Like a big, moist wall

This is what it feels like when I open the door to the outside. Replacing my heating and cooling system? Best idea I ever had. That a/c system was sure to die this year.

Checked “Weather Underground”: at around 5pm; the heat index was 112f. One Hundred and Twelve.

Even “The Fat Man Walking”: is in “more hospitable conditions.”:

Tomorrow will be better; the heat index is only predicted at 105f. This weekend will be downright civilized.


“Aspartame side-effects.”:

Dunno if this is a crock but aspartame was one of the things I got rid of for the most part over the last month, and I certainly feel a lot better now, sleep a lot better now.

It’s hard to pinpoint any one thing, though, especially since aspartame and caffiene usually go hand-in-hand, and caffiene can certainly be responsible for trouble sleeping and other stuff.

Update: This is probably a crock. “,”: “Truth or”:

There’s one thing that’s troubling me…

It’s not the heat. Ok, so seeing 106 on Spacepod’s temp gauge is a little unusual, but I’ve seen it before. Just… never in NC. But no, it’s not that.

It’s not that my manager hasn’t yet approved my vacation time. I mean, it’s probably fine. He’ll probably let me go.

It’s not that the Westy won’t start. I’ll work it out. It’s not like she needs to be somewhere.


No, it’s that the second season of Dead Like Me, while still laugh-out-loud funny with three-dimensional characterizations, rich and complex story lines, and all that good stuff… just doesn’t have the _food_ that the first season had.

They still spend lots of time in Der Waffle Haus, but they hardly eat a thing! And Georgia orders oatmeal with raisins _every freaking day._ I happen to know that Der Waffle Haus serves all kinds of stuff. And no one is eating it.

I have to get my vicarious excess carbohydrate somehow. Someone order a cruller for chrissakes.

little blueberry thingies

in response to something i put behind the password, i had one person ask how to make a nut crust, so i’ll just post the whole recipe here since some folks might be interested. note that it’s not perfected. i improvised this last night.

fill a muffin tin with little paper muffin cups.

nut crust:

in a food processor, process a couple handfuls of nuts (any kind). i like to add a sweetener, like splenda or a sugar free flavored syrup like hazelnut or caramel. process until it starts to clump up.

press a little nut stuff into each muffin paper. (at this point, i would recommend trying to bake the crusts. i didn’t, and they absorbed a lot of the moisture from the filling.)


on top of the crusts, pile a bunch of whole fresh blueberries. i think frozen could also be used.

mix together some whole milk plain yogurt (mmmm) with hazelnut or vanilla sugar free syrup, or the sweetener of your choice, until it tastes good to you.

ladle some of the yogurt mixture over each pile of berries.

bake at 350 for 20-30 min.

mmm, yummy.

lists of things

i like lists of things.

list of new herbs i planted today:

* catnip

* black spearmint

* rosemary

* greek oregano

reasons i think ‘dead like me’ is awesome

* it makes me laugh out loud

* mason is soooo cute

* even though some of the plot contrivances don’t make total sense if i really think about them, i don’t care.

* ellen muth has really got ‘sarcastic teenager’ nailed.