it’s scary the first time you see it

i finally investigated the situation with the westy’s gas pedal. step one: brush away loose rust and paint with a wire brush. in the process of brushing, i revealed bare, unrusted metal. weird. scary.

it looks like i’ll have to drill fairly close to some cables that run under the floor pan. no great surprise– the accelerator cable is, of course, one of them. the job looks do-able, though. i’ll just need to drill very slowly.

i drove out to the hardware store to get some bolts that i hope will work; by the time i’d gotten home, i’d lost the light and i’m reluctant to do a delicate and awkward job with minimal light. besides, i have to work on the BRSP so jason can use it tomorrow night.

work is kind of stressful right now. in a week and a half, a fairly high-profile project that i’m working on will go live– on the external web site. up until now, most of my work has been on our corporate intranet where my only audience is employees, and the only browser i really had to worry about was the latest IE.

i’m finding that living with a strict budget is kind of satisfying and so far, not that difficult. i still like to spend money on food from restaurants, froufy coffee drinks, and renting dvd’s, but all the other frittering away of my funds has stopped. starting friday i’ll have a weekly allowance for that sort of thing that also has to include groceries and anything the house needs. i haven’t used my credit card since near the beginning of the month, and that hasn’t been too difficult.

i’m really unhappy with the way my clothes are fitting, which means that for the _third_ time this year… i have to start my diet over. i swear, if something else happens, i’m going to have to suck it up and stay on the diet no matter what. starting over is way too difficult, especially when you have to do it three times in four months.

i’m in the process of gradually moving items from my back bedroom to my bedroom. the new purple color begs to be goth-i-fied. maybe once i’ve gotten it cleared out, the back bedroom will become light and airy.


three yes count them three queer as folk dvd’s arrived in my box this morning which dovetailed nicely with a sudden desire to be all lethargic and stuff.

you know, i know it seems like i keep busy and get a lot done, but wow do i spend a hell of a lot time watching tv. sometimes, it just feels deadly. and so, some words to live by, from my favorite new tv show…

lindsey: _do you know what’s funny? i really wanted to get back into the world and prove myself. and now all i want to do is be home with gus, changing his diaper._

emmett: _same with me and ted. except for the diaper thing._

lindsey: _in fact, i can’t understand why people would ever want to leave their house._

emmett: _when it’s so much safer just to close the door._

lindsey: _but if you close the door, nothing will ever happen will it?_

emmett: _well you just sit there in your safe little room for the rest of your life, wondering what might have been._

and a few more

# a gremlin or a pacer. duh!!!

# a vw corrado. i think i’d take the corrado over the scirocco, even though the scirocco is earlier and more “raw” and therefore in some sense cooler and with more cred.

# a microcar, preferably a peel trident

yeah, i guess the crx is off the list… not that i don’t still admire it a lot, but i guess i don’t put it in the dream stable.

stable of a million

“mr. hoopty answers the challenge: how would you spend a million on cars?”:

of course, his answers are intriguing and gratifying; he and i seem to have some similar tastes, he just knows a whole hell of a lot more about cars than i do. right up at the top are several vw’s (note that a caddy is a pickup truck– that one’s at the top of my personal list at the moment) and sure enough, buried down there near the bottom is the citroen 2cv, which is probably #2 on my personal list.

since i can’t price any of the cars i am interested in, and since all i can think is, well first i’d need to spend about a quarter of a mil (at the very least) on the house and land and garage to house it all, i’d have a hard time constructing this list for myself. i also like the idea of serendipity in my car choices; the van just kind of came along, and i enjoy the “meant to be” feeling implied in that. i’d rather let luck and chance dictate what’s in my stable.

well, with one exception. i _would_ love to have a 1998 vw beetle citron limited edition. i’ve actually seen one in person, but they’re so rare that most people haven’t. i’d take it out to roswell, and it would be the only citron ever to go to roswell. and i’d preserve the hell out of it. that baby would be garaged and encased in a plastic bubble. (seriously– i know a guy who keeps his bug in a plastic bubble in his garage.)

other things i’d generally be on the lookout for include…

# some sort of mid-sixties british roadster

# some sort of mix-sixties or seventies station wagon– such as what mr. hoopty has recently posted about

# obviously, an aircooled vw beetle convertible of some sort. a triple white would be tempting, but i’d prefer an older model.

