the weekend.

by saturday i didn’t feel sick anymore and not too tired. i never did get the eyeball collection down from the attic, and i never did carve my pumpkins, but everyone said the house looked nice anyway, that night at the party. i pinned my hair up wet and threw on some party clothes just before il rossi arrived early, intending to make himself look more goth with my eye makeup, which was not really up to the job. with his glasses, i said he looked like dead buddy holly, which would be a cool costume except that he didn’t quite have the props to sell it. so he washed off the gray smudge under his eyes.

some folks wore costumes and others did not. hopefully this had the effect of making everyone comfortable with the level of costuming they had chosen.

upon taking inventory the next day, it appears that wine was the popular drink of the evening, followed closely by gin and tonics. only a small percentage of the beer was consumed. i thought perhaps if i provided _nice_ beer… but no, beer is still not the beverage of choice. the fresca was decimated. almost no one drank regular Coke.

now there is candy in the house, until tomorrow, and potato chips, two foods i never normally keep around. i will be glad to see them both go. junk food and i do not make good roommates.

sunday i was tired, tired, tired. the extra hour was a boon; it gave me another hour to perk up (which eventually, i did) and sarah came over to “practice photographing a person.”: afterwards she was kind enough to invite me over for dinner, which was very yummy.

now my body is protesting the return to a normal schedule. i have to go.

the joy of plumbing

devoted readers of this blog will recall the immense satisfaction i take from returning my toilet to normal function. i must commend all party guests of last night; everyone dealt with the vagaries of my disintigrating chain and flapper with aplomb. i knew i needed to replace that bit of the toilet before the party and it was one of the many things i planned but never did.

such a simple mechanism, really. replacing it was a pain, but not difficult, if that makes sense. startling the difference the new one makes.

i suppose the next thing to go will be the wax ring; i don’t look forward to that operation.


well, it’s late thursday and i’m still pretty damn tired, and don’t have much of an appetite. i’m debating whether to go into work tomorrow or not. i’m also debating cancelling the party. i’d have to really rebound tomorrow to make it happen.

i’ve been having some really interesting dreams though.

this ain’t good

i left work early today because i was feeling crapalicious. now, usually my early departures from work are healed by a nap; i rarely get geniuinely ill.

well, i took a nap and i still feel crappy. achey and kinda queasy and tired, but i can’t sleep.

not the way i want to feel just a couple of days before a party.

party cam?

this morning i started thinking about running web cams during the party. maybe one in the living room and one in the back bedroom– the places where i already have computers, so it would be easy.

i could make it live on the web, or i could just store the photos to disk and maybe post a few of the best ones to flickr later.

the problem (as i see it) is that there’s going to be people who do not realize they are being photographed, and i’m not sure that that’s cool.

what do y’all think? fun idea, or bad idea?

mostly, i just want some memories of the party, without having to play camerawoman in addition to hostess.

party. this saturday. you: come.

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Saturday, October 29th – Halloween party at the Charming English Cottage of Death. Party time, which around here usually means 9pm or so.

Costumes optional. Zombies welcome.

You’re invited. If I actually know you, you’ll be getting an email. But even if you’re a blurker, you’re invited. Might want to let me know you’re coming, though.