ode to vogs – day five

i bought these about a year ago. the colors were wacky, but i felt sure that with some work, i could find a way to wear them. they come in black, but i decided i had too many black shoes, and wanted some shoes with color.

i finally did find an outfit they looked good with, but it wasn’t until october. what i didn’t realize all summer is that these are fall and winter shoes– they are just too heavy and dark to work with summer clothes!

i was actually still somewhat entrenched in daily boy-wear at the time i got these, but a transformation occured rapidly after that– my weight loss reached a point where i needed to start shopping for clothes, which quickly became a frequent occupation. suddenly, i could fit into clothes i actually wanted to wear– and some of those fluevogs that had seemed hopelessly out of place in my wardrobe became quite useful.

these have a rounded toe, which is not popular right now, but i think it’s adorable, and makes one’s feet look small and cute. they’re also very stable, but will hurt my feet if i stand up in them for very long.

in fact, i liked this style so much that i bought another pair of fluevogs in the fall of 2003 that are in the same family. we’ll get to those next…

giving in to the whole oscars thing

so a friend of a friend of mine gives an oscars party every year. i’ve never gone before because it’s such total bullshit, but this year i decided that i’d just take it at face value and have fun with it. so i’m going to the party tomorrow and i’ve been watching movies like crazy lately.


* triplets of belleville (awesome)

* whale rider (good, but they brought out the whales about 40 minutes before the end and it was nothing but tears til the damn movie was over.)

* mystic river. (sean penn has been working out, whoa! and tim robbins really nailed it. he was great.)

* in america (that’s tonight)

* seabiscuit (another damn animals/crying movie. that’s tomorrow).

of course, i’d already seen ‘lost in translation’ twice, which i absolutely loved. murray _should_ win best actor, but probably won’t because his performance is actually subtle.

so i’ve seen a bunch of movies i probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and will be going to a very silly party populated entirely with women. stuff like this just gives me that “bread and circuses” feeling.

ode to vogs – day four – the witchy shoes

well, i’ve skipped over a pair, chronologically, but that’s because i have to save those for last.

as you can see here, though, i was getting a lot bolder.

style? check. lots of it. there’s a part of me that’s never let go of wanting to be a goth girl. not goth like it is now, but like it was _then._ a lot more Wednesday Addams— a lot less blue and orange fake dreadlocks. and if these aren’t wednesday addams shoes, well, then i don’t know what are. i think it’s also worth noting that they are quite pointy! yes, i actually had pointy shoes before everyone was going on about pointy shoes. not that i wore them much– still don’t, actually, as they are still slightly outrageous and a bit too large.

heel? oh, my, yes.

girly? actually, very girly. not in a cute flowers kind of way, of course. but no doubt, these are girl shoes– very sleek, very feminine. nothing butch about ’em.

that goth girl lurking inside has also been eyeing “these”:http://www.fluevog.com/code/images/00000113_zoom.jpg for some time, too, but they’re too much. i’m pretty sure i could never get away with them.

miss mary mack, mack, mack

all dressed in black, black, black

with silver buttons, buttons, buttons

all down her back, back, back….

ode to vogs – day three

guest entry today from “christa…”:http://home.earthlink.net/~christa.wessel/blog.html

“lisa says these ‘vogs didn’t play a big part in her shoe development, but they made a huge impact on mine. in fact, i loved her pair so much, i got a pair of my own!

i’d never owned a pair of open-toed sandals before (my dad had a weird phobia about toes that he passed on to me), so this was a risky purchase in that regard. but also — check out the big honkin’ metal ring! the warning bell in my head kept ringing “risky risky risky!!”

still, i love them so much. i’ve had them for at least 5 years; they’ve been the most sturdy pair of shoes i’ve ever bought.”

clunky though they may be, i think these did represent moving more toward the girly end of the spectrum, for me. and, as with all fluevogs, they have style to spare, and oddly seem to transcend trends (although i often think of fluevogs as quite trendy!)

mine are too big, i did manage to wear them all one summer, but have had to give them up since. i can’t quite manage to part with them, though.

hell yeah!!

work is closed today! i thought for sure we’d be open, at best delayed.

snow day!!!!

upon closer inspection of the outside world, i think this may be just as well. my driveway and street appear to be covered in ice; i don’t think i want to drive anywhere.

bored with tv

i’m totally bored with tv.

i mean, i still like the shows i like. but the filler stuff… whatever need i had for that before is gone now.

it makes me restless. i haven’t quite figured out what i’m going to do with this extra time and energy.

theoretically, i should be working like crazy on all these hobby projects… and tonight, i am. but that’s, i’m sure, not all i really want to be doing.

time for… something.

i think it’s just criminal and wrong to be bored. and here i am, bored as hell! as my mom so wisely used to tell me, “bored people are boring”.


ode to vogs – day two

My home DSL line appears to have gone down so in fear that it may be weather-related and I may not be able to simply reset it, I’m going to go ahead and post today’s set of vogs.

I decided to try granny boots for my second pair of ‘vogs. This was quite adventurous for me at the time. And again, the whole idea of “girly” had not quite sunk in.

I actually do still wear these, especially on snowy days; the color is an unusual warm gray, and they’re quite practical and more trim than this photo (which exaggerates) makes them seem.