oh, let’s rant about the weather again, shall we?

Living in North Carolina at the end of summer is a masochistic act.

We all have our reasons for being here: home, work, family, friends. Some people probably even like the crippling heat and soul-crushing humidity.

If the summers keep getting hotter, will we see a migration northward? Will the smart people move somewhere where the weather suits their clothes? Will our economy collapse? will North Carolina become the new Alabama?

Currently, we’re about two inches behind average for rain for the year. Last year at this time it was closer to three– but Falls Lake was dry a year ago, and as of a month ago, the lake looked quite healthy. So to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of a drought have been greatly exaggerated.

No, it’s just the heat that’s worrying me.

New York provided a tantalizing taste of early Fall weather. It was entirely tolerable and lovely the whole week, with some cozy coolness and rain on our last day.


Wee trendlets that seem to be starting in NYC: leggings for women, worn under skirts, ending mid-calf, sometimes with lace trim. Could this be any more 80’s? Any less flattering to all but the most slim? Women of New York, I beg you, those of us in the Colonies wish you would not let this trendlet take hold or it will surely come our way.

The mullethawk. Really… don’t. Just don’t.


The Fluevog store was one of the most fun places we visited. We went in early on Saturday while the sales folks were still downing coffee and re-arranging their hair. We were the only customers in the store. Someone put on MIA. Soon there were boxes of shoes scattered around the floor. Someone had brought their little dog in to work with them. Another little dog appeared at the door (owner in tow). Then the two little dogs were chasing each other around the store and wrestling. Party!


I could do a recap of the entire NYC trip, but would you really want to read it? I think “the photos”:http://flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/tags/nycaugust2006/ are a better way to see the story, if you want to.

here we are in NYC

mostly we’ve shopped in SoHo the last two days. not surprisingly, this area does not cater to women who are size 18, or even size 16 for the most part, and I was very disappointed to discover that H&M carries basically nothing in women’s sizes. however, i have taken some pleasure in picking out things for christa and joy, and convinced joy to wear a deep cornflower blue shirt that she would not have picked out for herself.

i guess this is somewhat ironic, but the food has been wonderful. we’ve barely left SoHo and the food is not cheap here, but it’s right tasty. of course, one walks all the time here, so eating well doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea.

we went on a “harbor lights cruise” yesterday evening, which turned out to be a ferry with folding chairs and a cheap snack bar, but the views of the city were marvellous, and the tour guide was very informative. it was timed perfectly so that the sun was setting behind the statue of liberty as we passed by her.

today i want to go to the village which i hope still has cheaper food and edgier shopping (though my knowledge is a decade old), and our friend m. arrives to join us. ah, and tonight we see the david byrne/john stewart/et. al. show, the impetus for this trip.

tomorrow, probably the Met. yay!

unrealistic expectations

at the vet this morning picking up some extra kitteh food, a woman was there dropping her dog off for grooming.

she told the receptionist that she wanted to talk with the doctor. “He won’t eat! i mean, he won’t eat his _dog_ food. only table food! i wanted to see if y’all could give him something to get him back on his food.”



all the stuff i’ve had to do this week has kinda been weighing on my mind, but yesterday i made One Big List, which has allowed me to stop obsessing over the details of what’s on that list, and I also met with the other “NBeast”:http://nbeast.org/ folks and we decided what all of our pricing is, which is the thing that we really needed to do.

so this morning i woke up early feeling rested and great, knocked a few things off that list, and now i’m at work and finally thinking, _ohmigod! new york! i’m going to new york! my favorite city!_

it’s been ten years at least, maybe more since i’ve been… and i think the experience of going with my 30-something girlfriends will be both completely different from the hipster indie rock days of yore experiences i had in the 90’s, and also completely fun, too.

we will be staying eight blocks away from the fluevog store.

throughput saturation

i’ve reached the point where i cannot effectively maintain all of the conversations i’m currently having.

i was laying in bed making a futile effort to fall asleep when i realized _oh man i never did send them that unix command that they asked for this afternoon…_

work + car show + cat stuff* + nyc trip = oi

*don’t worry, moses is fine.


so, i know next to nothing about GPS units. would it be possible to get a handheld GPS that has a detailed map of manhattan in it and then plug in the locations of places i might want to visit in the city, so when i’m walkin’ around the city i can be like, “oh, i’m just two blocks away from that cool tiki bar!”

please, school me.

neighbors, episode 9,383

see, the problem with not giving all of the adult family members keys to the house is that eventually, there’s going to come a night when someone is stuck outside banging on the fucking door for like an hour while you’re dead asleep or passed out or listening to headphones or something and unable to let them in.