friday night

tickets found:

2/24/89 – “1000 airplanes on the roof,”: Duke

2/16/89 – Al Green

4/4/90 – something at the Artscenter

7/1/?? – Royal Crescent Mob

1/24/91 – “breaking away,”: duke bryan center

11/8/90 – “in cold blood,”: bryan center with jonathan

11/?/90 – “metropolitan,”: the varsity

1/5/91 – “l’amie de mon amie,”: art museum

11/27/90 – “8 1/2”: – duke

4/2/91 – “cyrano de bergerac,”: varsity

3/24/91 – a room of one’s own, lamb’s theater, 130 w. 44th st, nyc

4/26/91 – morthiam drums of fire, the palace international, 117 w. parrish st, durham

3/3/91 – “sleeping with the enemy”:

12/16/90 – “edward scissorhands”:

6/20/90 – “back to the future III”:

12/26/90 – “godfather III”:

2/17/91 – “la story”:

6/30/90 – “betsy’s wedding”:

5/10/90 – “mountains of the moon”:

i could have gone out tonight, but i really didn’t want to. i should have though, because tonight is the night my neighbors spend a couple of hours singing tunelessly to the slow jamz in their head, out on the side porch. good times.

don’t ask me why, i just never feel like going out any more, except sometimes out to dinner.

best low carb boxed lunch evar

this may even out-do the picnic lunch i packed for me and sarah a couple of summers ago when we were on a road trip.

“chicken cacciatore burgers:”:,1977,FOOD_9936_31570,00.html i made the burger part of this recipe, using chicken instead of turkey. after they cooled, i put them in little gladware boxes, one per box, and put a couple of slices of smoked mozzerella on each one before i closed the box.

parmesan bread: low-carb bread kind of sucks, as you might imagine. i eat it, but i almost always cook it in a skillet with butter, like when i make a grilled cheese sandwich. recently i started putting fine shavings of parmesan all over the bread while it’s in the skillet– it forms a tasty crust, something that low-carb bread sadly won’t do on its own. that gave me the idea to do this on a larger scale, with many slices of bread on a baking sheet in the oven. i crusted both sides of the bread with the cheese, cooled them on a rack, and wrapped them in pairs in waxed paper. both my silpat and my microplane came in handy for this!

arugula: i put a handful of baby arugula salad into a ziploc.

now i can put the burger part into the microwave if i want it hot, and assemble it all at my desk.


lunch remains the most frustrating meal of the day. i’m sure i won’t cook for myself like this all the time, but i love the idea of burger variations, especially using turkey and chicken instead of beef. i ate half of one of the burgers when it was fresh out of the pan and it was quite tasty!

items of interest

*fucking indecency laws*

so i downloaded a mix from “coop,”: and found an awesome old school reggae song i’ve never heard before, “wreck a buddy”. it’s all sexual euphemism, of course, but at first i thought it was unintelligible enough to pass by our FM listeners without tweaking anyone’s indecency-dar.

the more i listened to it, though, the more obvious i decided the lyrics are, if you can really hear them. in the end, i decided not to take the chance. but if there’s a mystery show slot during safe harbor hours this year, maybe i’ll work on an all-filthy reggae/ska show. heh.

here’s my transcription of the lyrics, as close as i can get. she’s singing in patois so i don’t recognize all the words. yeah, it’s dirty.


i need a man to wreck a buddy

a big strong man to wreck a buddy

and if he’s ugly i don’t mind

he has a dick? and i want a mumble, i want a mumble, i want a mumble

my skin is in a terrible state

o lord good lord it’s in the mumble

i want a lion mumblemumble

and if it’s big i do not mind, i want to grind, i want to grind

me have a crushing buddy

get things off will do you good

use your brush to stiff up your hood

the stiffer the hood the longer the stay

and when it’s big you can push it my way, push it my way and let it stay

lord i mumblemumble

i need a man to wreck a buddy

a big strong man to wreck a buddy

and if he’s ugly i don’t mind

he has a dick? and i want to grind, i want to grind, i want to grind

i have a broken buddy


oh, and it’s all to the tune of “little drummer boy”.

*no more playlist for a while*

tonight was probably the last playlist show i’ll do for a while. i’d love to do the filthy reggae show, and even more i’d love to do an all mashups mystery show, if no one else has already. i might also sub FDDF (funk disco dance friday) or take a shift of Mondo Mundo. we’ll see.

