high efficiency model

sunday morning, we carefully avoided the kitchen full of dirty dishes.

we went out to breakfast.

after breakfast, j suggested that i buy that dishwasher i’ve been planning to get. “so i did.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/284133280/ it arrived this morning.

it’s a portable, just like both of my grandmothers had. it’s (pretty much) the first time i’ve had a dishwasher since i moved out of my mom’s house, about 18 years ago.

it’s… very novel. a big box of electricity and water is sitting in my house. i guess that’s not much different from a washing machine.

i have to say that it is nice not to have to hand wash that big stack o’ dishes. my back always hurts when i do a lot of dishes all at once, and there’s no place to dry them all.

anyway, this is an improvement in a lot of ways… i’ll gain some counter space, and of course dirty dishes can be stored in the washer rather than on the counter.

perhaps boring to some people but quite exciting to me 🙂

it’s better than that lame party we went to the one year i didn’t throw a party

this is really the reason i throw a halloween party every year. because one year i didn’t, and sarah and georg and i went to that guy’s lame party, and years later we’re still cracking up over how totally and completely lame that party was.

the stark overhead lighting, the way all food items had been embargoed to the chairless dining room, the squat woman who berated me for being insufficiently costumed, even the preposterous invitation which required one to click through twenty pointless screens before revealing the date and time of the party… yeah.

even if my party is me, georg and sarah sitting around my kitchen playing with eyeball wind-up toys and eating gingerbread, it’s a better party than that one.

besides, i’ve got all these eyeballs and stuff…

sarah came over tonight and helped me decorate which was pretty awesome, because having an enthusiastic helper makes it way more fun, and i’m much more likely to actually use the majority of my stuff.

it was also rather amusing to see how she was both horrified by yet compelled to inspect certain items, like the squishy eyeballs, and the zombie candle hand thing. you know, where you burn each of the fingers and they drip red wax like blood and there’s a fake skeleton underneath?

that was a good one.



1/3 C shortening

1/3 C water

1/3 C molasses

1/3 C sugar

1 egg

1 C flour

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Heat water and butter until butter is melted. Add molasses, sugar and egg; beat until sugar is dissolved. Sift dry ingredients and beat into wet.

Grease loaf pan, bake at 350 for 30-40min

note: IIRC Bunch of Pants found this recipe a little dry. Be conservative about the baking time, especially if you are using a pan that is wider than a loaf pan (which I usually do).


I made these tonight, for the party…

Crunchy Fudge Sandwiches

1 C (6oz) butterscotch chips

1/2 C peanut butter

4 C rice krispies

1 C chocolate chips

1/2 C sifted confectioners sugar

2 T butter

1 T water

Melt butterscotch chips and peanut butter over low heat in a large, heavy saucepan, stirring until blended. Add rice krispies. Press 1/2 of mixture in buttered 8×8″ square pan. Chill. Set remainder of mixture aside.

Melt remaining ingredients in a double boiler. Spread over chilled mixture. Allow to cool and top with remaining rice krispy mixture (re-heat slightly if necessary). Chill. Cut into small squares.


I am considering making a small pitcher of these, provided I can find creme de noyaux. I figure floating 151-proof rum on the top can be optional for those not wishing to become complete wasted, instantly.


1 oz light rum

3/4 oz creme de noyaux

1/2 oz triple sec

1 1/2 oz sour mix

1 1/2 – 2 oz orange juice

1 Tbsp. 151-proof rum

crushed ice

Blend until smooth; float 151-proof rum on top.



today i went to the farmer’s market to buy pumpkins, the most hideous gourds i could find, and this year, mums.

i actually tried to leave without visiting the seafood restaurant, but caved at the last moment. it’s “calabash style”, which means that if it’s not slaw, it’s fried. and probably someone somewhere has figured out how to fry slaw, too.

god, it was good. and it’s part of my yearly fall ritual.

this is perhaps the most ritualized time of year, for me. there are certain movies i like to watch, foods i like to eat, things i like to do.

parties i like to throw.

i like it.

tonight’s movie: hocus pocus. no, really…

perish of fits! perish of fits!

i’ve been neglecting the halloween content this month, sadly, so many thanks to the “house of dioxin”:http://www.mondomundo.net/ for the link to gashlycrumb tinies quiz. i am happy to report that my result was one of my top two favorite tinies, “perish of fits”. the other one being “died of ennui”.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself: “Things can work out even if I don’t get my way. Things can work out even….”
Take this quiz!

Can’t get enough Gorey? Check out the “Fantod”:http://spacepod.org/fantod/ for another ghastly prediction about your fate. This was a little mini-site that I found years ago. The original owner abandoned it and left it in a less than usable state; i nabbed the images and reconstructed it with corrections to make it usable. In other words, not my original work, but the person who did come up with it stole the images from gorey, anyway. guilt all around.


a very lovely weekend.

j. and the puppy came to visit this weekend. no real agenda except that i really wanted to go to the fair. “which we did.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/sets/72157594340640933/

this morning we made a luxurious breakfast (well, mostly I made it)…


…stewed apples with spices, hash browns with cheddar, sausage and coffee. perhaps a little too much on the stick-to-your-ribs side, but it sure was tasty.

then we went out to west point on the eno for a visit to the grist mill and a walk through the woods.

tonight i made dinner (it was all about the eating today, which was good because we didn’t do that well with the eating at the fair). i used whole wheat flour from the grist mill to make gingerbread for dessert and it was fantastic! i really liked the texture. i’m going to be having gingerbread cravings all week and i’ll definitely be making some for the party next weekend.

they’re gone now. i’m sad but the kitty is happy.

the good news

i took mo in today to follow up on his arthritis treatment and to get a urinalysis done to see if a very slightly off factor we saw a few months ago has gotten worse.

so for the arthritis the vet felt that we are not ready yet for the more heavy duty drugs with the potential for serious side effects. which is kind of frustrating in a way, but also kind of good.

and for the urinalysis, everything is exactly the same. his kidneys appear to be just fine and that one factor is not worse and is very low anyway. so all is good with the mo.

i also spoke with MFM. he did a more thorough road test of creampod than the dealership. his opinion is that this is not a straightforward case of the clutch plate being burned down. the car grabs too well and behaves like a car with a good clutch, except for too little play in the clutch and of course the smell.

he’s given me some ammunition to take back to the dealership and get the VWoA tech rep involved to have this investigated as a warranty issue. so i am going to give that a shot. this dovetails with what i suspected anyway, which is that there’s a deeper problem here. and if _that_ is covered under warranty– then VW owes me a clutch.

obviously the situation with the car is not ideal, and it’s a pain to have to fight with VW about the issue, but at least now i feel like i have a shot at not having to pay through the nose for this, and that makes me feel pretty good about things.

that and, you know, the fact that my cat isn’t dying of kidney disease. that makes me pretty happy too.