i’m crap on toast!

ooh, thanks to “pinky”:http://pinkplaidface.blogspot.com/ for leading me to this:

fish tacos
You are Fish ‘Tacos.’ You might think you’re
exotic and worldly-wise, but in reality you’re
just a bunch of crap on toast. Repeat after
me: ‘just because you put something in
quotation marks doesn’t make it so.’ And
‘taco’ isn’t Spanish for ‘toast.’

What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?
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it’s a good sign

it’s a good sign, i think, that i’m pretty much caught up on everyone’s blogs, including the nerve personals bloggers; that i frequently stare at the picture of the unbearably cute boy i’m currently attempting to chat up (often _while_ i’m reading blogs); that my bedroom is in a state such that it seems entirely reasonable that i’ll be painting it in a week and a half; and that re-decluttering my living room this evening took all of twenty minutes.

i should really get to bed earlier though.

[halloweenies] fantod

those who attended the earliest “halloween”:http://wxdu.org/~lisa/halloween/index_2000.html “parties”:http://wxdu.org/~lisa/halloween/ at the charming english cottage of death may remember this gorey-ific toy:


starlite fundraiser, part 1

i’d like to point everyone to the “pictures i took at the car show today.”:http://www.spacepod.org/photolog/archives/cat_starlite_fundraiser.html much to our surprise– they put our bugs in the car show! we think it was a mistake, but both our bugs are modded– and we later added a limited edition snap orange to our little lineup– so we didn’t look all that out of place. we were a shoe-in with the 10-year-old girls, anyway.

i’ll be heading out to the rock show at ooh la latte soon– and carla says she’s going to recruit me to work at the fundraising table. which is fine, i actually enjoy that kind of stuff. keeps me from standing around like a dork which is what i normally do at rock shows.


19th century hysteria: sexual shame expressed as physical symptoms. example read in the nerve blog-a-log: a woman experiences paralysis of the legs as a result of feeling desire for her uncle.

21st century hysteria: girl has weekend of sex with a guy who turns out to be a real asshole and very toxic. enjoys it immensely. later convinces herself she’s got various symptomless STD’s, but, fearful of the results, never goes to the doctor. and continually chooses to stay safely at home or in the company of friends who provide insulation between her and the possibility of meeting any single guys. wonders what her problem is. reads a random piece of information on the web a year and a half later and wonders.. does she feel _ashamed?!?_


the one exception to all of this (self-induced?) celibacy sent me another postcard this week. him i just don’t know what to make of. he breezed through town, showed me a good time, and then proceeded to… completely stay in touch with me throughout his year-plus sojourn across the states. go figure.


i took friday off; after being stressed and anxious to the point of panic attacks over the last month, a day off seemed like a good idea. and then of course it turned out that the weather was fabulous, so it worked out really well.

i’ve been accomplishing stuff in the house for the last two days, but in a very relaxed way, without stress. it’s been pretty nice.

i did find a use for those shoeboxes actually! it turns out that Born apparently packs all their shoes in the same box, and since i’m a big Born fan, i had enough uniform boxes to re-organize the sewing equipment that had come to me from my grandmother. everything had been packed into old boxes that were falling apart, or shoved into plastic bags– many of which were also falling apart. the Born boxes are so sturdy and uniform that even when I have a proper piece of furniture to store the sewing stuff in, it may remain in those boxes.

i also took a couple of smaller shoeboxes, cut holes in the lids with an exacto knife, and put some old candles that don’t look pretty anymore in them. since the candles still smell nice, i am sticking the boxes into closets to make the closets smell nice. is that crafty or what? and if/when the power goes out, i’ve still got a ton of usable candles in the house.

my bedroom is now almost completely decluttered, which is a huge thing. it still has a little way to go, but i can actually clean basically all of the floor with the swiffer, which is great– that room is always _full_ of cat hair/dust that is so gross. i finally managed to get the dividers for an ikea cabinet that i bought years ago, pounded together correctly. they are made of four piece of wood that are slotted together. when i originally tried to get them together, i couldn’t get them all the way into place. i bought a rubber mallet and had the brilliant idea of applying a little wd-40 to the situation. bingo! they came together perfectly.

i thought i might try to assemble the cabinet, but ran into a small problemo: i can’t find the hardware and instructions anywhere. i dug through many drawers with no result. i guess i’ll have to continue to clean out parts of the house, and hope i run across that stuff somewhere along the line. my hope is to use that cabinet to store the sewing stuff; although the sewing stuff is more organized, it’s just kind of floating around my bedroom and will become clutter again before long.

