Too clever by half

So I guess I can’t get through a summer without driving somewhere and pointing a webcam at a funny looking car while i’m doing it.

I was telling Joe about how Sarah and I were thinking we’d try and run web cams during our caravan up to Louisville on Thursday. He suggested that, rather than using a computer-to-computer wireless network to have a live cam in each car with only one cell connection, I should see if I can share my connection with an Airport base station connected to my laptop via Ethernet. The base station would have much better range than a computer to computer connection.

And it turns out I can. In fact, it works beautifully. If Sarah gets out of range, her computer should automatically re-connect when it’s back in range. Or so we hope.

So Joe gets the “too clever by half” award this week for giving me that idea.

For those attempting to follow along at home, this is how it works:


And for your enjoyment, as long as we’re talking about creative geeks hard at work: “The Kegtenna.”:

Plywood sighted

Just got a call from one of my agents in the field– he reports that the screen at the Starlite is now mostly covered in plywood. This is a dramatic change from one week ago, when I drove by and saw new cross-members on the telephone poles, but no plywood on the screen or fence. He says there are lots of people and equipment out there working.

So we may be having a movie outdoors this summer, yet.

i know something the spammers don’t know.

“to heck with viagra, bring on the pumpkin pie!”:,%20Healing%20and%20Mood%20Enhancing%20Body

via the BPAL forums, of course. scroll down for a chart entitled, “Effect of Perfumes and Scents on Blood Flow in Male Sexual Tissue”.

this is my boring blog all about weather. and brains.

BEST. WEATHER. EVER. it has literally dropped almost 30 degrees over the course of the day.

also, vancouver has the best “flash mobs”: ever (via jason!). i am insanely jealous. brrraaaaaiiiinnnnnssss.

vampires are sexy but zombies are PURE COMEDY GOLD.

finally, i scored two hits of Tulzscha today, which will mean nothing to anyone but sarah and alicia. suffice to say that i eagerly await minty goodness.