skilled in general.

the creepy neighborhood lawn guy, who has been exclusively riding a bike since i’ve known him, seems to have acquired another mode of transport. it appears to be a a heavy duty electric golf cart with no awning. i’m actually a bit happy for him, because it’s clearly awkward for him to carry lawn tools on a bike (which he did, amazingly, manage).

creepy though he may be, i do kinda worry about the guy and would like to see him do a little better.

i’m still not going to hire him though.


i dreamt last night that i was late for my radio show. i’d simply lost track of time. it was 9, and i was supposed to go on at 8. jeff herrick was on, apparently covering for me, but i thought i had better get up to the station quickly.

for some reason, i decided to walk. i had just moved, so i didn’t know the area well. i was in downtown raleigh, on a major road, but in a really shitty neighborhood. i was lost. i finally asked a couple of girls, but they were not really any help. then i spotted a small group of police, a few of which were mounted on horses. i think i had a conversation with someone about how i knew that police mounted on horses would help me, because they were mounted on horses.

they agreed to help me. i thought they’d call a car, but instead they took me to the local animal shelter. it turned out that they were animal shelter officers.

i decided to adopt two dogs. i realized i wasn’t thinking carefully about my ability to care for dogs, just that i liked the dogs and wanted to take them home. they had everything there i needed, crates, leashes and collars, everything. they packed the dogs up into a backpack for me so it would be easier for me to carry them.

i think it was somewhere in that dream that i spotted a remake of “the old citroen 2cv.”: it was very similar to the new beetle, but the roof was shaped differently, and the windows were the color of the body of the car. i saw a red one and a yellow one. i waved at one from my beetle and he waved back, because our cars were so similar.

_then moseman woke me up because he was hungry_

i had another dream. i’ve lost most of it, but i recall being taken through a building with many rooms and staircases, all panelled in handsome, dark wood. it was a very natural place. then a young woman who was an office worker in a brightly lit office took us down one particular staircase outside her office to the jungle.

in the jungle, we followed a path to where the natives were. we could do something with these quills that had a bit of feather only at the end, and which had been dipped in something that i later decided was the scent mark of their tribe, but we had to pay some money. there was a feeling of threat in the air, but nothing bad happened.

i didn’t have any money on me so i didn’t take a quill. back out of the jungle and in the building, i talked to jacob. he thought it would really be better if i had a quill, as he did. he had some money so he lent it to me and i tried to go back for a quill.

i got lost in the many rooms and confusing staircases, but eventually ran across the young woman. i tried to convince her to take me back to the staircase that would lead to the jungle, but she was dubious that the quill offer would still stand. the natives were unpredictable and might hurt me if i went back.


it would appear that i’m getting new neighbors.

they have at least one, and i suspect more than one, very vocal child.

my cat is afraid of children. specifically, their voices.

i’m not the biggest fan of listening to stranger’s children, myself.

we _were_ enjoying a beautiful, peaceful, quiet day with all the doors and windows open. then they arrived. this makes the third time i’ve seen the white minivan and heard voices at the house in the last week; now they’re inside the house, so it’s safe to assume that they’re moving in.

at least the sound of the children’s voices makes the cat run, which is good exercise for him.

i swear, i’ve got to find a way to buy that place.

chunky shoes

ooh, i had a dream last night that i had a pair of those really, really chunky platform shoes that were big in the 90’s. i was realizing that i needed to get rid of them, but was feeling kind of an attachment to them.

i actually _am_ hanging on to the spacegrrl boots– you know, those silly silver chunky boots with the 3-inch soles– i know they’re way out of style now, and i probably won’t be wearing them except maybe for halloween or the alien ball, but they’re basically a museum piece now 🙂 maybe i’ll even display them in the hallway with all my VW stuff once that goes up.

of course, if i ever have a daughter, i can pass them on to her and they’ll be the coolest, most retro thing she’s ever seen. hell yeah!

delight in the oddest things

i went out shopping this morning, which was kind of a treat because i’ve been feeling very fatigued the last couple of days and haven’t been doing much. that’s normal when starting atkins. it just means my body has a lot to adjust to, especially not having a lot of available carbs to burn.

anyway, i’d gotten a bee in my bonnet recently for an electronic label maker, inspired by my recent round of de-cluttering and organizing. so.. that’s what i bought while i was out shopping today. and it made me feel very happy for some reason.

i’m so organized that i even have a can full of monsters. that was the first label i made. “Monsters”.