this afternoon i read through parts of ‘herb gardening for dummies’. i think i have a list of herbs that i’d like to grow and which will do well here in NC. i don’t plan to try planting anything until spring, and then i will buy seedlings to plan rather than trying to start my own seeds.

in the backyard, there’s a bed that was extremely disorganized… almost like a place where elizabeth randomly planted a bunch of stuff, or stuck things she was moving from another area. i didn’t really like anything, so i’ve razed it. the only thing left is a shrub that i thought was a tree– my tree guy was the one who set me straight on that. why the hell would someone plant a single shrub in the middle of the yard? it is as mysterious as many other things she did– like the butterfly bushes in equally random positions, which i gave to my mom because i was tired of mowing around them.

well, it dawned on me today that since i have a single shrub in the middle of an oval bed, i could do a very nice geometric design of herbs around the shrub, perhaps in concentric circles. use herbs more as decorative plants than as kitchen plants, but the oval is small enough that i’d probably be able to tend and harvest everything i planted.

i envision still planting herbs in the bed at the side of the lot, that has also been razed– but needs to have approximately one metric ton of lily rhizomes pulled out of it– they’re sprouting up eagerly again despite having been sheared to the ground a couple of weeks ago. honestly.

and, finally, i want to do tulips in a border along my front walkway. there’s one tulip that sprouts there every spring– so i know they _will_ grow there despite the shady conditions, and even perennialize. those will need to be planted before thanksgiving according to the ‘north carolina gardener’s guide’.

i’ve finished watching the first season of ‘dead like me’, which i highly recommend.

it is nice to clean.

so last night i had no obligations and no eleventh-hour deadlines from the starlite fiolks. oddly, i did have the energy to clean, and clean i did.

funny how piles of clutter that look quite small can take a surprising amount of time to sift through. besides laundry, that’s almost all i did last night– and it was only piles of clutter in the living room, which is the least cluttered room of all. and i didn’t even finish!

well, come to think of it, i did box up all my summer sandals and pull out all the summer clothes i know i won’t be wearing again til next year. so between that and the extensive laundry-doing, my clothes are quite organized right now.

shoe boxes: i really have too many. i keep feeling as if they should be useful for something, that i should be crafty, and paint them or cover them with flowered paper and use them for storage. storage of what, though? i try to store all of my shoes in racks so i can see them and not forget any, so for shoes i only need enough boxes to store out-of-season pairs.

a problem with using shoeboxes as storage in any solid organizing effort is that they’re not all the same size, so they don’t look neat and tidy and they won’t necessarily stack well.

i know you guys find this _just so fascinating._

another issue that i have now, which you all might actually find interesting, is my records.

now, please, keep in mind that my records– my 12″ vinyl– are very emotional for me and suggestions of “obtain it in digital form and get rid of the vinyl” will fall on profoundly deaf ears.

i do have enough storage for _most_ of my records. there is a category of records, however, that have a slightly dubious purpose and if i were to cull them, i’d probably have enough space for all of my other records.

that category is: records that would be fantastic to sample from should i ever do audio collage again.

now, it’s been a few years. a lot of years. many years since i did any collage. but it’s the closest i’ve ever come to being a musician, and music has been near and dear to my heart since i was a wee tiny winkle. there’s something quite magical about actually producing your own original stuff after years of fantasizing about it. so it’s kind of difficult for me to accept the idea that i might never do it again.

my thinking last night was that i should separate those records out, and see just how many i’m dealing with. see if there are any i could let go of. then see if i can purge enough books to make some bookshelf space for them in the back room; they don’t need to be in the living room the way the records i actually _listen_ to need to be.

yes– interestingly– i would rather give up books than records.

i’m also looking askance (in my mind) at my large-ish collection of mass market sci-fi paperbacks. maybe i should cull those, too– just keep the ones i recall as being favorites.

in the meantime, i have decided that i will dress up as one of the “gashlycrumb tinies”:http://www.wishville.co.uk/gorey/ for halloween. but which one? that i have yet to decide. the brilliance of this idea is that i can re-use it for twenty-six years in a row, and yet still be a different person every year.

i also have some home decoration ideas which might actually cause some fear in my party guests. is that bad?