it’s really weird to watch star trek, a scene with wesley crusher, while reading wil wheaton’s latest blog entry which is about auditioning for a tv role.

wheaton is such a great writer. seriously.


i’m having one of my many busy times right now. i basically have my act together for the car show next weekend but i’m still stressed by the situation. the show won’t break even– that i know for sure. we’ll lose money. it’s ok. if we do it again next year i’ll know better how to make it work financially.

i don’t get enough sleep and there never seems to be enough time for everything.

oh well, it’ll be done next week, and then i am taking monday off.

renewed respect

i’ve always admired the interior of the beetle. the design is harmonious, pleasing, and largely circular. i sometimes think i get the best view of the car while driving it.

i spent an hour cleaning spacepod’s interior today. i’ve removed a lot of the surface mold and dirt. it’s startling how easily it comes off of all the surfaces. most require a simple wipe down with a spray of simple green and a microfiber towel. in fact, i suspect it would have come off the cloth upholstery with no more than that, although i did spray that down with carpet cleaner and brush with a clean scrub brush.

i removed the leather steering wheel cover that I added a several years ago. mold was growing on its underside. once i’d removed it, the steering wheel wiped down clean with little effort. the cover itself is ruined, i think, with the strange yellow mold.

i am nowhere near done, of course, but it’s good that i’ve made some progress.

i met with the nbeast folks tonight. i think i have more work to do to get my cars ready for the show than i do to get the show ready.

on the up side

i’m still bummed about the spacepod situation, and i had a fairly aggravating day in regards to Durham Central Park, the booking of, a matter which I thought was long since laid to rest. Not so; applications must be made to two more entities, a fact I was told this morning by the Park person, and it turns out one of those applications is already late.

so i made nice with the lady who will process it, and then i made nice with someone who must sign the form, and got the form signed right in the saint nick of time (he leaves the country later this week).

it was irritating, but the thing is that people in durham are just cool about things. it’s a laid back place. it makes everything much easier.

then this evening i was at Large Red Concentric Circle Store and walking out of the store ahead of me was a young woman in a burkha. I saw oversized white trainers peek out from under her dramatic garment, and then she began to _glide!_ i realized she was wearing those shoes that have wheels in them. combined with the burkha, the effect was quite stunning. it was as if Spike Lee had directed Dune.

And I thought that I love Durham, I love the people.

i need a garage

like, really need.

i noticed that spacepod’s windows had fogged up again so i decided this morning to open them and let him air out.

i was a little startled to find that his battery is apparently dead. i guess i let him sit too long.

i _was_ startled to find that every porous surface in the interior (except perhaps the headliner) is covered in white mold, with a three-dimensional, yellowish growth on the leather steering wheel cover.

i almost cried when i saw this. in fact, i should be out there right now cleaning him up and not writing this.

the problem that originally grounded him is that the lower engine shield is dangling by a single bolt and scraping the ground. it had come partially loose and i’d removed two bolts, but could not get my screwdriver angled correctly under the third. faced with indecision: jack the car up, or get a shorter screwdriver, i let the issue slide for, i don’t know, two months? the driveway is so dirty, i get filthy whenever i have to get on my back to get under the car. plus rain makes it worse, so i let it slide…

so let’s recount the problems:

car is leaking and turning moldy: a garage wouldn’t fix the leak, but it would prevent the car from getting wet and moldy inside. i’ve ordered a car cover as my best current solution to this problem.

battery has died, probably due to lack of use: a garage would allow me to keep the car on a charger. i will find a way to jump-start it, although this might be a real pain if my jumper box isn’t strong enough, which it has not been in the past.

need to get under the car to remove engine shield: a garage would make this a heck of a lot less unpleasant, and feasible to do after dark.

i need a garage.

i don’t want to photograph the mold, even though it’s extraordinary, because i’m afraid i’ll become known on the internet as the woman who let her beetle grow fungus.

if you love your pudding, label it

i had this brilliant idea a couple of weeks ago: bring enough food for a whole week to work on Monday. this works incredibly well in my effort to improve my lunchtime habits, because at lunch i always follow the path of least resistance. walking down the hall to the breakroom is much easier than walking to the cafe or to my car. so if i have the food there, i eat it. excellent!

ok, so there’s this sign on the refrigerator door that says it will be cleaned out every Monday. I assume this means at 0’dark-thirty Monday morning, when the housekeeping staff is around, and I pay it little mind, because I clean all my stuff out on Friday, then bring new stuff Monday.

Happily, I brought very little stuff yesterday because I was out of town all weekend and had to do my grocery shopping last night. But I did bring some lasagne (which I ate), some grapes (left over from last week, but still good), and some small tubs of butterscotch pudding. And some DDP.

“Funny,” I thought this morning as I unloaded a week’s worth of sandwich supplies, yougurt, and more DDP into the fridge. “Didn’t I have some food in here last night?”

The grapes I remembered, and didn’t feel too sad about losing them. After a week of grapes, I was a little tired of them.

The DDP is a little baffling. Soda doesn’t _go_ bad, why throw it away?

Then this afternoon I remembered the pudding. Oh, woe. They threw away my pudding! Dammit.

Still, there is no point in being angry at the faceless powers that render the fridge clean each Monday evening. They cannot know that that pudding was perfectly fresh, and _loved_ by somebody. I have learned my lesson.

I will label my pudding.

endangered durham

“endangered durham”:

an amazing blog sent to me by “joe”: (thanks, joe!)

i found it a little cynical, but the research and the photos of durham from the previous century more than make up for it. his point about the effect of churches on the urban landscape is particularly chilling.