so sleeeeeeepy

every afternoon i want to take a nap.

6pm is still afternoon, right?

i’ll take this opportunity to blame the cat. he’s a bad influence. the peer pressure is astounding. he’s laying next to me with a look of profound contentment on his face. he’s sending me telepathic messages that say, “sleeeeep. you know you want to sleeeeeep.”

i should really think about doing something… you know, kind of productive… like a load of laundry, or with that new drill i got… or something… not just go lay down for a minute…

Mr. Healthypants

I got the results of Moses’ thyroid test this morning– his thyroid levels are normal!

He seems totally normal now– sleeps as much as he ever did, wants to play around the time i want to go to bed, yammers for his breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. Yesterday he went outside to eat grass for a while, even.

Sometime in the month of July– if i’m remembering the month correctly– he will turn 16. I might have to start calling him Mr. Elderlypants, instead!

lisa’s little mail order shoppe

i have made a strange discovery, which is that i get an odd satisfaction out of processing orders (in this case, for BPAL). it will surprise no one who knows me that i set up a little system, and a little work-station, and with oodles of free time on my hands, i’ve got astounding turnaround time on orders.

i’m taking them to the big, old post office in downtown. it’s much more pleasant and stylish than a suburban post office– cavernous, cool, dark, and a little gothic.

i also visited the “scrap exchange”: today– my, have they changed. they’ve put a lot of already-made items out, they’ve got a lot more stuff, and they’ve opened a lot more space to the public. there’s a whole new room i’d never seen before called “the mongo room”. it’s filled with less organized, less child-friendly things (although in the main area i did find a bin labelled “giant rusty tacks – 75 cents”).

they had clearly received a donation from a lab– beakers, pipettes, test tubes, and less obvious, nameless items. i bought a few glass pipettes for BPAL decanting.

i measured out the space needed for the pool and spoke with my neighbor– a tree limb came down early saturday morning and put a hole in their roof. the limb was removed and a tarp put over the roof, but no further action has been taken by their landlord. the tarp is leaking (of course) and one of the gutters (filled with small trees, so probably not functional anyway) was torn off the back of the house.

the rains have been continuous and often torrential; it’s monsoon season here in north carolina. i really do not think we’ll need to worry about drought this year. my basement resembles a swamp. i will feel no guilt in filling the pool.

BPAL madness!

I’ve finally dipped my toes into the scary waters of BPAL sales. That is to say, I’m “selling off the BPAL I know I don’t want or need,”: to other BPAL fans, on the BPAL forum.

I have many limited editions, many things I thought would be desirable. I have two samples of a recently discontinued oil. I thought that would cause a stir.

But what happened was that within just seconds of my post, I had three requests for a sample that I had paid no real mind to– a scent called Baba Yaga. I knew somewhere in the back of my head that it was unreleased, but didn’t think much of it.

Ah well. Here’s hoping I can move some of this stuff. My prices are LOW LOW LOW! But I’ve heard people complain that the market is saturated.

This week I get to find out what it feels like to be one of those people who don’t have a “real job” and just sell stuff online 🙂

my little vampire

so one of the ongoing problems that j and i have to solve is the dog and the cat.

the dog is a 2 year old black lab mix with great manners but absolutely no experience with cats.

the cat is my 16 year old overweight, arthritic tabby who has spent his entire life being terrified of dogs.

so we keep them separated a lot, but that’s not a long term solution. last time, j brought both his baby gates and we restricted reese the dog to kitchen/dining area for some periods of time. this was okay, but moses mostly wanted to hang back in the back bedroom and didn’t come hang out with us as we’d hoped.

so this weekend we reversed it. while we were cooking, we kept moses the cat in the kitchen with us, and shut reese out. moses was terrified at first, and spent a lot of time yesterday hiding in back corners but sometime today he seemed to turn a corner and started interacting with us normally while we were making breakfast and stretched out and acted happy and comfortable after a while.

and then something interesting happened.

i was in the kitchen with moses, and j and reese were outside. when they came back in, reese went right up to moses, who was near one of the gates, and stuck his nose over the gate. moses, who wasn’t trapped at all, and could have easily slunk under the table, didn’t budge.

the nose was not withdrawn. moses went on the attack. he swatted the nose, then _attempted to jump the gate_ while batting at reese’s face! reese started barking, j yanked reese back away from the gate and moses slunk off after a while.

i put moses in the back bedroom and he was still pretty ramped up– hissing, crowding the door every time we came in to visit him. i think he wanted to go out there and finish the unfinished business with the dog.

j was pretty good-natured about it; i think he considers moses to be a lesson the puppy needs to learn. the cat can and will defend himself.

later in the day, j said, “he’s like a little vampire,” and imitated moses’ hissing noises. i laughed. “he is! he’s like a little furry brown fat vampire! awww.”

anyway. j and reese are gone now and my little vampire is reclining happily on the ottoman, his eyes closed and a small smile on his face.

dear bathing suit gnomes

dear bathing suit gnomes,

it was very funny how you hid my bathing suit right before i went on vacation. ha ha.

we all had a good laugh. now put it back. ok, i know it’s not the greatest suit and i should get a new one, but would it kill you to let me have it back for this trip? no, it would not.

love, clovepod