Diversionary tactics.

Reports are that Mo is fine today, just a little “growly”. I guess that’s to be expected.

I don’t like him not being here.


One of my usual online diversions is unavailable right now, so I’ll distract myself by recounting this weekend, which was fun.

We went to the Pungo Strawberry Festival, which I keep saying is like a county fair with extra strawberries. We were careful to ride the ferris wheel _before_ gorging on strawberry shortcake, strawberry filled crepes, and a strawberry parfait.

On Monday we went to Ft. Monroe after breakfast. It’s both an historic site and an active Army base. The old fort has an actual moat, which is cool. Lots of great old buildings, including an “abandoned hotel.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/155773077/

We went into one building called -The Casement- “The Casemate.”:http://www-tradoc.army.mil/museum/museum.asp It’s a museum. Upon walking in a strange smell immediately made me feel sick. The ceilings were very low, and it’s a long rabbit-warren sort of building. After only one room, I knew I needed to leave (and J had commented that the entrance door locks behind one), and nearly panicked trying to find the exit. I’m a little claustorphobic.

J decided to try grilling this weekend. Given that neither of us know much about grilling, we did ok. Steak on Saturday night, and ribs on Sunday night. Both nights we roasted potatoes and green beans down in the coals.

And of course, birthday cake. It’s actually scary how easy it was to make such a damn good cake. I wouldn’t be completely immodest about it if the sheer rich goodness of the thing weren’t a _fact._ Between the Krispy Kremes, the strawberries, and the cake, I think I’ve eaten my dessert allotment for the year.


Watching old episodes of The Saint isn’t as much fun without Mo. Neither is eating breakfast without an alert, pointed face watching for the moment the bacon dish is free.

Well, he’ll be home tomorrow.

RadCat pt. 2

It’s official: my cat is radioactive.

I don’t like medical stuff, so I was pretty anxious this morning. I also don’t like being home without my cat there, so I was kind of sad, too.

Something nice happened, though– just as I arrived home from dropping him off, the mailman came with an imp of BPAL’s Snow Moon, a swap I made last week. It always cheers me up to get a little BPAL in the mail.

Anyway, they called just now and said he’s fine. I had to laugh– heartily– when the nurse said “He got a _little_ bit angry with us so we had to give him a little gas…” I totally forgot to warn them that he hates vets. My vet is so used to it and to me it is just normal for a cat to go on the attack with a vet. Oops. I did tell her I wasn’t surprised by that at all.

Apparently now he’s sitting in his cage with his legs crossed in front of him, as he always does, looking very calm and pleasant. “He has such a sweet face…” she said. “And then when we opened his carrier, he was like, RRRRR!” heh.

Goodbye to The Icky Sticky Stove

My house was without a doubt the nicest, most livable house I saw while house-hunting. There was one obvious eyesore: the stove.

I can’t afford to renovate my kitchen, but I can replace the stove. Provided all goes well tomorrow morning, my bright, lovely new stove shall arrive, and the rusty hulking mass shall depart to the landfill.

I’ve posted a little ode to the crusty old stove “here on flickr.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/tags/stove/


bq. _”MONSTER BAIT: UNDERPANTS — Who doesn’t want a monster in their pants? Sexy sugar-smeared saffron sandalwood over lickable vanilla cream with a splash of butter rum.”_

I was so, so disappointed that I managed to miss this the one day it was available (April 1st, of course). “Sneaky Sarah”:http://www.ovenall.com/diary/archives/005642.php ordered an extra bottle and didn’t tell me. I asked if she’d sell me a little sample bottle of it (thinking she just had the one bottle) and she said that that would not be a problem. Indeed! Well, tonight she came over and was like, surprise! Here’s a whole bottle! This was especially generous because she could have easily sold this on ebay for two to three times what she paid for it, but she only wanted the original selling price from me.

Anyway! In the bottle it smells like CAAAAAAKE! I love cake. It’s J’s birthday this weekend and I am dying to bake him a birthday cake for both entirely selfish and unselfish reasons. Cake!

On my skin it smells like CAAAAKE! The sweetness backs off a little and the sandalwood comes out. It’s like a spice cake. CAKE!

Farmer girl, Part 2

I went to the farmer’s market in Raleigh today and bought quite a few plants. Since I’m starting my garden late (although is there really such a thing as late when talking about a cycle?) I decided that I should have a fairly large proportion of ready-to-go plants and rely less on seeds.

I got all plants and seeds in the ground, and set up a soaker hose left by a previous homeowner. The soaker hose is an experiment (actually, the whole garden is an experiment) and we’ll see how well it works. I need to learn how low to keep the water flow, so the water kind of seeps out and doesn’t shoot out and wash away the soil.

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A week from Tuesday, “Moses”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/79010932/ is slated to become a “RadCat.”:http://www.theanimalhospital.biz/Services/radcats.php It’s clear that medicating him for the rest of his life is not going to work well. The dosage is a moving target; I get careless and miss doses or give them late sometimes. I’m human. It happens. Since J. found that study that demonstrated that the radiation treatment doesn’t kill them any faster than anything else, I decided to go for it.

It’s a week of bleeding money. The radiation treatment isn’t cheap. Last night I looked at an electric range that a neighbor is giving away, and realized that I have my heart set on a new one (although the free one would actually be a step up from what I have now).

“Spacepod”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/electrasteph/51643629/ needed a few things done before he goes out on loan to “Xta’s”:http://singintomymouth.com/blog/ mom. He needed them anyway, and this is a good way to make myself just get it done.

Now that I’ve got the Moses situation settled, I feel like I can book the trip to Vegas. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be leaving town at a time when he’d need me here. Since I’ve waited so long to book it, I shudder to think what the prices will be. Maybe they won’t be so bad; it’s still over a month out.

Here’s some perspective, however: my current re-obsession with “BPAL”:http://www.bpal.org/index.php?http://bpal.org/ has lead to a renewed interest in the BPAL online forum. In one thread, a woman wrote that her limit for her next BPAL order is… $750. Just think on that for a moment. Seven hundred and fifty smackers worth of fragrant oil. That’s the better part of a mortgage payment, around here. More than two car payments. Well over half of Moses’ radiation treatment. I could furnish and re-furnish my screen porch several times over for that price.

At least I’m spending my money on stuff that ain’t just for smelling pretty.

Speaking of, today’s scent is “Zombi.”:http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=43

When the saints come marching into your neighborhood to sell you an ice cream novelty

So, I have this nice newly-furnished screen porch, and the weather is very pleasant, and this naturally leads to me sitting out here surfing and reading and eating lunch on the weekends and nice stuff like that.

This has in turn lead to the interesting discovery that my neighborhood must have an ice cream truck. An ice cream truck that plays “When the saints come marching in” over and over and over and over and…

At first, I thought one of the neighborhood kids had taken up the recorder and was practicing the same song over and over. Then I realized there was a doppler effect at work– the music would randomly get much louder from time to time. I realized it must be an ice cream truck.

How cool is that, that there’s an ice cream truck in my neighborhood? Once again, I feel as if I am living in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Well, some combination of Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

On the other hand, how annoying is it to listen to “When the saints come marching in” over and over, every time I use my screen porch during daylight hours? Well… it’s pretty annoying.

Hey, at least I smell nice. Today’s BPAL: Nuclear Winter.