light dawns…

i drove in to work yesterday on auto-pilot after another four hour night. decided to make the best of it by visiting our health care center.

five minutes with the doc resulted in my chest being pronounced “pretty clear” and two scrips: narcotic cough syrup, and a z-pack, just in case things didn’t clear up in a couple of days, in which case i may have strayed out of viral territory and into bacterial (bronchitis, walking pneumonia, fun stuff like that).

i’m going to take this opportunity to note that _i really need to find a new pharmacy._ my experience yesteday was reminiscent of a driver’s license office, complete with grumpy, inarticulate personnel, being sent from line to line, and small children with runny noses wiping their hands on my pants. oh, and the lady with penumonia who kept standing in my personal space, making groaning sounds as she labored to breathe. i mean, poor lady, but back off, eh?

so after all that, when it came time for bed, i decided to try it without the chemical assistance, first. natural sleep is better than drugged, right? and i hadn’t had any drugs all day.

and it worked. i slept for something like eight hours and woke up this morning feeling close to normal. which means that shortly, i’ll be headed to virginia. yay!

a bright little iphone

due to a punishing work schedule today– punishing to someone who feels like she’s developing whooping cough, anyway– i remained only dimly aware that apple was announcing the “iphone”: today. so many thanks to “steph”: for a nice thorough blog entry on the iphone that i caught in my usual blog rounds this evening after work.

i haven’t been this excited about a piece of geek bling in many years. maybe not since the first ipods and ibooks. or the cube. the iphone looks like a very sweet and sexy piece of technology. the hardest part will be waiting… the six months until it first comes out, the month or three until all the initial flaws are sorted, and then however long until i can work up the desire to spend that kind of cash on a tiny little sliver of plastic and metal.

but… you know me. i’m _going_ to get one.

auto mechanics and little miss sunshine

i finally saw this movie the other night. i downloaded the soundtrack while the end credits were rolling, and i can’t stop listening to it. i loved the movie itself; the humor is dark, but not bleak, and in the end it’s sweet and heartwarming in a completely non-gross way.

but here’s a question for any car nerds who may be reading this: if a manual transmission vehicle– a vw bus, for instance– loses first and second, would you really need to be rolling to start it? i mean, you could start it, and you could probably get moving in third if you really tried. i know, because i couldn’t find first in my van when first got it, and i started in third several times.

i mean the whole device of having everyone push the van is great for the story and provides a very charming visual, but methinks the, er, physics of the situation is a little inaccurate.


like 99 squintillion other people, i think that january is a good time to improve my eating habits (among other things). i don’t usually make resolutions, so i haven’t resolved anything in particular. but this is a logical time to reduce after the excesses of december.

eating lots of fresh produce is key, of course.

i also want to reduce my footprint in another way: i want to eat more locally grown foods.

this is tricky.

i went to the grocery store today with local in mind. fortunately, we’ve got a store that labels the origins of all the fresh foods (or most of them). i wanted snow peas for a stir-fry and for salad, but they were from peru so i didn’t get them. i found local hydroponic lettuce and compromised on a carrot and a cucumber from california. did you know that a lot of mushrooms come from pennsylvania? and from oregon.

sigh. i’m a spoiled, modern westerner. not only do i have enough to eat, my biggest problem is choosing things that are good for me and for the environment.

yeah, i’ll go cry into my soba noodle stir-fry.

it’s a beautiful day to sell off huge parts of my BPAL collection

it’s a lovely day. i unexpectedly find myself free, and i have no problem taking it easy, since i’ve been sick all week, it is a lovely day. maybe later i will take the convertible for a spin.

anyway. so i have all of this perfume from “Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.”: well, not perfume exactly, but essential oil perfume blends.

i have too much– i’m a very light BPAL user. essential oils are volatile and eventually, they will fade away.

so i’ve decided to decant from my favorite bottles. the things i want to keep, but don’t need a whole 5ml bottle of.

i’ve posted these to the forums, and am also cross-posting here.

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death march of the damned

ok, that’s a little dramatic. i woke myself up this morning coughing and felt like total crap. j has been having horrible back problems all week that are still ongoing. i was supposed to go visit him but we decided to postpone until next week.

i’m kind of worried about him and i wish i could just pop over there and help him. if i weren’t also sick i’d probably still go up there.

even though i shouldn’t be contagious any more, i would be mortified if i gave him my cold, because coughing and sneezing are intensely painful for him right now.

this is one of those times when the distance thing is not so good.

weather trending

a weather chart:

today’s balmy weather– 70 degrees and humid when i came home– inspired me to curiosity. is this a normal weather trend or a result of global warming? if i inspected the high temp on this day for every year of my life, would i see a neat and obvious trend toward higher temperatures?

as you can see– more clearly if you click through– this isn’t the case. it’s not unprecendented for us to enjoy a temperature of 70 or greater on january 5th, here in central north carolina.

i guess this wasn’t very scientific. i could look at the mean temperature for january for the last thirty-um years, but it’s a manual process and i don’t feel like it.

i guess the lesson here, though, is that although the global warming situation is clearly dire, warm weather in january isn’t necessarily a problem.

free of the tyranny of the pager

my final day of oncall duty commenced 50 minutes ago. for something close to a decade i’ve been part of the intranet oncall rotation. usually it’s not too onerous of a duty, although for the last year it has certainly made it challenging to see my long-distance boyfriend once every two weeks.

i imagine it will pass without fanfare. it will mean that i make less this year than last year, or maybe break even if i get a raise and/or bonus, but it will also mean a little bit of freedom, which is good. my weekends are entirely my own.

i have also decided to start taking the morning off after returning from virginia. i always carry over vacation, and at most it’s six vacation days, six days i probably wouldn’t use anyway. probably a lot less. why not make things a little saner? give myself a few more daylight hours at home? let the goodbye linger and not worry about it?

and i went for a walk this morning even though it meant i was late. because i’d rather walk and be late on a day when no one is going to miss me than keep skipping the walk.


yes. i realize i am quite boring.