ah, the slackness

it seems like slackness should be much more enjoyable. if i feel a truly compelling need for slackness, i can usually absolve myself of all guilt over it and just get into it. but yesterday i was bored, restless, yet outside of two hours in the yard in the morning (a promising start, i thought at the time), had no desire or motivation to actually accomplish anything.

i even went to dsw, but knowing i wouldn’t be buying anything made it pointless and dull outside of the initial shock of so many shoes upon walking in the door. the style i am seeking does not seem to have made it into dsw, although it’s very popular this season.

in other shoe news, the “crazy boots”:http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/4146640/c/29049.html i’ve been lusting afer since fall are now $100 cheaper than they were, so I am going to see if i can work them into next month’s budget.

the rest of the weekend was good, though, and included an off-trail scramble with the denizens of whig hill, and about four hours or so of westy sanding time.

i am totally putting off going to work. maybe i should take a day off this week or something.

secret option #7: both

well, i did take a little nap. sometimes i think the nicest way to appreciate a beautiful day is with a light nap in a bright, airy room with open windows. then i headed over to the garage to try out some new paint removal strategies.

finally some “good progress”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/10331684/ tonight! i used my little orbital sander and 120 grit sanding discs. i discovered something that i’d started to suspect– the sandblasting wasn’t actually reaching bare metal. there’s “three layers:”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/10331677/ brown paint, white primer and dark gray primer. i guess they are primers or one primer that separates into two layers. i was only getting down to the dark gray primer and it looked similar to metal, plus it is more difficult to remove than the first two layers.

anyway, it’s incredibly gratifying to see the bright, silvery bare metal! it’s exactly what i had hoped for, all light and sparkly. with a coat of high gloss clear epoxy it’s going to be incredibly eye-catching. i’m getting excited.

my hands feel funny and my ears are ringing a little– i should bring some ear protection next time.


option #1, leave door open, listen to neighbors’ air conditioning unit try to die.

option #2, close door, shut out the sound. ah, that’s better.

option #3, listen to sound of neighbors’ incredibly loud music through shut door and over the sound of the simpsons on tv while eating dinner on the sofa.

option #4, eat dinner in another part of the house. like, the dining room. which is full of yard sale -crap- items of great value. ok, return to option #3.

option #5, go do something.

option #6, be lazy and do nothing.

i’ll let you know on that one.

lizzie comes to visit

well, an experiment was tried last night, something i have never tried before– lizzie the dog came to visit.

moses has always seemed to be afraid of dogs, although now that i think about it, the dogs that live next door seem to bother him a lot less now than when we first moved in. i assumed that as soon as lizzie walked in the door, moses would bolt for the bedroom and we’d see nothing from him for the rest of the evening.

what actually happened was, he acted freaked out, made his body look as large as possible, growled, but kept a safe distance. he also let me touch him without attacking me, so it was a sort of a combined agressive/submissive response. catious, but not stupid. lizzie is a lot bigger than he is.

i put him in the bedroom for the first part of the visit, then later let him out. he took a turn around the house once or twice, but mostly stayed in the bedroom, on the bed, looking alert but not distressed.

after lizzie left, he sat on the sofa with me and did all of his “i am very happy” stuff, like rolling on his back, looking up at me, smiling, and purring. so there seems to be no lingering resentment.

go go girlgonemad!

since its inception, i’ve been reading the “nerve blog-a-log.”:http://www.nerve.com/blogalog/ perhaps the most naturally talenter writer they’ve hired so far is a girl who goes by the handle “girlgonemad”. if you’re ever looking for reading material, check out her archives. she’s crazy, vulnerable, and fucking funny as hell.

well, nerve finally got the clue and hired her as a regular… she’s their “online dating advice”:http://www.nerve.com/regulars/missinformation/001/ gal.

and speaking of hot, damn. tonight’s forbidden makeout scene in veronica mars was oh so very. mad props to leesh for putting me on to this awesome show! with buffy off the air, we needed another teenage girl character who is totally hardcore.


made a conscientious effort yesterday to lay off the caffiene and eat better during the day, which helped a lot. my mood is better, not surprisingly, and when i got home i did some yard work before meeting the xdu crew at federale as has become our habit. i suppose the beer i drank during dinner didn’t hurt my mood much either.

opened up the house this morning and have been watching moses scoot from room to room, ears forward, checking things out. this is one of my favorite moses things, i call it “activity cat”. well, when i’m fully awake i enjoy it. at 5am, or 3am, i don’t mind it so long as it doesn’t involve climbing across my head over and over, which it inevetably does.

suppose i had better go to work.