Travel along with spacegrrl and spacepod!

Starting Saturday, June 23rd, J and I will be driving to Indianapolis, Chicago, then along historic Route 66 to Roswell New Mexico, where we’ll attend the annual Roswell2k New Beetle convention. Along the way we’ll be picking up other bugs also traveling to Roswell.

I’ll be running a live web cam in the car during our travel times and at various times while we’re on site in Roswell. I’ll post travelogues and photos daily (internet access permitting).

Want to follow along? Visit All Pods Go To Roswell.

learning to love the link

so, the exasperating audio link and i have been getting along a little better today.

i don’t have to turn off the CAR to switch between the link and the cd changer; i just have to turn off the radio. that’s cool. that’s ok.

it is possible to use the ipod’s UI instead of the dension UI. what i’ve been doing is selecting the playlist and song i want before putting the ipod in the cradle, and the link just picks it up and starts playing.

not having to manage power cables for the ipod and an fm transmitter is a big bonus– the link taps into the car’s power system and charges the ipod.

a couple of trips to the big blue hardware store helped matters a great deal. heavy duty velcro and some industrial looking zinc and rubber clamps were key items. i can bolt the ipod cradle and xm radio receiver to the clamps and clip them to the grab bar in front of the passenger seat. looks pretty cool and they’re easily removable.

right now i’m waiting for the XM radio to pick up my new subscription. it plugs right into the link, too.

finally, i tried out the Tom Tom one GPS today. the device itself seems great, but the darn suction cup mount pops off the dash every five minutes! one more thing to work on.

anyway, tomorrow will be hectic– lots of errands, spacepod gets his new tats, laundry, getting the house tidied up and packing, lots of odds and ends.

not sure how present i’ll be on my blog/livejournal over the next week or so. i’ll post an entry with the url to my travel site for anyone who wants to follow along.

not optimal

actually, that’s an understatement. i am most displeased.

i ordered a dension icelink gateway 400 for the ‘pod. this magickal device is supposed to let you connect your ipod and other devices, continue to use your cd changer, charge the ipod, and do all this fancy stuff.


i let the guy talk me into the one that plugs into the back of the radio instead of the one that plugs into the cd changer in the hatch. mistake.

i removed the radio and the glovebox trying to see if i could get the device into the glovebox. no dice, i couldn’t see a way to do it without cutting a hole in the glovebox, wasn’t sure there was enough cable to reach anyway, and i don’t have the right tools to cut that hole.

hell of a time getting the glovebox back in, and when i finally shone sufficient light on the subject (note to self, get a BATTERY POWERED work light) i was devastated to see that i had scratched up spacepod’s dash really badly. my poor baby. like the rust and the mildew aren’t enough (and i got an eyeful of those when i was looking inside the dash).

i ran the cables down below the dash. the link device doesn’t connect solidly. i don’t know where i’ll put the ipod cradle, really.

sigh. ok, so i get the dash all put back together and it works and stuff but it’s really weird the way it works. the user guide is less than helpful. the UI is crazy and it takes over and forces you to use it’s UI instead of the awesome ipod UI that is easy to use and i already know how to use it.

and the cherry on the ass cake is that apparently you have to turn the car off and back on to switch to the cd changer. um, i don’t think so!


on the up side, after i finished up with all of this, i came inside to mail from J wherein he listed out the many tempting and delicious foods he is bringing for us to have on the road. yaaaay!


so, apparently the motels we’re staying at don’t have high speed internet access. just dialup.


i’ll just bite the hand that feeds me, instead

so last night before sleeping i had a heart to heart talk with moses about this whole standing on my head at 6am thing.

i think he listened. he didn’t stand on my head, and he didn’t wake me up at 6am.

instead he bit my hand at 7am. then he started making for my head but i blocked him with a pillow, and we laid there in a detante for the next 40 minutes, until i deemed it time to rise.

i guess the acupuncture is really working, because he just jumped down from the sofa instead of using the moses steps to get down. of course, he’s going to pay for that, he immediately started limping afterward, but i haven’t seen him just jump down like that in a really long time.

