shoe club

as some of you know, over the years i’ve collected many pairs of interesting and colorful shoes. a disproportionate number of them are “fluevogs;”: “borns”: are popular, too.

the borns, the converse, they get worn a lot. they’re easy to wear. but the really special ones don’t often make it out of the closet, and that’s just a shame.

since i returned from chicago with three new pairs of fluevogs, i decided that this should change. i’ve been wearing my awesome shoes almost every day, and my female co-workers have started to notice.

for many, many years my entire work group was comprised of men, except for my manager, and she wasn’t really into fashion. things have changed in the last couple of years, and i feel that i’m not awash in a sea of agressively casual fashion any longer. there are women i work with every day who wear things other than jeans. there are even a few men who wear things other than jeans and t-shirts, but not many.

so today, i wore the “pink nuns”: and while i was sitting in the lab co-worker b. walked by and spotted them and said, “and the cool shoes just KEEP ON COMING!!” she grabbed co-worker a. as she passed in the hall and said, “didja see these??” then co-worker l. came out of her office and said, “are you talking about shoes?”

i kind of enjoyed the attention at first but then it started to freak me out a little. i used to be the pink haired girl at the company and i was self-conscious but i loved my pink hair and it was fun for a while. mostly now though i don’t want to stand out like that.

but, i’m not going to let my shoes moulder in a closet. i’m going to push through the self-consciousness and keep wearing them.

the first rule of shoe club is, you wear the damn shoes.

the second rule of shoe club is, you WEAR THE DAMN SHOES.

like my basement, only on a city-wide scale.

hydrostatic pressure forces water into my basement from the soil that surrounds it. “this interesting lj entry by someone who lived in New Orleans while working for the US Geological Survey’s Water Resources Division”: helps explain how the same thing happened to NOLA.

via comments on “jason!’s lj.”:

radio, radio

it’s funny, i sort of dread doing my radio show, despite enjoying the hell out of it whenever i’m actually on the air. last night was mostly fun. it turns out that i’m a total sucker for ethiopian music, but then, anyone who listens to my show regularly had probably figured that out. i figure no one listens regularly so i can get away with indulging myself to some degree. that, and i’m probably one of maybe three people who are likely to play ethiopian music during their show.

so indeed, i broke out the soundtrack to ‘broken flowers’, which is on playlist right now, fully intending to _not_ play one of the ethiopian pieces, and dutifully scanned through many songs, and played “yegelle tezeta” anyway.

i played the new eno, too. those who get the reference in my blog name may have guessed that i’m an eno fan. however, at this point i’m more a fan of the man himself than his current work. happily, this new release is not strictly ambient and the track i played was actually really nice.

things fell apart in the last twenty minutes, as they usually do after josh arrives. i like josh a lot and i’ve rarely come on the air before a more entertaining (and reliable) person, but he can’t help but be distracting, and the end of my show is the time when i’m struggling to hold it together anyway. he was nice and tried to help me locate my one request of the evening (a request that helped me understand why i never much took to the grifters.. ugh), but by the time his annoying young companion had arrived and started pounding me with questions about how my show works, i was pretty cranky and probably wasn’t super nice to her. i don’t think she noticed.

i did receive one fairly entertaining phone call from a man who demanded to know, “is that sid?” after playing a little game of “who’s on first”, we determined that he thought that a song i played sounded like syd barrett. and the beatles. i was left wondering how an xdu listener could have such a narrow range of reference.

when the levee breaks in the city of new orleans

sorry, but those two unfortunate song titles keep popping into my head when i think about what’s happening down south right now.

as ms. pants “notes”: it’ll be years before things are right again down there. when i see images of the water, it reminds me of the tsunami footage i saw recently. we have better infrastructure and resources, but if your house is submerged… that’s it. game over.

as for what pants writes about the animals… i can’t even think about that.

The book meme

I told christa she could “tag me”: because I already knew I wanted to do this one.

1. How many books I own:

18 shelves worth. This is the best measurement I can come up with.

2. The last book I bought:

I bought two at once: “Eastern Standard Tribe” and “Someone comes to town, Someone leaves town”, both by Cory Doctorow.

3. The last book I read:

“Eastern Standard Tribe”. I haven’t finished “Someone comes to town, Someone leaves town”, and I’m not sure I will.

4. -Five- Six books that mean a lot to me:

“Harriet the Spy” by Louise Fitzhugh. My all time favorite book. This book is the source of many things for me: my tomboy side; my love of converse; my love of carrying about gadgets; my love of New York; possibly even the fact that i have many guy friends (as Harriet’s best friend was a guy). When I walk over to work on the westy, baggy jeans, sneaks, backpack full of tools, I _am_ Harriet.

“The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom” by Katherine Arnoldi. Written by the mother of one of my best friends in high school, the title says it all. And it is a true story.

“Through the Flower: My Struggle As a Woman Artist” by Judy Chicago. I have probably said this before on my blog, but reading about what women were like in the 70’s from the point of view of a feminist artist is very informative for those of us who weren’t really around then. She took girls who were trained since birth to have no work ethic and taught them that they could use tools and meet deadlines.

“The Enchanted Broccoli Forest” by Mollie Katzen. My introduction to vegetarian cooking. I also taught myself how to bake bread using the instructions in this book, as well as make pasta from scratch. For many years, this was the only cookbook I owned. Everything about it is comforting and nice, from the way every single letter is handwritten, to her friendly writing style and charming line drawings. Plus, of course, the high dairy fat content of her recipes 🙂

“The Diary of Virginia Woolf” (Vols 1&2)

“Angry Women” by Vickie Vale and Andrea Juno. A gift from Jonathan. My introduction to Diamanda Galas, Annie Sprinkle and Susie Bright. I also later got to see Carolee Schneeman’s film “Fuses”, which is documented in this book. It’s an amazing film. They’ve got a copy of it on 16mm over at Duke, or at least they did.

And hey, if I loaned you my copy of Angry Women, I think I want it back now.

5. Five people I

What brings you to my web site, O people of India, Canada, Iran, Gilbraltar, Spain, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iowa, and New Hampshire?

Could it be… _syllogomania??_ (i can’t even remember what that means, and it brought someone to my web site.)

Or… _orange, cute, chunky shoes??_

Maybe… _sneaking out of the house_ (y’all should see the comments I _don’t_ publish)

Could be… _total dork_ (you found her!)

Perhaps… _high maintenance camo_ (uh.. ok…)

Also… _cute lisa_ (dat me!)

And I hope you found out what you wanted to about the _sad dinosaur._

Oh, and you came to the right place if you wanted to know about _a woman’s right to shoes._


the search string game brought to you by the letters E and Y and the numbers 5 and 9.

ps, still obsessed with “my gvisit map.”: Hello, Wisconsin!! Also, hello to all Rosberry and MacDonald people who might be stopping by. I figure Halifax, Nova Scotia is only so big and chances are pretty good that I am related to the person there who reads my blog.

pps, i always feel like it’s a big score when Brits and Scots show up. i’m not sure why. but hello Brits and Scots. I would like to visit your countries again some day, maybe soon, but i have to get a new passport and stuff.