tomorrow, if all goes as planned, i’ll spend the evening driving home from Virginia in MY NEW CAR.


i’m not going to tell you any more about it until it’s sitting in my driveway. i’m funny that way about cars. i always think i’m going to jinx it.

this car will be my new daily driver, but i am keeping spacepod. mainly because i’m too attached to him to ever part with him, but also because there are some practical reasons to keep him. his blue book value is not really high enough, anyway, to make it worth selling him.

the thing with beetles is that they don’t hold their value very well. that’s fine with me; it means there’s a whole world of affordable used beetles out there for me to buy.

if you’re considering a diesel vehicle because of the great fuel mileage and because you can run it on FREE vegetable oil, consider a beetle. it’s probably more practical than you think, and it’ll cost less than a jetta, or even a golf.

heck, i should open a used beetle dealership. that would put my enthusiasm and beetle nerd knowledge to good use.

all cars need a red-covered switch

The interior of the Spyker Peking-to-Paris just blows me away. Here’s the “ejector switch.”:http://www.automotoportal.com/photos/World_Premiere_Spyker_D12_Peking-to-Paris/7

Just kidding. I’m sure that’s not an ejector switch. I’d sure as hell love to know what it is, though.

Maybe one day when i grow up, i’ll get to design really amazing car interiors. For cars with names like “Peking-to-Paris”.


Which VW Are You?

Maybe because I chose “unpredictable” as the word or phrase that best describes me. There’s a _reason_ that even I haven’t ever put the Scirroco on the Short List of VW’s I Want To Own.

Speaking of that list, today I spotted a diesel caddy– the small pickup truck that VW made in the 80’s. Now that bad boy is on the short list and has been for some time.. And I love the “diesel logo”:http://www.4crawler.com/Diesel/Images/vw_rear.jpg that appears on this VW and no other. Sadly, this one’s logo had fallen off, leaving just an outline in the paint. But the “Got 50 MPG?” sticker would have been enough to clue me in to the engine type.

just what he needed, perhaps.

the boys came to visit this weekend, which meant that moses spent saturday afternoon through sunday evening in the back bedroom. we did let the dog and cat have a little quality time together when the dog first arrived, but it looked as if it was going to be a mexican standoff with no end, with moses in the characteristic hunch of a threatened feline, sideways posture, ears slighly down, tail and back bristling, and a low, moaning sound emanating.

the dog, of course, probably just wants to play, but the cat is having none of it.

now, neither of us likes having moses segragated from the rest of the pack all weekend, but oddly, moses seemed very happy. he had an open window, a very soft, sleeping bag covered sofa, ample food and water, and visits from his people periodically. every time i’d visit, he seemed deeply content.

one of the possible side effects of the hyperthyroid medication is skin irritation, and moses was having a real problem with that about a week ago. his ears, which became very irritated while we were using the transdermal medication, wouldn’t clear up, and it seemed as if every time i looked at his face, a new scabby sore had appeared. i called the vet and he told me to bump the medication down by half.

i could tell a difference almost immediately– the next morning, moses woke me up at our usual time rather than me having to wake him up. he talked to me while i prepared his breakfast. and the sores stopped appearing.

his ears just wouldn’t clear up, though. they were red and irritated all week. by saturday, i was starting to worry.

sunday morning, they were all clear. it was as if spending eighteen hours alone in a quiet place was just what he needed.

it’s hard to say if the sores are healing, but i know they’re not getting worse. he’s lost some fur on his face, too. poor guy. i feel guardedly hopeful, however, that the lower dose will allow these side effects to subside, and he’ll be able to tolerate the medication over the long term.

i’ve become irritated with my vet, however. he should have told me to bump the dosage down a week ago when we did a blood test to see how effective the medication was, not wait until i called freaking out about sores appearing all over the cat’s face to mention that rather salient fact. and i feel as if he keeps pushing the radiation treatment, while failing to give me real facts about the safety of that treatment. you can’t just say, “It’s _very_ safe,” over and over again and expect me to magically start believing you if you repeat it enough times.

so if the medication continues to have intolerable side effects, i’ll schedule consultations with some of the vets who come highly recommended in this area, and the boy, who is quite handy with google, has offered to do some online research.


aside from the moses follies, we had a lovely weekend. on sunday we went to raleigh and visited the “nc museum of natural sciences,”:http://www.naturalsciences.org/ which i’d not been to since i was a child, had a sandwich outside in cameron village, then visited the farmer’s market which didn’t seem to have much to offer yet.

next weekend, if all goes well, i’ll be taking delivery on a new (to me) car.

the best tv shows ever, according to me

An attempt at ordering has been made.

# Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Best. Show. Ever.

# Twin Peaks

# Sandbaggers

# The Simpsons

# Dead Like Me

# Sex and the City

# Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

*Runners Up:*

(Those what find themselves in this category should take heart. You’re in good company.)

* Battlestar Galactica (the new version)

* Angel

* The Prisoner

* MI-5

* Ultraviolet (yes, it was a tv show)

* The L Word

* Queer as Folk

* Lost

* The X-Files

* Alias

* Jeeves and Wooster

* Monarch of the Glen

* Second Sight

ps, comments will work on this and future entries.

many various things of varying levels of interest, variously.

1. i went to an actual rock show last night. i went to the cradle and saw the wedding present. it rocked the hell out. smoke free venues are fantastic.

2. although it’s not officially spring, i am acting like it is. i pulled the crap out of the closet where the fancypants new vacuum cleaner will live. 90% of the crap will be going into the trash. 9.9% will be recycled. .1% will actually be kept.

3. i did actual yard work yesterday AND today. i transplanted day lillies from the raised bed in the back (where i want to plant vegetables) to a bed in the front that needs some filling out. i also removed the peonies, which i hate, and those suckers are destined to become mulch. hah. i found my pruning shears which i apparently left on the a/c compressor some months ago, and used them to prune back the shrubbery in the front.

4. i modified one of my gutter downspouts such that water will be directed away from the foundation (i hope) but i won’t have an extension right in my walkway, and i don’t have to do any digging. it involved a wacky vinyl thing that rolls itself up when it’s dry, and unrolls when it’s full of water.




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mo had a checkup today. his blood pressure is way down, which means that the hyperthyroid medicine is working!

unfortunately, over the last couple of days he’s developed an allergic reaction on his ears. that means we have to stop using the transdermal medication for now, and switch to pills.

my vet is going to research this and see if the carrier could be the problem. he said he’s never heard of a cat having an allergic reaction to the transdermal medication before.

i’m hopeful that we can still use the transdermal at least when i’m out of town and someone else is taking care of him.