it begs the question

i’ve been happily divesting myself of posessions. today i actually _sold_ a pair of _shoes._ shoes i liked, even! i felt a few pangs of regret as the buyer literally danced around in them and exclaimed over their cuteness, but you know, i have other shoes. and now i also have $20.

i was ecstatic to discover that the local goodwill is open until 8:30pm on weekdays now. i carted a hatch-full of stuff over there this evening and have another hatch-full ready to go tomorrow.

but as i work my way through things i no longer want or need, there’s one item that confounds me.

what does one do with a 5’x5′ paper maiche tiki head?

i guess i’ll tear it apart and try to recycle the cardboard frame.

spacepod’s day

i had planned to attack the basement today, but decided instead to continue work on spacepod.

he’s got a new shift boot and knob now, courtesy of J. it was a gift, a very thoughtful one. he noticed that the original boot was worn, got spacepod’s VIN once when i wasn’t around, and ordered it from his local vw dealer, all as a surprise.

i removed parts of the interior so i could access a clogged sunroof drain and with repeated snaking out, flushing with water and with canned air, i believe i unclogged it. the crap inside the drain smelled like dog shit. seriously.

i organized all of his jumper cables and whatnot into a tote.

i took him to the spa for a nice bath and vacuuming.

i think i’ve decided i’m going to replace the windshield. in addition to the zillions of tiny specs of… something… that have been cemented to it for years, it’s also distincly sandblasted, has a bullseye, and the UV film needs to be taken off, which would cost money. i think i might as well replace it.

there are still many issues to be resolved. i mean, it wouldn’t be a trip to roswell if spacepod didn’t go to the body shop and get all fussed over, right?

still to do…

panzer plate to replace the useless stock engine shield that has been torn off (again).

body shop to deal with peeling paint, cracked foglight lens, broken door handle

removal of all vinyl on the sides, and replacement of the big symbol (but not the biodiesel lettering)

polishing with zaino polish for scratched paint.

replacement of scratched dash plates.

and ideally– a lift kit.

the one endangered durham entry you must read

if you don’t like having old houses and other historic structures being torn down by the city, you should strongly consider at least reading this entry, and even better, going to the city council meeting on tuesday, may 1st at 6pm.

“endangered durham is more persuasive than i am.”:

will i go to the meeting? i hope so? i should, but i very rarely do anything scheduled at 6pm on a weeknight due to my work schedule.

paper cd labels are BAD.

*Q: How long before lisa finally decides to fix that pesky cd changer?*

a while back a friend gave me a cd from his band and admonished me to listen to it. even though i knew i didn’t really like his band that much, i put it in spacepod’s cd changer to give it a fair listen, because he was a friend.

i haven’t been able to use my cd changer since that day.


*A: about two years.*

Tonight I completely disassembled spacepod’s cd changer and removed the offending cd. it took about an hour and was a completely tedious pain in the ass, which is why i waited so long to do it. but it seems to have worked– i re-assembled it, put it back in the car, and tried a few cd’s. they played fine while sitting in the driveway, although the real test will be if they skip while driving. the little springs and whatnot that act as shock absorbers within the cd changer case were the trickiest bits to get back together.

i feel proud of myself, and sitting in spacepod listening to music made him suddenly feel less like the second-class beater in the driveway and more like the luxury-mobile he was when i first got him.

crazy wind

i did wind up with a “weird tree situation in my back yard”: as a result of the wind, but “unlike some folks”: i’m not that sad to see this tree go. the ice storm killed it several years ago, but of course the owner of the property next to mine doesn’t maintain much of anything over there, so it was never taken down. until now.

don’t have to tell me twice

well, ok, maybe twice, but _no more._

4:30pm, i walk outside with co-worker C. so he can transfer my “reel to reel”: from my car to his. note that the weather is drop-dead, stunningly north carolina gorgeous– the blue sky we’re famous for, perfect temperature, humidity, light breezes, a total lack of stinging insects divebombing one, etc. this occurs like twice a year here. i ruminate on what a pity it is that i am supposed to work for another hour and a half.

5:15pm, while diligently testing some new code, i realize my connection to the network is horked, and reboot. this strategy fails because the real problem is that my account is locked. only the help desk can get me out of this pickle, so i call them. _see how good i am being? i am totally trying to continue to work!_ i get put on hold. the hold music lulls me into… well, boredom, and i contemplate that perhaps i am being _sent a message_ by the universe. the nice hold lady comes on and asks me, in her automated fashion, if i wish to continue holding. i swear, i did push 1 to continue holding but realize that i’d be a fool to stay on the line if she came on again. i start rooting for her to re-appear in my ear. she does! I hang up! I leave! I put the top down on the convertible and speed home for an early supper of chips, hummus, and salsa.

i shall now mow the lawn and do many other things to prepare for a weekend of excitement in _another state._