friday night: party. people. lots. many bottles of wine brought. many bottles of booze consumed. “photographic evidence courtesy of ms. pants.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/bunchofpants/

saturday, “l word”:http://imdb.com/title/tt0330251/ marathon. party at “rick!s.”:http://www.livejournal.com/users/dickumbrage/

sunday. -chris- hank of “whig hill dispatch”:http://whighill.typepad.com/whighill/ fame stands me a froufy coffee drink for my birthday. we discover startling similarities between the professions of history museum curator and user interface designer. later, dinner with the fam at five star, and decadent italian cream cake at home.

here is how i know it will snow on friday

tomorrow, friday, i turn 36. they are saying snow tonight, maybe enough to keep us all in on friday.

here is how i know that we will definitely be snowed in: because _exactly_ 20 years ago tomorrow, we were snowed in.

obviously, it was my 16th birthday. my 15th had been really fabulous. my parents had surprised me with dinner at the angus barn and i had a wonderful time. i got to dress up and it was yummy and there was cake.

my mom did her best to make something of my 16th birthday, but the snow ruined our plans. i was a sullen teenager and i felt gypped. i had been sold on the idea that 16 was supposed to be something really special. i was such an asshole back then.

so anyway. exactly 20 years later? and they’re predicting snow? it’s too perfect. except snow wouldn’t ruin it this time. i heart snow (so long as i’m not driving in it) and i would be quite happy to stay home tomorrow.

i think they heart their dog more than i heart my cat

this morning at the vet i walked in and there were three women.

one was at the counter bringing in her pretty gray tabby for a bath. then she left.

a short one was standing next to a taller one, who was holding a very small dog. the dog was trembling slightly and wearing a little coat.

when the woman came from the back to take the little coat wearing trembling dog, the tall one said, can she be put with the cats. dogs freak her out and upset her. and cats love her. she’s great with cats. the woman from the back said ok.

then they commenced to discussing the little dog. she is tired and she is old. will cleaning her teeth put her under much longer? i’m worried. “oh roxy,” both the tall one and the short one said, “come through this ok! we love you!” and then one of them said, oh, she’s been giving out kisses for free all day. we had a party last night. it was a party for her! all of her friends were there! the short woman gazed deeply at the very small dog and i had to look away.

my favorite waiter

d. and i have been eating at the same thai restaurant for years. we have our on times and our off times but we always go back.

for a while there was this waiter. he was different from anyone else they had working there. he was sure of himself. he was intelligent. he was one of the best waiters i’ve ever seen working. i can’t imagine anything causing him to become visibly distressed or flustered in front of a patron.

i liked him, though, because he was very, very cute, and would always bring me two vegetarian spring rolls, with sauce, instead of soup and one meat spring roll. he would hook me up. i love spring rolls. i loved that he did this. no one else there would do that.

and then he was gone. the food got worse. the lady who runs the place looked sick, although she was still always there, every day. the few times we ate there then, the place was dead. no one there. those were the dark days of the thai restaurant.

it’s better now. the lady looks good again and she smiles her little mona lisa smile. they have a buffet that kicks ass. i can have all the spring rolls i want. the room almost gets full at lunch. and one day, years after he left, he was back, our favorite waiter.

was there a glimmer of recognition? hard to tell. he’s still the best waiter ever, even with a buffet. d. said, “you should chat him up.” but he seemed down today. and the lady wasn’t there. after we walked out i said, i think he’s their son maybe. d. agreed. and i said, i wonder if their family was affected by the tsunami. and d. said that it probably was.

dishing on fashion

one of the highlights of the party last night was dishing on people’s fashion choices with S. one of the odd things about this party is, it’s clear that no one really knows how to dress, which may be distressing for some people, but for others it allows them some freedom to be creative.

our favorite outfit of the night was a young woman who went full-on costume… pink patent leather go-go boots, and a very fake lavendar wig. she looked like she was having a really fantastic time, which helped her carry off her look.

i photographed our favorite dress. it was black, strapless, floor length, and covered with silver spangles. it was an amazing dress; unfortunately, the young woman wearing it didn’t quite know how to accessorize it. she wore a spangled headband that resembled a tiara, a gi-normous necklace that covered most of the exposed skin on her chest, and black elbow-length gloves. s. and i agreed that it really needed no accessories– it was its own accessory.

the worst dress was a very, very odd thing indeed. the woman wearing it was quite tall and slender, and looked to be in her thirties. it was navy blue, some kind of robust cotton, and trimmed everywhere with thick, white seam binding. it was knee length, and the skirt was shaped almost like a square dancing skirt. a crinoline would not have been out of place under it. it was high necked and i believe it had puffed sleeves– and a giant opening in the back, set off by that same white seam binding. she wore dead white heavy lace stockings and black flats with it. the general effect was as if alice in wonderland had continued to wear the same clothes into adulthood, and attempted sexiness by cutting a large opening in the back of her dress. where one would find such a dress i have no idea. it was not just bad, it was disturbing.

there was a _lot_ of black. s. pointed out just how boring it gets, lots and lots of people in black clothes. the thing about black formal wear is that it needs to really fit, the cut really needs to suit the person, and it needs to look expensive, or at least not cheap… only then does it really work. yes, it can help one look formal, but formality is actually communicated more with cut and fabric. for instance, you could make a satin knee-length dress with a deep vee-neck and no sleeves in any of a number of colors and it will look dressed up.

i didn’t get a chance to see a lot of shoes, but the ones i did see were not very inspiring. it’s a little odd; i thought many women were really into shoes? most of my female friends are. so where were the shoes?

party girl… sorta.

so last night i was going to go to a party, then to 506 to see the cure/smiths show, but by the end of the day i was really tanking… my knee really hurt, my arm hurt, and, well, there were cramps. instead of going out i wound up taking pain stuff and falling asleep for three hours.

tonight, d. s. and i went to the yearly company party. s. has been curious about it for some time; i had not been to one in many years, so i figured, what the hell. (that’s why i bought the shut up shoes, actually.)

the party was the same as the last one i went to. it was even in the same hotel. it is very large, very crowded. the food is ok as long as you eat meat. i don’t know very many people to talk to. the bands are almost all bad, except for the funk band, who wore green sequined jumpsuits and had the moves. the highlight was playing bingo, at least in part because it was a place to sit with a table, handy if you want to eat.

somewhere along the line, my contacts started to really bother me a lot. after a while, i realized that i was probably allergic to something. given that i was wearing makup and crap in my hair, there’s really no telling what it was that was causing the problem. as soon as i got home i took the contacts out and washed my face thoroughly. i still don’t really feel all that good, the reaction was sort of starting to make me feel all-over sick, not just making my eyes itch. i think i’m going to take a shower and make sure i’ve really washed everything off.

i’ve never really known myself to be allergic to much of anything. i’ve got new-found sympathy for people who do have allergies.

maybe tomorrow i should stay home and avoid contact with anything else that might make me ill or cause me physical pain. i’m a wussie, i’ve had quite enough for one week.

more glasses searching

i got my contacts in ok this morning and went to 20/20 eyeworks and specs. i’ve created a new set with just today’s photos, “have a look, tell me what you think.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/sets/85191/

note that flickr will be down sunday from 3pm-8pm.