# a 23(?) window bus… you know, the sort of bus with skylights and a huge sunroof. for taking groups of people on picnics.

# a karmann ghia

# a delorean! i am a child of the 80’s, after all.

the rest would just have to come to me.

oh, and on this week’s epiosde of ‘alias’, the characters were driving around in a bare-metal van with suicide doors. _too cool._

me him and lizzie down by the river

went walking today in the woods with my new personal trainers, perfessers whig hill and lizzie. not only did they school my ass but they also schooled my mind in various interesting topics such as advanced stick throwing and rube goldberg “i’m the guy” sayings.

i was all worried that i’d be the lame one who couldn’t hack it, but instead i was all, _”let’s walk some more!!”_ i’d taken the day off with no real plan of what i’d do and probably would have just done stuff around the house if the woods tromping invite had not come up. i’ve always been a big fan of walking, both for exploration and for exercise but my lame urban dweller lifestyle has driven my walking and nature girl sides into dormancy, so i shouldn’t have been surprised to find myself thinking, “this is what i should be _doing!_ every day!” it was so much better than stupid house stuff.

my sandblaster came yesterday– i really want to try it out on the driver’s side footwell of the westy. i might have to try and figure it out myself tomorrow. i’m pretty hyped.

i am the operator

show tonight turned into the lisa feels goth self indugence two hours and change because the next dj was late. very very very very glad i am the one who first used the BRSP up there because i encountered some apalling usability problems on that computer that i’d not found on my laptop. got myself into a few fixes i almost couldn’t get out of. anyone else would have had to give up and go to paper.

quite gratifying, however, to get many messages on the request line. apparently my self-indugence went over well. a couple of messages from an assistant professor at notre dame, believe it or not.

rather startled to find ‘the ipcress file’ being recorded just now on tivo. also quite annoyed to find that one of the queer as folk discs i spent my carefully budgeted dollars on renting last night is just special features– no episodes. dammit. i heart emmett. i was hoping for more emmett.

now trying out some kewl technology dreamed up by jason! and brought to life by “il rossi.”: it allows me to download a recording of my show from a sekrit location on the xdu web site. now i just have to find a way to convert it from ogg to mp3.

well… damn

Big Radio Station Project is officially ready for an alpha test. what is BRSP? for those not already in the know, i was tasked with adapting some existing software that will allow us to display our playlists live on the wxdu web site. wxyc has had this capability for some time now, which totally pisses me off. hence, i was motivated.

i’ll be on air tomorrow night from 8-10pm, and i’ll be testing out the new software. you’ll be able to see the live playlist “here.”

it’s trash day.

the new hvac system passed inspection today. i guess that means it’s ok for me to use it now.

actually, what it means is that i get to sleep in and not have strange men in my house in the early hours.

today the lady with the garage offered me a lower price on it and said she would prefer to rent it to me over the other people who are interested. i hashed it over with a co-worker who is clever about financial stuff and decided to ask if she will rent it for a few months with no obligation to continue after that. in three months i can accomplish a lot of what i need a garage for so… it’s probably worth it, in the grand scheme of things.

it means the basement will have to wait, mostly, i guess, but i still vow to transform that thing by year’s end. the Big Radio Station Project cannot wait, however. in fact i plan to use it whilst subbing for mr. mondo mundo on thursday evening.

now i’m sleepy and don’t feel like taking out the trash.

the ambitious plan

tonight i finally sat down and ran through my budget. i think i would like to take a very agressive approach to getting the hvac debt paid off, and at the same time stop using my credit card as much as possible. what i’ve decided to do is to try to be extremely strict with general shopping and day-to-day expenditures, rather than cutting out things like dsl, cable, tivo, and netflix. eliminating those things would save me some money, but not enough to make a big difference.

i do get a kick out of figuring out creative uses for limited resources, so i hope i can do this without feeling very deprived. i can always remind myself of my projected budget surplus figure and what a difference that will make in the debt.

one sad aspect of this is that i’ll have to pass up an opportunity to rent a really nice garage space that’s only a block away from me. i went to look at it today. it would be the perfect place to allow me to do the westy’s body work myself, including painting, but i can’t do it right now.

anyway, we’ll see if i have the discipline to make it for a month and a half (i can’t believe there’s still two freaking weeks left in this month). or longer!

let me know if you’d like to go yard sale-ing with me sometime! i’ll have to find some way to express my shopping impulses…