Moses helped

My favorite photo of the weekend:


I didn’t see the gnome-tipping incident happen. I just looked over, the gnome was somehow, mysteriously, laying on his little plastic side, and moses was intently progressing away from the scene of the “crime”.

the dark people have left my land

farmer girl, 2007. the fine weather and lack of injury, illness, and other (more pleasant) distractions this weekend was duly taken advantage of.

mowing, tilling (by hand), clearing branches and logs, planting caladium rhizomes, cleaning up the shade bed, and sowing cool weather seeds – spinach and salad – were all accomplished.

saturday was hard work day, sunday was a peaceful day, with work, yes, but more quiet. sunday i cooked up big batches of food, veggie marinara, roasted root vegetables, and rosemary pork loin. then in the evening i baked apple bread. i cleaned all the freezer burnt crap out of the freezer and stocked it neatly with small, clearly labeled packages of the things i’d made.

with care, i could live easily for a month on the food i have in the house now. i still have many fresh vegetables that need to be made into things and frozen, but that will have to wait until Pi day is over, because i’ve decided to try my hand at making pie from scratch. tomorrow evening will be occupied with the rolling, fitting, filling, and baking of this pie.

oh. the title of my post. while i was turning the soil in my herb and vegetable garden, i saw no earthworms. not one. it was quite disturbing. one wonders if there’s something amiss in that bed. i did transfer a couple of wigglers from the shade bed (where they seem very happy) into the main garden.

today i celebrated having usable daylight after work by mulching the big beds in the back yard. i have to say that i’m glad they moved the time change up. i like having light in the evening.

it’s supposed to be nearly 80 tomorrow. this is why i own a convertible.

the kitty who turned into a pea

this occurred to me this morning when moses curled up into a perfect ball next to me.

there once was a kitty

who turned into a pea

so he could go

walking around with me

he curled into a ball

and then he turned smooth

and then he turned green

and then very small

my little pea-kitty!

i put him in my pocket

we went to the store

we went to the sea

we rode on the train

under the city

and when we came home

he was still with me

i put him on the bed

and he grew big, and brown

and quite furry

he said to me: Maiow!

and we talked of the day

the store, the sea and the city.

the Very Crowded Bistro

i kind of have the use of my finger again. it’s not healed but i started using one of those really teeny little bandaids instead of a big one, and somehow this translates into being able to type normally again.


last weekend was the weekend of walkable bistros. friday night j and i walked to a place near his house, a small place but comfortable (except for the bar). the food was a little disappointing but the atmosphere was nice.

saturday night we had a late-ish reservation at a place that just opened in an old diner across the street from J’s house. we walked in and the place was both incredibly tiny and incredibly jammed. every table, every seat at the bar was taken. a waiter took our names and we sat on a little bench to wait.

then in came the ass people. the large group of people who all tried to stand in the tiny available space in front of our little bench. it was like the reverse of a clown car. first two women came in. then two more people. no, three. no, here comes four. five. jesus. and they were all these well-dressed, shallow yuppie types.

the women with their asses closest to my face were talking about an exercise class. i remember one of them saying, _i hear the downward dog is really good._ heh.

so about thirty minutes after our reservation time, we finally get a chance to grab seats at the bar and they give us a beer on the house. as we’re contemplating a second beer, they tell us our table is ready and proceed to show us to the worst table in the house.

yes, even in the world’s tiniest fancy restaurant, there’s a bad table, and it’s a doozy. it’s dead in the middle of the single row of tables, it’s about five inches away from the table next to it, and that five inch space is occupied by a metal pole.

at the table on the other side of the pole was an oddly mis-matched couple. J later diagnosed them as being on an internet date, and i was inclined to agree. the man looked exactly like steven spielberg and was dressed quite badly. the woman was very fit, and tan, and was wearing a clingy tiger-print dress that revealed an amount of her impressive cleavage that some might consider excessive. for instance, the person sitting next to her might feel endlessley confronted by the excess of her bosoms.

i spotted a much nicer table being cleared and asked if we could sit there. as we sat happily at the better table J said _good work, girlfriend._

then we saw them seat a big, big guy at the pole table. a guy J said he recognized. we looked him up later; he’s on the local city council. i realized we’d displaced this man whom all the staff had recognized. i felt a little bad, but then he and his preppy companion struck up a conversation with the young women sitting between them and us (not the breast lady, who was quite enthralled with her conversation with steven spielberg), and they seemed to be quite content.

so the food was actually _amazing._ probably the best restaurant meal we’ve had together. we started with their version of shrimp and grits– the grits were made with chorizo, and the shrimp were just really good. J had beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus (i think), which doesn’t sound as special as it was. i had flank steak with risotto which also doesn’t sound as special as it was. and then we shared a piece of macadamia cheesecake.

we stayed for a long time, and made snarky comments about everyone there, and left very happy.

spring cleaning

bq. oop, i wrote this but never posted it…

i don’t know why, but getting my teeth cleaned today was a completely miserable experience. there was really nothing different about it; no cavities, no fresh tortures. just the same old ones.


spring won’t be here officially for another two weeks, but i really feel like _spring cleaning._ the house, the garden, the cars… i want to get a lot done. i’ve even started pondering the possibility of using more of my (largely untapped) home equity line for more substantial improvements to the house.

asceticism update

that’s… a joke. this diet is anything but ascetic, really.

i’m still frequently hungry, but after i learned to get a balance of macronutrients in each meal, and spread the points out more evenly, the painful hunger was gone. for the most part, it’s tolerable and doesn’t really bother me.

last week i saved up all my “splurge points” and then took J out to dinner at the angus barn saturday night. i had so many points that i could consume that night that i thought there was no way i could eat them all in one sitting. well, in part due to being seated a half hour after our already late reservation, and in part due to the angus barn being what it is, i proved myself wrong. oop.

anyway, learning experience. don’t try to eat all the weekly points in one night, and be at least a _little_ strategic when dining out.

this week i made the interesting discovery that i can have my favorite jesus chicken meal at lunch and still have enough points for a reasonable dinner. however, i’m not likely to meet the guidelines for veggies and fruits for the day if i do. i’m not sure how i feel about this. can i really lose weight eating that stuff? and even if i can– is it really a good idea? probably not. that means it’s something i shouldn’t do often, and it will simply take self-control to avoid it.

anyway, i have lost some weight, and it is all i hoped it would be in terms of flexibility. i love that i can eat cereal and pasta and bread on this diet. i eat a lot less meat and don’t really miss it. i am much more acutely conscious of saturated fats than i used to be.

my plan to start swimming is on hold until my finger no longer needs a bandage. next week i have _got_ to work on getting up earlier in the mornings so i can exercise. that will be a job of work.

oh, and tonight for dinner i had a grilled cheese sandwich and chicken noodle soup. it was a happy rainy night meal.