*OMFG so cuuuuute!*


*the lisa self-indugence hour or so*

yeah, my show tonight did not exhibit my usual slavish devotion to the playlist. i sifted back through all the stuff i’d ripped at the station during 2005 and pulled out the highlights, then went off on a few tangents.


“webcam photo animation”: includes surprise visit from wxdu’s erstwhile engineer!

a new one

it’s not unusual for me to have a conversation about biodiesel with a total stranger. it’s rare, though, for me to have to field a totally new question.

so here’s a new one: today i had to explain to someone that biodiesel can only be used in _diesel_ vehicles.

“this isn’t in the book.”

so we took my brothers out for a belated 21st birthday dinner to a local steakhouse. one of them forgot his wallet– so he didn’t have his ID with him.

we put this to the waitress: since they are identical twins, is one ID sufficient? daniel removed his glasses to make the resemblance more obvious.

“This one isn’t in the book!” she said. she decided she could serve them both. a little while later, she brought a trainee to the table and put the scenario to the trainee.

“I’ll have to get them to add this one.”

Financial advice for 2006

via “lifehacker”:

“Ten Tips for a Prosperous 2006, by Suze Orman.”:

For some reason, the sevens are always scary ages for me– 17, 27, and now in a few weeks, i’ll be 37.

I feel the same resistance that I felt in previous decades (“no! i’m not really _almost forty!)_ but this time, i feel a need to prepare for the future that i don’t recall from 27, and almost certainly didn’t feel at 17.

So, I’m trying to get my arms around retirement savings, and really understanding all of this confusing stuff.

Incidentally, today is the 16 year anniversary of my salaried employment at my company. However, the HR department has June 9, 1986 as my “Most Recent Start Date”. This is the date they use to calculate my official anniversary, I believe. That means that this summer will officially be my 20th anniversary here.

Although I was 17 when my company thinks I officially started here, I think I actually had a summer job here when I was 16 that they don’t still have on the books for some reason.

Whatever– I’ve been here a damn long time, any way you look at it.

grate scott!

i know. groan.

today i added a second microplane to my kitchen; this is a small one, appropriate for zesting and fine grating– lemons, nutmeg, that sort of thing. i needed to zest a lemon for a recipe.

astonishing, using the thing. i remembered the first time i tried to zest a lemon for a recipe. i was a teenager, and i think it went so badly that i actually called my mother at work to find out what i was doing wrong. nothing, as it turned out. she probably told me to just put some elbow grease into it and eventually, you’ll have some zest. mostly, the zest was stuck in the grater, one of those box graters that are great for large shavings but suck at anything really small.

one swipe on the microplane and i had a small pile of translucent zest. in about a minute i’d zested and entire, large lemon. the thing that struck me about the results was how _oily_ they were. something about the way the microplane works brings a lot of the lemon oil out of the peel, which is _exactly_ what you want when zesting a lemon.

today i also bought a “silpat,”: something i’ve known about and wanted for years, but they’re expensive so i’ve always put off buying one. supposedly _nothing_ will stick to a silpat (you use it to line a baking sheet). we’ll see.

i have this funny guilt about buying nice kitchen things, even relatively inexpensive things that are under $10, which is why i’ve never done much outfitting of my kitchen. there’s always a cheaper tool or a way to improvise; why spend the money if you don’t really have to? i’ve ground nuts with a hammer and waxed paper, before i even had a blender. i’ve baked cookies in a copper-bottom skillet missing its handle, more times than i can remember. i’ve steamed vegetables in a colander, and baked deep-dish pizza in an iron skillet.

and yet, i _do_ recognize the value in good kitchen tools. over the years i’ve acquired some nice small appliances; nothing as frivolous as a bread machine or rice steamer, but good solid stuff, like a stand mixer that weighs more than a small child, and a food processor with a fancy french name.

anyway, i’m getting over this mental hurdle that i have about utensils and small tools. i am definitely fed up with my pots and pans, but it’ll take some planning to replace those. i’m toying with the idea that i might one day like to have a very nice “dutch oven.”:

i’m also thinking about replacing one of the biggest tools in my kitchen, but i’ll write about that later, when i know more.

oh, and knives. i have to work on the knives.