trying to get my act together

reason #364 why i’m glad i won’t be doing the allpods site again, ever: the vast quantity of stuff i put off til july in the name of getting the site done.

so now i’m trying to organize and prioritize this stuff in my mind and it’s not happening. of course, i’m kind of hamstrung at the moment by a seemingly constant need to sleep (like, right now). hard to get stuff done when you work all day then nap for three hours then go to bed and sleep another seven hours then feel exhausted at work all day.


– the yard. oh my god.

– the house. oh my god.


– the westy. do i seek help to do it myself, or just attempt to throw money at the problem? i desperately want to get it reliably driveable.

– the westy: the exterior. the interior.

– the pod. well, it just needs to be washed.


– the allpods site: the video.

– the OND site: it needs updating

– the NBeast site: it needs to be resdesigned and implemented for this year.

– the WXDU site: i said i would redesign it. i want to redesign it.


– i really want to paint the bathroom again. something glossy, fresh, and clean. i was thinking white, but a bold yet light color might be better.


– it’s time to get cracking on planning it.

– i want to take the westy to nbeast. see CARS section.

yeah, i have no idea where to begin.

disgusting fake low-carb recipies, #1

this is probably funny only to me. if you’re a sqeamish vegetarian, or just squeamish, don’t read this.

inspired by snacking on bacon tonight and thinking about a picnic i am going to in august, and what i might bring.

*bacon salad*

– cook 1/2 lb bacon; break into large chunks. thick-cut bacon is best.

– hard boil 2 eggs, peel, and dice.

– blend 1 stick softened butter with 1/2 cup mayonnaise in blender or food processor until smooth.

– mix bacon and eggs together; toss with butter/mayonnaise mixture until well coated.

it’s really low in carb.

i’m not writing to you.

there are many emails that i owe various people, some of whom read this blog.

i’m probably not writing to you because i’m such a total bitch.

i’m happy to report that i _am_ showing signs of getting over myself, however. i helped shayne pick out paint colors this evening, and i had lunch with dave and didn’t do anything mean.

so you should be seeing that mail from me soon. rilly.

introversion revenge

so after 2 weeks of being with people 24-7, it turns out i needed a little alone time. three days of it so far, and to be honest, i’m not looking forward to talking to much of anyone at work tomorrow either.

i’ve become so much more of an extrovert over the years that when i want time alone, i don’t even know what the heck is wrong with me. it wasn’t until about 8pm tonight that i realized that there’s nothing at all wrong with me. i don’t suddenly hate my friends, probably, nor doing the sort of things i used to like to do before two weeks ago.

anyway. see you when i see you.

well, i made a dent anyway…

when i got home from my trip, there was a letter from the national forest service in my mailbox. apparently, they’re interested in making my backyard into a wildlife preserve.

but you know, i’d probably wind up with the one ugly forest ranger in the world stationed at my place, and he’d be all up in my bizness, and i wouldn’t like that.

so i decided to mow.

i actually did get through the backyard by and large. took over an hour. there’s still tons of crap that has to be pulled out of the beds, that will probably be a couple of hours work at least.

then there’s the front yard.

in somewhat related news, i’m watching an episode of clean sweep where they clear the house of a woman who is a collector. not one of the really bad ones, because they’d never let someone touch their stuff, but this woman definitely qualifies. her daughter moved back in with her and i think it was the daughter who instigated it. they found rats living in built-in storage under the windows. everyone who is working in the house is being made to wear a ventilator due to the incredible amount of dust and pet dander.

worse than the bug people

this one is just for jason… a quote from the diesel vanagon list:

bq. I now have the 1.6 1985 Jetta engine. It came out of his westy he refinishes floors, rags in the van mix with something & spontaneous combustion on more westy.

bq. From what he told me today he was running not the DK but a trans out of a water boxer.

bq. He said it went just fine. Is this possible?

eh? EH????

i’m back!

so the week before i left, i saw spacepod’s temp gauge climb up to 105 one afternoon. the humidity was pumping as usual. i thought his gauge was broken. i exclaimed something i won’t repeat here. that was the day joy got sick from the heat– you know, joy who lives in phoenix, in the desert, where it gets up to 120 sometimes?

the whole time we were on the road, dan was bitching about the heat. “97! It’s so hot!”

it barely broke 100.

man, that’s not hot.

but you people are! don’t forget that!!

btw, what amazingly fun thing did i miss? the blogs seem to be full of strife and terrible things. usually y’all do a good job of partying or something like that while i’m away. please tell me this year was no exception.

lisa is away from her blog right now.

if you would like to leave a message, you may do so at the tone. however, as lisa may be abducted by aliens during her time away from the blog, you may never get a response.

if you would like to monitor lisa’s progress toward abduction, you may do so at the following etha-net sub-address:


thank you.

‘arry potter!

“sarah’s comment about how the kids in this potter movie don’t wear their robes got me to thinking about the movie…”:

i actually dug the street clothes _so_ much that i forgot that they should be wearing robes! but sarah is correct, they make a big deal about the robes in the books and that’s what they ought to be wearing. i’ve just always had a thing for those earthy brown english “jumpers”, possibly as a result of reading too much as a child.

i love david thewlis and was so pleased with him in this role. so often the films he does are difficult to watch. his breakthrough role in mike leigh’s ‘naked’ is so painful that although i loved the movie at the time, i’ve never been able to bring myself to watch it again.

alan rickman, as always, is fantastic. he’s so good that you even get to see glimpses of the nerdy outcast teenaged boy who was picked on by the popular kids (harry’s dad and friends) without any of the plot or dialogue that brings that out.