netflix has a new feature: “watch instantly”. sounds cool, i thought i’d try it.

not so much:

Your computer’s operating system is not compatible with instant viewing.

Try again from a computer running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista.

ok, so where’s the big button that lets me complain? because I HAVE A MAC.

best boyfriend evar

at j’s insistence, this weekend we started attacking the nightmare that is my basement.

i explained the literary meaning of “albatross” in the process, because i needed to use the word to describe my relationship to the basement.

so, we made a dent, one corner is cleaner, much was thrown away, and the dryer finally has a new exhaust duct.

The Graduate

I woke up at 5am (an hour earlier than I intended).

We arrived on campus at 8am, too late to get good seats.

We left at 1:30pm after hearing the names of over a thousand people read out loud, plus two prayers, an amusing speech by New York Times columnist David Brooks, and assorted other information.

thumbs up!

“Well, mom,” I said, “You’ve finally produced a college graduate.”

Click the thumbs up photo to see more pictures.

a good moses day

earlier this week my vet changed moses’ insulin dosage, bumping it up quite a bit based on some blood glucose testing.

well, it was too much, too fast. the change in moses was immediately obvious the next day– he was listless, slept probably 22-23 hours (i watch him on a webcam during the day), and would eat for only a few moments at a time.

so we bumped it back down, and then yesterday i completely fouled up his dosing schedule, resulting in skipping his night time dose so i could give him an on-schedule dose this morning so my cat sitters tonight and tomorrow aren’t having to come over at 2am to take care of him.

i felt horrible guilt about skipping a dose even though i knew it was the logical thing to do– but much to my surprise it did him a world of good! he’s completely back to himself today, even came and woke me up this morning.

i can tell he feels good today and he seems happy. yay! i like it when my kitty has a good day, and this makes me feel a lot better about going out of town tonight.

the best of all possible beds

i must take a moment to exclaim upon the new bed that J has installed in the now-liveable but not yet complete master suite.

his house has a walk-up attic space which had a bathroom, finished walls and ceiling, and plywood subfloor when he moved in. the previous owner had been using this as her master suite, complete with nails and dirt and splinters on the plywood subfloor. a sort of janky sound system had been installed– two bookshelf speakers shoved into unfinished holes in the ceiling and a big plastic volume knob on the wall. and there are “i don’t want to know” drips down one wall.

well, the big project up there was the floor. and it is beautiful. J installed (himself!) a gorgeous hardwood floor. i helped a little during the finishing stage. after the floor was ready he was ready to start using it as his bedroom.

the last time i was up there, we went to a furniture store and he showed me the bed he’d chosen (padded leather headboard, nice), and i helped him decide on a new mattress.

the bed and mattress have since been delivered and he has outfitted it with all new linens, pillows, and etc.

oh my.

you know those nice hotels that have the really, really, really comfortable beds? the kind of bed you sort of sink into, but still it supports you perfectly?

that’s what this bed is like. it’s the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house. with the light wood floor, pale walls, and sun coming in through the dormer windows, the upstairs is a most pleasant space. i worked there on friday, and it just became Command Central. we had both kitteh and puppeh up there while we surfed the web on wireless laptops and read and stuff.

my bed seems all small and hard and mean now 🙁