let me see if i can pencil you in….

bq. “I cannot stress enough how much I _don’t_ have plans.” -xander harris, _buffy the vampire slayer,_ ‘the wish’

ok, so except for a little trip to asheville next friday to see “interpol,”:http://interpolny.com/ i’m what you might call “socially available” for the forseeable future. no deadlines, no obligations (aside from the usual thanksgiving stuff).



a few weeks ago, my neighbors put a bold black and orange sign next to their front door bearing this statement.

a couple of days after that, i saw one of them in the yard with the tiniest, cutest little black and white puppy ever. awww.

now this ferocious guard dog seems to spend about 50% of his time stationed somewhere within easy earshot of my living room, whining.

is it normal for puppies to whine constantly? given that there are at least five people living in that house, i can’t imagine that he suffers from a lack of attention.

the inner circle


i’ve set up something for my blog that’s similar to the idea of livejournal’s “friends only” concept. some entries will be categorized as “the inner circle”, and the text of those entries will not appear on this main page. when you click “MORE” to see the text, you’ll be prompted for a password.

if you’re a friend of mine, someone i know in real life, and would like to read the password protected stuff, please email me and i will send you the password.

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a gentle gathering

the party came off nicely last night/this morning. it was never large, which was a bit of a relief. i always worry that a party seems _lame_ when it’s small, but i guess if the conversation is flowing, small is fine. and no one gets left out, in general.

at one point the conversations turned to politics and genentics which was more than i could handle, so i convinced joe to go hang out in the van with me. eventually, more people joined us and no talk of politics was allowed while in the van. it was a lot of fun! the van is a great place to hang out.

it is important to note that disgusting recipe cards are _not_ what one wants to see when waking up the next morning, somewhat hung over. no creamed eggs over fried noodles, thank you very much.

trundling forward

georg came over last night to assist in decorating the house for the party… not so much because i can’t do it myself, but because my motivation was flagging and i needed a little mental boost. i baked gingerbread and can’t keep my hands off the stuff, of course. maybe there will be some left for tonight. hah.

now i have to gather together all the stuff i need to do today, and force myself away from the computer and out of the house…

tomorrow, i swear, i’m going to do _nothing_ all day.

severe comment spamming

i was comment spammed so ferociously this morning that my host disabled the script that allows you to post comments to this blog.

i’ve cleaned up the mess left behind by the spammer (thank god for mt-blacklist) but i’m going to leave the script disabled at least for today, maybe til sunday when i have more time.

if you want to comment on something, email me. or save it.

what i really need to do is rename the script and change all references to it, but that’s going to take a little time to do.


i made my first pass at grocery shopping for the party last night. here are the things i’m now prepared to make:

* hot broccoli cheese dip. you know that bread bowl thing with a bunch of melted cheese in it that i always make? that thing. yum.

* chocolate chip cookies. i’ve just wanted to make them lately.

* gingerbread.

* s’mores. yep, i’ll light a fire in the fireplace and we can make s’mores!

mmmmmmm. party food!