this year

it’s not too -late- early to look back on the year. right?

in some ways, it’s been a very hard year. so now i will give myself only things that are good for my soul.

things that i know are good for me:

* radio and not tv

* petting the cat

* book and not tv

* almostanything and not tv

* being with my homiez

* doing good work

* driving the van on a clear fall night with a full moon

* pee-wee’s playhouse (ok, that is tv, but it can be the exception)

* food i make for myself. also, coffee.

that is just a short list.

a bad day on ebay

sometimes over the long holiday breaks, i go into ebay mode.

things i didn’t win, really wanted, and just made more expensive for other people with last minute bidding wars:

* a pair of “these boots”: in my size.

* a set of coolant hoses for my van. these hoses are no longer made and not obtainable through any of the usual channels. a full set for the previous model year goes for $800. i probably should have been hugely more agressive in my bidding, because i really need a set, but i caught the auction six minutes before it ended and didn’t have time to check part numbers and etc.

* a very complete pee-wee’s playhouse with basically every possible toy that was made to go in the playhouse. i kind of gave up and decided i didn’t want all of that. maybe just a jambi and a conky to go in my existing playhouse.

shoe lust

our latest installment in the ongoing series… _shoe lust!_

!! !! !!

archie macphee is my pottery barn.

seriously, check out “their new catalog.”: it’s not just rubber chickens and devil duckies any more.


thanksgiving went nicely. my applesauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake all turned out well. mom and i cut the burned bits off the top of the cheesecake before putting on the topping and it was just fine. everyone had a piece and seemed to like it. mom also made this chocolate pecan pie that was completely deadly– i got halfway through a small piece and had to stop. i proclaimed, “i’ve hit the carb wall.” and it was true.

got gran there and back ok, but she is really having a lot of trouble now getting in and out of the spacepod because it is so low. the next time i take her i might need to find someone with a slightly higher car who could trade cars for the day– or beg someone to come out from raleigh in wayne’s tahoe. i think she can get in and out of it ok.

she is also slowing down a lot. she always makes herself walk as much as she can, to the point of pain, because she doesn’t want to become a vegetable. i can definitely respect that and it makes me proud of her, although i wish she would cut herself a little break– she’s 95, she’s allowed to sit down, you know? anyway, getting down the hall to the elevator with her walker wears her out now, which is a big change over the last year. mentally, though, she’s still completely on top of things. and i can still make her bust a gut laughing, so i think that’s a good sign.

i definitely over-carbed and didn’t feel so great when i went to bed. today when i got hungry for lunch, i felt a little shaky– like i was about to crash. so i need to play it a little safer for a while.


today i tore into a lot of tasks that have been waiting around the house and did manage to be highly productive. i got the eyeball collection cleaned out of the van and refilled the oil so i could drive it around for a few errands. i did try to drain the current oil so i wouldn’t be mixing two kinds of oil, but i can’t find my 13mm crescent wrench, and i broke my ratchet while trying to loosen the oil drain bolt while using an extender for leverage. and didn’t loosen the bolt at all. what goliath tightened that thing? uh, that would be me. with a crescent wrench. guess i got it tight enough. (unless mark secretly torqued it or something– but i doubt it.)

i’ve decided to start something new– rather than always eating on the sofa in the living room while watching tv, i am going to try also eating at my kitchen passthru while reading and maybe listening to the radio. this means i need to keep that area clean a little more religiously, which would be a good thing. it also means the cat and i don’t have to tussel over his behavior so much– the line between eating area and living area will be a little more clear.

that is all.


ok, i am totally procrastinating on making the applesauce for tomorrow so i am going to tell you (all one of you reading this over the holiday when everyone leaves, or tries to leave if the crippling fog ever clears) about my day.

first as i was driving to work this morning i happened to be running parallel down a large one-way street to “xa and ra”: who were in fact leaving town for the beach at that very moment! actually, i think they were going to blue coffee at that very moment, but close enough. they looked very happy. ray had on his buddy holly glasses that i think make him look like elvis costello.

then as i was pulling into jesus chicken to get some breakfast, i called d. in his office to see if he would also like some jesus chicken. he sounded very happy about the idea and said he would like that very much. then i got him to transfer me to joe and i asked joe if he would like some coffee from java jive, and he sounded very happy about that and said he couldn’t pass that up. check me out, i make two guys happy with just one phonecall!

ok, so i got home tonight and made that pumpkin cheesecake. sadly, it burned 🙁 but mom and i figure that it’ll still be just fine on the inside and next time i’ll have to use a lower temperature. she sounded pretty happy on the phone when i talked to her.

then i decided to check the tivo. a while back i put in the names of some of the bands that i remember seeing in the early 80’s on saturday night live. i’m kind of desperate to see these episodes of SNL again because they were very important, formative musical experiences for me. however, these keyword searches tend to result in a lot of junk on my tivo and very few cool old episodes of SNL. a few weeks ago i did get an episode with the cars, but they were way past their prime in this episode and it kind of sucked.

so i saw the SPARKS folder, that one tends to pick up a lot because a lot of show descriptions include the phrase, “sparks fly”, and i was thinking “i should get rid of that search, it’s no good” and went in to delete the crap and _yes there it was, the 1982 episode of SNL with sparks playing ‘mickey mouse’ and ‘i predict’!_

oh man, that performance of ‘mickey mouse’ is really something. ron mael does geek weird to the extreme with a little monologue about mice beforehand and his performance during the song is funnier than the entire rest of the snl episode. russel mael is wearing the most hideous example of men’s 80’s fashion that i think i have ever seen– a very oversized, bright green sequined suit with a red wrap shirt.

a couple of years ago i actually caught a pretty good run of these episodes and i’ve got them all on VHS. i’ve got david bowie, squeeze, blondie, kate bush, and that infamous elvis costello performance where he stops in mid-song and switches to ‘radio, radio’, which he’d been forbidden to play.

anyway, i think i need to start the tedious process of getting this stuff digitized so i can save it and share it and enjoy it.

safe to say– i am happy.

now i go make applesauce, which will make the brothers happy.


you know that episode of star trek where everyone is all tired and grumpy but they don’t know why, and then someone finally figures out that they’re all being kidnapped at night and aliens are performing cruel medical experiments on them and then wiping out their memory and returning them in the morning, having been tortured rather than having slept?

i feel like that. i don’t know why.

oh, the joys of flickr

it’s my favorite new toy.








it’s all about dessert.

so “spicyleesh’s post about pie”: reminded me that i needed to check with mom and be sure she was making pumpkin cheesecake again this year. and damn, it’s a good thing i checked because _she’s not!_

so i told her to give me the recipe and i’ll give it a shot. i know it will be complicated but i’m kind of in the mood to do a really complicated dish. it has to be made in advance which is a good thing… that way, if i can’t do it, or if it fails, i can tell mom and she can throw together a pumpkin pie at the last minute.

she’a also making a new pie this year, pecan with chocolate and coconut. my boyfriend of many years past who had been a professional baker put together this astounding pecan pie for us one year, the thing was like a giant, round candy bar, and yes, it had chocolate chips in it. we still talk about it every thanksgiving. mom says she was sad when i broke up with him, at least in part because that pie was so damn good. so anyway, i think this is her attempt to recreate that pie.

i think i’ll be eating my fair share of sugar this week.