jump around!

last night before the hitchiker’s guide movie, there was an unusually long series of previews, including two that made me want to jump out of my seat and squeal like a little girl.

first there was the new tim burton animated feature, “the corpse bride.”:http://www.timburtoncollective.com/cbcaps.html given that ‘the nightmare before christmas’ is one of my all-time favorite films, you can imagine. i am very excited about this movie and i can’t stand that i have to wait til fall! but it will be _so_ great in the fall. ohboy.

the second “Very Exciting Preview”:http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/serenity/ was for ‘Serenity’, the new joss whedon film. _you know, JOSSS!_ it’s based on his short-lived tv series, ‘firefly’, which didn’t pick up a big cult audience like buffy, but should have– man, it was a great series. and it looks like the movie is going to kick ass. it was all i could do to remain seated.

happily, those next to me were excited about these movies, too, so i didn’t feel too dumb expressing some of my feelings on the matter 🙂

i thought it rather odd, though, that they didn’t show “this preview.”:http://www.timburtoncollective.com/charlie.html i guess burton only gets one slot.

WXDU Record Sale – this Saturday

_hey bloggers… please spread this around the blogosphere!_

This Saturday, April 30 WXDU will be having its rare and randomly-occurring record sale. A whole lotta CDs and a bunch of LPs will be on sale for obscenely low prices. It all goes down at the Duke Coffeehouse on Duke’s East Campus from 8:00-11:00am. Cash only will be accepted as payment.

plants in the ground

it happened. i cleared a space in the weeds, i dug in the earth, i saw the earthworms and i put plants in the ground. i watered them and put their little white plastic spikes next to them.

the soil in my raised bed is pretty good, if a little compacted. i dug wide holes and crumbled up the earth so the new plants will have a little breathing room. and i made sure the earthworms were put back around them.

they are so tiny and that bed is so big and weedy.

das boot!

the boots arrived yesterday right after i got home from work! zappos is so fast!

i could put them on but they were pretty snug. one of my feet is bigger than the other and that foot was quite misreable, so i have shipped them back to exchange for the next size up. i hope they take them– the soles aren’t scuffed, but it would have been impossible to put them on without crinkling the leather slightly. we shall see.

they’re damn cool looking. under jeans, they are a little like cowboy boots, but with a very odd heel. i think in a bigger size i can manage wearing them to work or out in the evening, but not for longer than 8 hours.

i had this plan, see

and the first part went really well. inconveniently, the sun has gone down, making it impossible to proceed with part 2.

part 1: prepare actual healthful foods with fresh ingredients purchased at whole foods last night. CHECK! (salad rolls and garlic spinach, if you’re wondering. with fizzy raspberry lemonade.)

part 2: plant herbs purchased at whole foods (just two small ones.. a start) in the actual ground. oops. maybe tomorrow morning.

i’m pretty sure i’ve never planted anything in my yard, this will be my sixth season in the house. i’ve removed a lot of stuff. i’ve mowed a lot of stuff, and weed whackered a lot of stuff. pruned and trimmed and mulched. but never planted. maybe i’ll get more satisfaction out of it if i plant some things of my own.

last night i drew out a design for the back yard that would be fun to implement. i can’t see it happening any time soon, of course, having two other major projects in process, but at least if i add things, or change things, i have some guidance as to where and what to add or change.

the deepest sort of insanity

the first i heard of it was an april-fool’s-day quiz on the NARAL web site. that the bush administration is putting forth the idea that condoms don’t work and actually _cause_ STD’s and pregnancy.

it seems so absurd.

notification #2 is at the beginning of “this salon article,”:http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2005/04/27/birth_control/ the phrase, “anti-condom campaigns”.

it comes as no great surprise to me that anti-abortion campaigners have now turned their attention to chemical means of birth control, because these means often do not prevent conception, only implantation. but barrier methods? condoms in particular?

i guess the basic delusion behind abstinence-only campaigns is that people are actually capable of following them. but we’ve got millions of years of human history that indicate that we _aren’t._

that’s a reality the bush administration firmly refuses to grasp. but, you know, even if humans _were_ capable of abstinence on a mass scale, can you really expect every single one of us to abstain? always? without fail?

jeez, at least leave us condoms.

(oh, i know, i know. freely available condoms = teenagers with ready access to a means of making sex safer = end of the world.)


maaaaaany strange dreams and awakenings at odd hours last night. the one this morning i still have some memories of; i found a late model, rust free vw beetle at a yard sale and paid cash for it on the spot. this segue’d into one of my travelling dreams (a very common theme in my dreams; i travel great distances, over all sorts of terrain, often covering entire cities). the end goal of my travels was to drive the beetle to… school. my old high school in raleigh. on my way in, i stopped at a clubhouse where my fellow students often stopped, to see if anyone i knew was there. at that point, the beetle, which i’d had trouble driving due to the seat not being adjusted properly, became a sort of rideable umbrella. like riding on a motorized pogo stick. as i entered raleigh, the sky turned cloudy, then dark as night, and i wished i’d driven spacepod. the difficulty with a rideable umbrella, see, is that you can’t ride it if you need to use it as an umbrella! i met a man as i was crossing a street, and told him i was going to school… “high school, actually!” he didn’t seem to think this was odd, though I certainly did. aren’t i a little old for high school? i was glad to see that the walk/don’t walk sign was also flashing the time and temperature, and that i had 20 more minutes to get to school.

sometimes i think i am, too

bq. “#1 in the #2 business!” _–slogan on a truck, this morning on I-40._

to be filed under “who do i think i’m kidding?”, i bought those boots. because that’s what i thought on my way home today. “who do i think i’m kidding? work them into the budget? i’m going to buy them no matter what.”