i recall hearing about this some time ago. now a cd has appeared on the xdu playlist.

an artist known as [The User] has mic’d an abandoned grain silo in montreal. anyone can “play” the silo remotely via the internet or telephone.



got home safely from my radio show.. roads were still more wet & slushy than frozen over at 10pm. thanks to christa for the broad/club/washington idea; it was definitely less scary than markham.

tomorrow work opens at 10:30. dave is still stuck; both his driveway and his cul de sac are heavily sloped sheets of ice. so he’s going to climb out on foot and i’ll pick him up on a cross street on my way in.

i finally got my first mp4 archive of my radio show. i’m a bit disappointed because i went on early, but forgot to change the recording schedule to start early, so i missed a lot of good stuff.

i’m debating on posting it to the web. i wouldn’t put it on the radio station web server– the files aren’t small and i don’t want to cause legal trouble for the station. but i’m wondering just how illegal it would be, really, to post it to the web.

two good things to do with spring roll wrappers

(the kind made out of rice, that you soak in water then don’t cook)

layer on top of soaked wrapper:

* lettuce leaf (i’ve been using boston)

* smoked turkey sliced very thin

* garlic mayonnaise

* little slivers of red pepper

* little slivers of green onion

fold in the sides then roll up carefully. (oh a little havarti is good in there too.)

the one everyone likes, that i made for the party:

* chopped cilantro and salad greens

* thin shreds of cucumber and carrot

* bean threads, cooked and tossed with sesame oil and rice vinegar

* hoisin

* ground peanuts

memories of my father

(and about three people in the world will get the music reference in the title…)

the ikea thing (specifically, the maze of twisty little passages) made me remember when my dad was working at cherry point, managing the install of a new mainframe there. of course, they had adventure installed and when my dad would take me in to work with him (because when you see your daughter just four days a month, you should be sure to spend at least part of that time at work), he’d sit me down in front of adventure for entertainment.

i wasn’t really old enough to play very successfully, but i would try. the guys in the lab had drawn a map of the game, which helped a little.

that’s it, that’s the memory. geek training at an early age.

on air tonight

i’ll be on tonight from 8-10pm. live playlist will be “here.”:

i dug out my sidewalk and driveway this afternoon and went to the grocery store. my street and glendale are not so great, but washington looks as if it’s been plowed. markham isn’t very good, though, but it’s the only way to get to the station so i’ll brave it. hopefully things won’t have frozen over too badly at 10pm when i’m leaving.

lunch ladies

i dreamed about the old lynch st. apartment again last night. as always, it was in need of some renovation. somehow i was now the owner– but only of that apartment– and i had decided to try and sell it. i think i was talking with a realtor inside the apartment. then i walked out, through an enclosed porch painted in ugly, dark colors, and i thought, “I want to give this whole place a nice coat of cream-colored paint. I’ll go to the paint store and ask if they have a color called, ‘vanilla bean’, because that would be just perfect, a nice pale cream.” by the time i finished that thought, i was at the end of the front walk, and two lunch ladies were walking up to the house. one was black and one was white, and they were wearing those puffy, translucent white hats that look like shower caps. the black one had two long buck teeth that stood out against her brown skin. i tried to make eye contact and smile, but they did not seem to be in a friendly mood.

i have no idea where the lunch ladies came from or what they might mean.

oh, and i remember thinking that that sort of house– an old house divided into three apartments– would be perfect for a family, each family unit could live in a different apartment, and be separate yet together.

i wish i was a pretty japanese girl

a long time ago, dave and i met a guy named dav. i don’t remember how we met him. i think dave is my only friend remaining from that time who remembers dav. i remember dav came and worked on rob k.’s film with us, and i know he was one of the folks involved in the infamous trip to DC to see Man…. or Astroman?, during which a group of about seven of us went to record stores, ate ethiopian food, and completely missed the MoA show. then found we were locked out of the parking garage where we’d parked. maybe he was just an regular at a time when you could put together a road trip to see a band just by posting to the group.

so dav is now living in san francisco, and he’s got a blog, and one or the other of us found his blog a year or so ago. and now he crops up from time to time. bored tonight, i read “justin hall’s blog”: for the first time in a while.

(justin i learned about through a documentary called “home page,”: and it turns out that he was a student at swarthmore at the same time dave was working as a sysadmin there, though he passed under dave’s radar at the time.)

so justin had a party, and dav went to justin’s party. i wrote to dave and said, “it had to happen sometime”. i guess “it” is that someone we knew would wind up hanging out with justin hall, the man who may be considered the original blogger. or one of them. certainly the person who introduced me to the concept of the online diary.

so i went out to dav’s blog and then on to his girlfriend’s blog.

i think his girlfriend is japanese. as in, moved to san francisco from japan to be with dav. and, possibly, to work with the six apart people? she mentions in her blog, “hanging out with the six apart crew”. (six apart are the people who wrote the software i am using right now to run this blog.)

pretty japanese girl. persued across not just continents but an entire ocean by a brilliant and nice-looking boy who ditched north carolina for the more exciting world of san francisco.

do these people live in another world or what?

i’m not saying that i really want to live in that world, when i really break it down and think about it. but on the surface of it, yeah, i wish i was a pretty japanese girl who apparently is so special, she is worth persuit across great geographies.

IKEA – a role-playing game

via “boingboing”:

“IKEA is a fully immersive, 3D environmental adventure that allows you to role-play the character of someone who gives a shit about home furnishings. In traversing IKEA, you will experience a meticulously detailed alternate reality filled with garish colors, clear-lacquered birch veneer, and a host of NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS (NPCs) with the glazed looks of the recently anesthetized.”

“more =>”: