the hottest song i have heard in a long time

offa “studio one scorcher”, “shockers rock” by an all-star cast of: Tommy McCook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites And Disco Height.

this makes me think of a room full of hot, sweaty people getting down so hard that the floor is bending underneath you, like that party at rick!’s old house.

it has this crazy break in the middle where it seems like the song ends, then immediately picks up into a new song that then becomes the old one. might be jarring to people who are seriously getting their groove on (as they should be), but nevertheless: hot, hot hot.

p.s., the thing about being drunk is that it may not get me to bed any earlier, but i just don’t care anymore how tired and sleep-deprived my sorry ass am.


Saturday, October 29th – Halloween party at the Charming English Cottage of Death.

Costumes optional. Zombies welcome. The music will be _vastly improved_ over previous years. You might even want to dance to it.

You’re invited. If I actually know you, you’ll be getting an email. But even if you’re a blurker, you’re invited. Might want to let me know you’re coming, though.

the sleep, it eludes me

having had maybe four or five hours of sleep each night this week, you would think that at 1am i would be slumbering peacefully. exhaustion, a hot bath, and a full dose of melatonin and i am still awake.

my brain is in overdrive at night, but it’s all i can do to push myself through the days. and work needs me all there, all the time. there are problems to be solved. i stared drooling like a human vegetable at a simple screen for three hours this afternoon and it was pushing the limits of my abilities to format it.

and, apparently, the radio station needs me all there too. there were rumblings today about the languishing web site re-design. you know, the site i did in 1997 that i’ve been promising to re-design ever since? it was the first site i ever did, and it’s astounding that it still stands.

i’ll admit, i’ve had an unusual source of intellectual stimulation lately. i know that’s what’s really keeping me awake.

all hair, all the time

it was like an herbal essence commercial up in the studio tonight.


young trainee: i just know i’m going to screw something up.

old geezer: well, i can’t tell you how many times i screwed up tonight, and i’ve been a dj since 1988

metal show guy: in 1988, i was in second grade.

young trainee: in 1988, i was two.

my mom is awesome, episode #512

mom: here, do you want to pick the wine? (hands me the wine list)

me: i probably shouldn’t have any wine.

mom: why?

me: because i’m trying to lose weight.

mom: well, i think that you should ALWAYS have wine.


in other family news, one of my brothers “kind of actually” has a girlfriend and wants the ‘rents to meet her. aww.


i was reading some patterns web sites today, trying to find some kind of standard for indicating that a new window will open when an action is performed in a web page.

the confluence of that with an IM conversation resulted in this idea: a pattern language of geeks.

silly geek patterns i devised on the spot:

SuperLazyGeek (that’s me)


HeadInTheCloudsGeek – the kind of geek who is all theory, no implementation.

BBsWereGreatGeek – the kind of geek that hung around on BBS back in the day and hasn’t gotten over the fact that they are gone. A subset of RetroGeek.

RetroGeek – Geek that values old-school technology highly. Likely to be heating their residence with old Alpha boxes. A MacQuarium is not out of the question.

i could go on. i know there are at least a few geeks reading this, what are the Geek Patterns you can see?

highly efficient chicken soup

for when you need something cheap, fast, good, and not detrimental to your health.

take some of that frozen boneless skinless chicken you’ve got in the freezer, and that box of nice vegetable stock from the natural foods store, and poach the chicken in a little broth over very low heat while you go to the kroger and hit up the produce section for veggies that seem likely, such as string beans, an onion, and some mushrooms.

when you get home drain off the broth, which is now icky, put the chicken aside and wash out the pot.

heat some olive oil in the pot. chop the onion and sweat it in the oil with the lid on.

decide to add a tablespoon of minced garlic.

prepare the green beans. be happy the mushrooms are already cleaned and sliced. dump it all in and let it sweat with the onions while you…

pull the chicken apart with two forks. it’s good that way, in soup.

put the chicken and the rest of the broth in the pot. consider that a little more salt would be nice, but decide that none of the herbs in the garden are quite right for this soup.

simmer. eat. feel good.

yes let it be fall

after “the movie”: last night, sarah announced, “okay, it is offically fall now.”

i think as of today, i will grudgingly align myself with that statement. i have a much, much stronger desire to be outside than i have all summer. i have started walking daily again and it’s not a struggle, it’s lovely.

i took a hard look at myself– my physical self– and i wasn’t happy. a summer of depression and out-of-control hypoglycemia has taken a toll. it’s time i reclaimed some things that i lost this year.

i feel a strong need to be outdoors as much as possible.

today sucked but there was a frog

today sucked but then christa invited me over to swim in the pool and there was little tiny frog on the ladder the whole time, he was cute.

for the record, this whole year has sucked so far, and although i can intellectually see good things that i got out of every broken bone, heart, and near death experience, i am just not feeling it. not today, and not most days.

i just _wish it would rain._