in non-moses news, today a slew of electronics shall arrive at my house and i get to try to install an ipod hookup in the spacepod, amongst other things. should be interesting.

my cat obviously feels better

because he’s started sitting on my head every morning at 6am. it’s just his little way of saying, “you shouldn’t be in REM sleep, you should be walking out to the kitchen with me JUST IN CASE there’s no food in my bowl.”

i always get up and shuffle to the kitchen with him. there’s always food in his bowl. he’s like, “ooh, food! i shall eat this!”

sigh. my cat.

it’s also really weird for him to weigh less. after having had a fat kitty for so many years– he topped out at 21 lbs a few years ago, and has been holding steady around 17 for the last year or so– it’s like he’s shrinking before my very eyes. he has all this ground clearance now. i am sure people meeting him for the first time will still say, “wow, that’s a BIG CAT!” because he’s not just overweight, he’s tall and long and very sturdy, but to me he’s getting kind of little.

it’s good for his health of course. but i kind of miss the squishyness.

good kitty news

the more-accurate fructosamine test that moses got this week showed that we have stabilized his blood sugar at a level of insulin that was lower than my vet predicted he’d need. in fact, it’s a little on the low side but we now it can skyrocket when he’s stressed so better, i guess, for it to be slightly low most of the time.

i haven’t weighed him lately but i am pretty sure his weight is coming down.

the only worry now is the fact that he sounds congested all the time. his lungs sounded perfectly clear several weeks ago when i first mentioned his weird breathing noises to the vet; today on the phone i told the doc that it has morphed into a constant sound of stuffy nose, so he’s going to take a quick look at him today and possibly treat it as an infection.

anyway, the good news about the diabetes makes me feel better about leaving him while i go on vacation.

a tiny light shines; vogs on display

i removed mt-blacklist and comments started working, magically, on the new blog.

meanwhile i am proceeding to back up the laptop to dvd which is hampered by the drive being close to full. i’ve got the cube connected via firewire; it suddenly won’t boot after the external hard drive fiasco, but it booted to target disk mode without complaint, disk utility was able to mount the disk but claims it, too is now damaged and can’t be fixed. nevertheless, i can drag files to it while it’s in target disk mode, which is all i need, just a little place to put a few things while i do the big backup.


last night m and i went to firefly to check out the vintage fluevog display she has going on. the place was deserted (sigh) and i had a nice chat with the owner about how her business has gone downhill and she’s not sure if she’ll move or just close up shop altogether.

m and i encouraged her to move to durham and suggested the old macdonald’s drug store on 9th street; lots of foot traffic, well-heeled duke students nearby, and the drug store is quite original, with soda fountain, so it would make a very cute boutique. she seemed to perk up a bit at the idea.

there were a few choice examples on display, older ‘vogs i’d seen pictures of but had never seen in person. i was sad, though, that she had no lifoffs! otherwise known as “the spacegirl shoes”, i have two pairs and an amusing anecdote behind them, which i related to her. so today i brought her a few things to add to the display; the liftoffs, the pointy witchy shoes, and the pink nuns. the pink nuns aren’t old enough to be vintage but they were a limited edition and most people would never have seen them. i don’t think she had; she flipped out over them. they also add some much-needed color to the display.

oh, and i have been asked more than once recently how many fluevogs i have. i decided to count today, and i will confess for all the internets to hear, that i have twenty pair. i am no carrie bradshaw; i have not spent $20,000 on shoes. not even close.

the computerez, they hates me

decide to consider upgrading to MT 3.3

realize i need to back up current MT database

can’t remember password

get distracted; decide to reboot computer before getting in too deep into something

get a disk error when trying to save a file

quietly freak out

reboot, apply security patch

decide to back up computer

try to get external hard drive to mount, it won’t

causes computer to crash, reboot

install drivers, reboot

install updated drivers, reboot

still won’t mount; run disk utility

external backup drive is corrupted and cannot be repaired

decide to try backing up by email zipped archives of things to underutilized gmail account

zip things

try to email three zips; mail crashes

try to email one zip; mail crashes

decide to back up to DVD

currently making more zips for the backup

now, wait. what was i trying to do? get comments working on the new allpods site? oh right. yeah. uh.