MFM says…

it needs a new battery. he’s going to put one in.

he says the gears feel notchy but at the moment, it’s not bad enough to warrant tearing the thing open. could be the synchro mesh going bad.

he also says that when you lock and arm the car, it actually reduces the number of things that draw power from the battery– it goes into a ‘sleep’ mode. so my strategy of not locking actually did the opposite of what i intended.

i’m very happy that i’m getting my car back tonight. i’ve got a trip planned for saturday that i would definitely not want to miss.

right on time.

spacepod is overnighting at lonnie’s auto spa, and being without vehicle forces one to focus on all things house and home, which is good since i’m having a party in less than two weeks.

i listened to the party music over my proper stereo for the first time, and i was fairly pleased. it’s not get-up-and-dance dance music, but it all has a nice slow groove. maybe a little too much of one kind of thing though, and some of it needs to be mixed around a little. listening to it while cleaning the back bedroom gave me a good feeling though.

it feels so nice to have the house clean and liveable, filled with music and cool air. there is still much work to be done, but i think i’ll be getting the decorations out of the attic before the weekend.

Cthulhu! Cthulhu!

blatantly stolen from “joe.”:

“WHO WILL BE EATEN FIRST?”: (aka, the coolest thing ever.)

as a worshiper at the altar of BPAL, there’s an added dimension to this now– lookit all those perfume names! R’lyeh, Shub Niggurath, Yog Sothoth… man, i still want to smell Shub one day…

fer pete’s sake…

(who is this pete, and why do we care about his sake? odd.)

i went for a brisk walk in the woods today at lunch. it was nice, except for the bit where i tripped and fell and nailed my knee. fortunately my jeans didn’t tear, so the scrape is not too bad, the wound isn’t dirty and my favorite jeans aren’t ruined. it’s sore though.

i did catch myself on my hands, but so far neither of them feel sprained, which is a relief. there’s something to be said for falling on soft dirt instead of concrete.

spacepod ain’t right either. i had to get another boost from AAA on sunday, after ray tried to boost spacepod off of christa’s honda and that didn’t work. the AAA guy had a heck of a time getting him started– in the end he had to use both his truck battery and his jumper pack simultaneously. i went immediately to sears where they proclaimed my battery was still good and refused to replace it. he’s also become quite difficult to shift lately. so he’s off to MFM tomorrow.

i’ve been monitoring the battery with my little analog voltmeter, and i haven’t been locking him for fear of the alarm system draining the battery overnight to the point where i can’t get him started. the battery will take a full charge, and is getting charged successfully off the alternator. the sears guy swore that if the battery were not capable of holding a charge his little device would not have pronounced it “GOOD”, but i’m dubious– how could it tell?

although to be honest, the shifting issue has me more worried than the electrical issue. i really hope we’re not tearing out the transmission, yet again…

“maybe i like kale” soup

shopping for soup vegetables today, i considered kale. many people like kale. why do i claim to not like it? i couldn’t remember why. i like other greens. ok, i thought, i’ll try kale.

olive oil

sage, parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, celery seed, sea salt, pepper

an onion


a red potato

one leek

one carrot

green beans

a few ribs of kale

chop fine and stew together with a bit of water. add a splash of white wine. (this last part may have been a mistake, but then, the wine was more like vinegar…)

season three chicken breasts with olive oil and the same herbs, seal in tin foil and roast in the oven til cooked. cut up and add to the soup.