creative postcard exchange

i was thinking yesterday how sad it is that i don’t get any “real” mail any more. just virtual mail and junk mail.

so i was thinking i could set up a creative postcard exchange. a little thing where each participant would receive the snail mail address of another participant, and they’d send a postcard with some original artwork on it to their recipient.

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BPAL – DUBLIN! Egg Nog, Hearth, Pink Moon

the friggin motherlode arrived today! i reek. i’m happy 🙂

*on the wrists: Dublin.*

bq. _”The scent of misty forests, damp alder leaf, and the gentlest touch of white rose.”_

The first scent that really grabbed me when I read through the BPAL site was Dublin, and when the imp didn’t show last week, I was very disappointed. But crazily, today, it did! And it really smells delicious. So feminine, but not overly sweet. I keep smelling my wrists and saying, “mmmmmmm.”

update: many hours later, i mowed grass then showered. there’s a lingering “aftertaste” of dublin that’s still quite yummy.

*left arm: Hearth*

bq. _”Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood, the warm, worn leather of an easy chair and a pleasant, subtle waft of fireplace smoke.”_

This was a Yule Limited Edition. My first stepfather smoked cherry pipe tobacco which is one of the reasons I wanted to smell this. That, and it sounded delicious! Whoo! It’s potent. And it really does smell just like tobacco. I can’t really see wearing this as perfume except for fun every once in a while, but it could make a really nice room scent in the fall and winter and it’s just yummy and fun to smell.

*right arm: Egg Nog*

bq. _”Sweet brandy, dark rum, heavy cream, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg.”_

Another Yule Limited Edition. Delicious, sweet, creamy vanilla and brandy. It fades fast and again, I can’t see wearing it as perfume very often, but sometimes, and it could also be a nice room scent. In the bottle it has that too-strong Yankee Candle scent, but as soon as it’s less concentrated it becomes quite delicious.

Pink Moon can come later 🙂

…and now we are fifteen.

if memory serves, moses was born at the end of June 1991, which means that he turns fifteen this week.

this seems to be the age where things start to go awry for cats, but moseman appears to be a pretty healthy kitty. he went to the vet this morning for his yearly checkup, and has lost another pound in the last six months! he is now down to 16.8– the last time he was below 17 lbs was 1998. the cosequin (feline glucosamine) is keeping him active.

i’m waiting now for his blood panel to come back– if there are kidney problems, we’ll know about it today. but i’m pretty hopeful that he’s just as healthy as he appears to be.

happy birthday moseman!

it could be the jackhammers

in an effort to sleep later, i purchased one of those sleep masks yesterday, those things that block the light. i was suspicious that the dawn was awakening me early.

this morning i woke up before my alarm but not as early as dawn. the mask was not on my face although i’d fallen asleep with it on.

it appears that i ripped the mask off in my sleep and threw it on the floor behind my bed (where it will be a pain to retrieve).

the lampshade on the opposite side of the bed was askew. i think i’m normally a pretty still sleeper so i’m not sure what happened last night.

however, it might be the sound of my neighbor’s driveway being jackhammered that is waking me up, because that was the sound i was hearing this morning at 7am before my alarm went off. isn’t there a noise ordinance around here?

BPAL – Jabberwocky

bq. _”And, as in uffish thought he stood,_

_The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,_

_Come whiffing through the tulgey wood,_

_And burbled as it came!_

bq. _An earthy yet buoyant scent: pine, eucalyptus and orange.”_

This was a free gift with the purchase of a single imp from someone on LJ, which I have to say is an exceedingly cool thing for someone to do. From what I gather, Beth (the woman behind BPAL) often includes free gifts of imps or other goodies with BPAL orders. I saw a note she posted where she said that all orders of an LE scent were upgraded from 5ml to 10ml “Just… because”. I think a lot of the forum and LJ people like to keep up this tradition.

i put this on shortly before meeting xdu folk at federale tonight, and asked jason if i reeked when i arrived. “no,” he said, “i can’t smell anything.” i proffered my wrists for all to sniff and either people are polite or it was well-received. the orange remains with me longer than the pine, and is somewhat sweet, though light and pleasant.

i do like this one. i’m not anxious to get a larger bottle, i’ll be content with this imp for a while, but it’ll get worn from time to time.

sadly, it doesn’t last– by the time dinner was over, so was the scent.

BPAL – Black Annis

bq. _”Vast talons, foul with human flesh, there grew_

_In place of hands, and features livid blue_

_Glar’d in her visage; while the obscene waist_

_Warm skins of human victims close embraced._

bq. _The blue faced hag of the British Hills. She lives in the Dane Hills, Leicestershire, in a cave called Black Annis’ Bower Close, which she dug out of rock with her own iron-strong claws. Dozens of huge cats prowl the Bower with her, and it is guarded by a great pollarded oak in which she hides so that she may catch lambs and small children to eat. She carries her victims back to her cave, where she flays them alive before devouring them. She drapes their skins on her guardian oak to dry. Her skirt is fashioned from the skins of her prey, and her bed is a high-piled bed of their bones. Black Annis’ perfume is a mixture of damp cave lichen and oak leaf with a hint of vetiver, civet and anise.”_

ok, i didn’t _really_ try this one today, because i’m a little afraid of it. but a tiny bit got on my finger when i opened the imp for a sniff, and later moses was _very interested_ in that finger.

civet, for those not in the know, is normally excreted from a gland of the civet cat, but BPAL uses a vegan imitation of it. many people find it reacts badly with their body chemistry– or they just plain don’t like it.

more on this one later. when i’m feeling brave.