artscape pictures – sneak peek

last night i started working on my photos from artscape… here’s a sneak peek of a few of my favorites:

“here’s one”:

“here’s another”:

“interiors are good”:


i want to date the genius bar

well, i put the challenge to my fellow mac geeks at work… and got back the idea that finally released the stuck DVD from my powerbook’s drive– reset the PRAM. ran some other tests and diagnostics… didn’t get anywhere.

drove straight to the apple store after work and was able to get my hands on a genius right away. i liked this guy– the first thing he did was read the kernel panic log, and saw that my AirPort card was being mentioned. i was actually kinda surprised that the other guy, last night, never looked at the log.

i wound up leaving the powerbook at the store… it’s under warranty so basically it’s up to them to troubleshoot and fix it. i guess. i hope 🙂

at some point during the day, i realized that my old tangerine ibook is, right now, the least broken of all my computers– all it needs is a new power adapter. so i walked out of the store with a power adapter, and here i am happily typing away on good ol’ squishy. i am reminded again of what a great computer this is– i spent many happy and productive hours developing web sites and doing all kinds of stuff with it. it may be considered dated technology these days (it’s not even running OSX), but today i’m very happy to be using it.

oh, and yes, i want to date the genius bar. you know how certain girls would be reputed to date, say, the entire football team or the entire chess club? (ok, maybe not the chess club…) well, lemme tell ya… a guy with good customer service skills who can also out-geek me and fix my powerbook is damned sexy. plus, they’re all kind of cute.

Mark those calendars!

I’m having a Halloween party on Saturday, October 30th and you are all invited!

Last year I did bat around the idea of having a “come as your favorite Willow” theme. Now, as always, that _would_ be optional… but if you’re a Buffy fan, and would come to my party, why don’t you weigh in on this idea?

In case you don’t recall, this would mean coming as some version of Willow, like “frightened opera singer willow”, or “evil vampire willow from an alternate universe”. me, i was planning to come as “black willow who tried to end the world”.. and of course, someone could also come as “white willow who saved the world”.

lemme know what you think.

oh, that’s a good one…

my mom just sent me the following message:

“Is there something you are not telling me? Last night I dreamed we were

planning your wedding!”


and her recollection of jason-from-highschool is:

“I think I remember Jason. I used to find him downstairs with you, right, but

you didn’t go to either prom with him.”

which actually _is_ kind of an amusing way for her to remember him. i imagine we did hang out in that basement a lot…


attempts to fix my powerbook this evening have rendered it inoperable. i’ll be going _back_ to the apple store right after work tomorrow night i guess.

until it’s back, i probably won’t be seeing much of my earthlink email. i’ll probably also be in a fairly cranky mood (not that i wasn’t already).

athletic dude has not written back for a full week, so it’s official– he blew me off.

while in the apple store tonight i saw a personals guy that i was friends with for a while and then blew off because he’s a lamer, and demanding to boot.

i’m feeling pretty overwhelmed in general right now… i thought i could knock out some computer issues and feel a little better, but instead i mostly feel worse.

computer issues really make me all out of sorts.

on the way back to the car, i saw a guy who i recognize from the personals. he gave spacepod quite a stare as he passed by, and i stared at him. i’ve never been tempted to write to him, because he wants a woman who smokes pot.

it was weird.

andy touched this!

what many– but not all– of you know about me is that i’m a huge XTC geek.

i hesitate to say “huge fan”. i used to be a huge fan. now i’m less of a fan, but the impulse to collect XTC materials remains like a vestigal tail. i don’t often indulge it, however.

one thing i’ve been considering doing for years is re-buying their albums on CD. i’ve got tons of stuff on vinyl– much more than is available on CD, actually– but virtually nothing on CD, which makes it quite difficult to fulfull mary and christa’s long-standing request for an XTC mix.

starting this month, I decided to proceed with this in an orderly fashion. the CD’s are now available pretty much directly from the band– via “a very small label”: in England– over the web. the big up side to getting them this way is that they’re autographed! and of course, i suspect (hope!) that a lot more of my money is going directly to andy and colin (who could definitely use it, after many years under a contract that bled them dry, which they’re now out from under).

my first two cd’s arrived yesterday– skylarking (widely considered their best) and go2 (my long-time favorite from back in their punk/post-punk days).

i plan to order two cd’s a month directly from them. ideally, i’ll also digitize some of the vinyl i’ve got that’s not available on cd– but we’ll see. at the very least, i need to try and preserve some of the rarer cover art by scanning it.

up with sleep!

worn out from the weekend, fresh out of distracting novels to read, i went to bed last night at 10:30, an unusually early time in lisa-land. dosed myself with melatonin, shut all doors and windows tightly, turned on a fan (for white noise), and proceeded to sleep for eight whole hours.

now i have to admit that it was not completely uninterrupted. i believe i woke up three or four times because of noises that made it through my noise defenses, but they were brief awakenings, not hours-long insomniac wandering through the house kind of wakenings.

woke up at 7; took a walk; packed a nice low-carb breakfast for myself, and headed on into work early.

here’s hoping i can keep it up…

i’m back!

many photos forthcoming. the few recorded on the camera phone are “here”: but unlabelled and with many duplicates and other annoyances.

many many good ideas for 9 westy’s exterior– finally– and a real need to get going with it. some good stuff for the interior bought at ikea for little money. i told sarah that i see 9 westy as my vacation home, so therefore i should furnish it to my liking! deep pink, thick wool blankets spoke to me. they will be good in the cold.

good discussions too about the nature of art cars vs. new beetle customizations… many good notes taken and questions posed for my maybe book.

many adorable men populated the weekend, including an encounter with a very nice looking man that i know, who lives in durham, in ikea! but sadly, no attention from men here at home. oh well.

Team UMJ

Departing tomorrow morning, “Team UMJ”: will be providing your weekend entertainment in the form of webcasting a crazy art car parade in Baltimore, MD. It’s this thing called “Artscape” and it has something to do with art or something.

Anyway, I’m going! And I’m packing a nutritious lunch.