BPAL: Midnight on the Midway and Gennivre, L’artiste du Diable

Part of the “Carnival Diabolique”:http://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/carnaval.html series. I did well enough on BPAL sales this summer that I was able to purchase the entire Carnival with my earnings– knowing full well that I’d be selling off plenty of it, just not sure which parts. And I have to say that it sure was cool to have them all show up in my mailbox, complete with little cards for each scent and all kinds of other extra goodies.

Sarah and I met today at the Broad Street Cafe so she could check them out, and we lined them all up on the table, each with its card, and I could feel the collector part of my personality twinge a little. But by the end of the afternoon I knew that some of them _have to go._ And probably a good bit of the rest of the BPAL collection does too. How many lifetimes of perfume does a girl really need? I don’t even wear that much, anyway.

Ooooooh-kay. Oh, by the way, I’m linking to the artwork for each scent for a reason. Go look at it. It’s great.

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yay rain!

yay rain yay rain yay rain

(mysterious one-time puddle on bedroom floor notwithstanding)

in other news, i finally admitted that i was sick and went to health care. all week i’ve sworn up and down that i had allergies. the nice man at health care pointed out that it’s not likely that i’d suddenly develop allergies after living 37 years in the same place.

sick twice in one month? me? unheard of. a parting gift from the big city, i guess. two pairs of fluevogs, a nice skirt, and a virus.