life in durham

seen on a van:

“Church of God in Christ Jesus, New Deal, Inc.”

Are odd church names peculiar to my area, or are they found all over? In my neighborhood there are a lot of churches with long, difficult to understand names like this one.

i hab a cold.

i’m at the “box of tissues a day” stage. it has progressed quickly from the “hey, i kind of have a sort throat” stage, which began saturday night.

i eagerly await the “hacking up a lung” stage, and in the meantime, find that i need fewer tissues if i remain motionless on the couch watching star trek: the next generation reruns and old bond movies on spike.

funny thing about the weather…

So, we all know that I hate the heat and humidity of a North Carolina summer, to the point that those who know and love me best are probably sick of hearing about my ever-new-found levels of hatred for it.

And yet…

…upon exiting the building this week after work, this week of 100+ temperatures and heat indices, I find simply that the air feels like home.

In fact, it makes me a bit nostalgic because it feels somehow like summer camp. It’s got a magical balance of temperature, haziness and humidity that strikes a chord.

When I left for a three week, ’round the country road trip a few years ago my mom said, “don’t forget that you are a Carolina girl!”


Totally unrelated: I’m all like Squee! BPAL! Because the Big Summer Update is slated for Thursday. I’ve decided that watching the Path of BPAL is as close as I might come to loving a sport. I really get a lot of enjoyment out of watching how the business itself changes and progresses. The strategy, the hard work, the way they deal with their fans, and the end result, which is a delight to the senses the same way that watching an amazing feat of athletics is a delight.

I’ve been wearing Hungry Ghost Moon a lot– it’s light and tasty, just like a summer fragrance should be.