wanna go for a ride?

the title arrived today, and i got the new car registered and kitted out with a legal license plate and all. i got her at lunch, drove the co-workers around a little, and went to mom’s after work for dinner. mom insisted we had to have the top down on the way to dinner even though it was a bit too cold. whee!

the weather should be lovely for the next several days, except for maybe a spot of rain on saturday, so if you’d like to go for a ride, just let me know.

the goodbad news

so the new worry about the cat is that he’s not eating. being scientific about it, i have determined that he eats fine but only so long as someone is in the house with him. if he’s alone, say, all weekend, he doesn’t eat. all weekend. this is not good.

also, it appears that the transdermal medication makes his ears all red and unhappy if applied enough times in a row. like, the number of times you would apply over a weekend. although they already look better this evening.

and at this point, my best case scenario for driving the new car legally to work is thursday. which would be great, because the weather will be top-down weather on thursday and friday.


iggy pop recommendation

i think at least one or two of my readers still remember “rock and roll” type music.

iggy pop songs that i like:

“The Passenger” (even though it has been used in like 90 commercials now)

“The Horse Song”. This song came up during the drive home last night while the iPod was on random shuffle. Awesome. I want more!

Based on those two songs, can anyone recommend an Iggy Pop album that I should check out?

waiting waiting waiting wait… augh!

yes, i am waiting to be able to drive my new car. now don’t get me wrong; it was extremely cool of steve to let me drive it down here on his tags so that i would not have to make two trips to complete the sale.

currently, i am waiting for the title to arrive at my credit union. once that happens, i can take the title down to the tag office, give them large wads of money (highway use tax for bringing in a car from out of state + registration fees + cost of tags) and get some kind of tag and registration for the car.

in 35 minutes, i will call the credit union and bug them. if the title is there, i’ll have enough time to get it and get down to the tag office before COB today. then i can drive the car to virginia this weekend, and there will be flowers and butterflies and happy bunnies and rainbows and unicorns!

otherwise, i am driving the ever-more-pathetic spacepod to va. he needs a visit to MFM. and despite the fact that i made Actual Efforts this week to get him cleaned properly, he’s still pretty dirty (the auto spa was inexplicably closed on a nice sunny day).

that nice young man that i visit offered to drive down here this weekend so that i could avoid taking S.P. up there, which was very sweet. but i want my monthly mini-vacation to Va, and that is that. the S.P will be fine.

UPDATE: no title today. maybe monday.

UP-UPDATE: steve, in his awesomeness, called the loan company and found out that they sent the title to him via regular postal mail. yay. again, in his awesomeness, steve is going to overnight it to me when it arrives. light… tunnel.. end…


there’s a crime movie starring CLIVE OWEN, JODIE FOSTER, (and denzel), and directed by SPIKE LEE.

[squeal like a total fangirl!]

“Inside Man”:http://imdb.com/title/tt0454848/


also, today at lunch i saw a woman wearing the most impossible shoes. the highest, thinnest stiletto heels, at least four inches, five would not be out of the question. the footbed was angled so sharply that it formed an “L”. points so long they curled up like an elf’s shoe. the woman attached to these highly improbable pieces of footwear was, naturally, petite, slender, impeccably groomed, and looked entirely out of place at Char-Grill. she shifted uncomfortably. you know what? _i think they hurt._

Astounding Undergarments

I visited a very lonely JC Penney’s yesterday. The thing I love about department stores is how old-fashioned they seem. Can you imagine getting your watch fixed at Wal-Mart? Your hair permed at Target? A proper fitting for, ahem, ladies undergarments at a K-Mart?

But places like JC Penney have all of that. Stepping into such a place can seem as if the 60’s never happened, particularly in the lingerie department.

Ok: if you’re going to be squeamish about it, you can just stop reading here. Yes, I’m going to discuss underwear. But not _my_ underwear. My underwear isn’t anywhere near as extraordinary as what I’m about to show you. Oh no.

In the lingerie department lurks a woman who has had passed down to her the Old Knowledge. The lore of those things that make the women in the old movies and TV shows look strangely precise, like a line drawing.

They don’t only know how to fit you for one of those conical, put-your-eye-out bras, but for things that might cover almost your _entire body._

We’ll start simply, with what is called a long-line bra:


They say that the support is supposed to come from below, from the band. This carries that principle to its logical extreme, while simultaneously guaranteeing that the wearer will be unable to breathe unless she possess an hourglass figure.

Rising up to meet the long line is the “Body Briefer”:


This extraordinary undergarment is supposed to provide back support, correct posture, and “tummy control”.

If that doesn’t cover quite enough of you, there is a wide array of body briefers that cover ever-increasing amounts of you:


Now– imagine a North Carolina summer. Imagine wearing such a thing. Imagine wearing a layer of clothing _over_ it as well. Oops, I just passed out from heat exhaustion.

You can see where this is going. Yes, they have girdles:


But I think you didn’t see this one coming…


Its purpose is quite the opposite of a girdle.

Cooperative Extension Calendar for March

Oh, how I wish I’d been smart enough to look for this when I first moved into my house. The NC Cooperative Extension has a calendar for the Triangle area that tells you what to do each month. For gardening morons like me, this is a great “words of one syllable” guide.

Looks like I need to table my impulses to salt the earth of my back yard so i can establish a lawn that is actually composed of grass. They really emphasize planting fescue lawns, which are planted in the fall.

“Here’s March.”:http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/durham/agriculturehorticulture/mg/gardencalendar/mar.php

top down car!

“top down car” is what my brothers called my stepfather’s ’67 galaxie 500 convertible when they were little kids. so now i always think of convertibles as top down cars.

i’m exhausted. christa drove me up to northern va to pick up the car today. we had lunch and hung out for a while with my friend steve, the original owner of the car, and then went down to ikea where we spent two hours and many dollars. and then i drove home, and now there are two beetles sitting in my driveway.

driving a gas-powered car again is very weird. it’s too quiet, too smooth. driving a beetle other thans spacepod is very weird. spacepod and i are a team, you know? we’ve been so many places together.

it’s supposed to be kinda cold this week, but steve said that with the windows up and the wind screen in place, you can drive with the top down in fairly cold weather and it’s nice, there’s basically no wind chill.

anyway. top down car!