way behind the times

i haven’t upgraded any software, even my OS, in so long that it’s biting me in the ass now that i’m trying to get the new allpods site set up.

comments don’t work -> looked like it was one problem -> fixing that problem involved re-ftp-ing a file in my MT install -> that version of MT no longer available -> help no longer available for my ftp client -> finally found the option to upload as binary -> problem fixed but comments are not -> hey, maybe it’s mt-blacklist -> mt-blacklist no longer exists and the entire support forum has been taken down -> fiddle with mt-blacklist plugin without guidance -> comments still don’t work.

sarah suggested upgrading my MT install which is so the last thing i want to have to do a week out from roswell! but having comments on the blog is really important to me, and i may have to.

post roswell, i am upgrading. everything. hell, i might even get a new computer.

webcam fully functional. spacegrrl not functional.

the webcam code is all functional for 2007. thank you, self of the past for writing such thorough code. thank you, co-pilot of the past for writing image resizing shell script which works awesomely.

blog/website largely functional except for fucking comment script fails every time. same comment script as all my other blogs use successfully. only error returned is 500 internal server apache error which tells one nothing. host tech support useless in answering simple question, “is there an error log?” i guess that would be no.

so i need help with debugging. the problem must lie in my blog config or templates. next easy step is to replace the template with a known good template. my ability to debug perl is limited.

road trip mix can be called done. web cam enclosure requires some modification which i will tend to tomorrow if i can. right now i’m thinking beer, tv, and sleep.

i’ll get right on that

i leave for “roswell”:http://roswell2k.org/ in a week and a half and wow, i am so not ready!

i’m finally feeling the pressure. the pressure takes this weird form where i imagine other people critisizing me for forgetting some ridiculous detail, like not getting a spare headlight from the auto parts store before leaving, or having less than flawless usability on “the web site.”:http://allpodsgotoroswell.net/

it becomes more difficult to separate the true high priorities (“get more insulin for the cat”) from the things i merely want to get done before leaving (“make the perfect road trip mix”).

i stayed up too late last night and got up extra early this morning so i could take the cat for… er. acupuncture. yes, my cat gets acupuncture treatments for his arthritis. it seems absurd, but after caring for him for sixteen or seventeen years, i feel compelled to make his life more comfortable if i can. and it seems to be helping him; the third treatment was today, and the effects after the treatment are immediate. he stops limping for several days.

i’m using the customizable google home page really heavily now. i’ve got two separate to-do list widgets, both crammed full. my google calendar is loaded with little green and blue boxes. and i SO love the little theme i applied; a frog and a ladybug frolic all day on my home page. in the morning when i get up, their little animated sun is rising and they are drinking coffee and eating donuts. later when i get to work, they’re practicing martial arts. throughout the day they slide on a water slide and… hm, you know, i don’t know if they ever have lunch? anyway, at night their sun goes down, the whole page changes color, and they roast marshmallows over a fire and tell scary stories.

i love it.

where was i? oh yes. loads to do. miles to go. so tired. wish i had an iphone. must complete construction of weatherproof isight enclosure which J masterminded. i’ll post deets later, but it involved a trip to a harley davidson dealership and a trip to J’s favorite big box home improvement store, and it’s going to look pretty sharp because he is the awesomest and he is totally going with me to roswell yay!

more ‘old is good’

i had this crazy impulse yesterday to work on the back bedroom, aka, where clutter goes to die in my house. randomly, i attacked the cassettes. yes, magnetic media. analog. no random access permitted. fragile, erasable artifacts from my youth. like everyone else, i have a lot of them and don’t quite know what to do with them.

but you know, my car has a cassette player. this was a dated piece of equipment seven years ago when i bought the car, though i used it to listen to my ipod for quite a while.

so yes. this afternoon on the way home, i listened to led zeppelin on cassette in my volkswagen beetle.

old and new are both good

new is good

Today spacepod got a new windshield. It’s quite refreshing to see clearly, again.

invisible windshield!

i also joined twitter; maybe it could be useful in some way for roswell. like during the caravan, it could be a way to put quick updates on the web site for where we are and what we’re doing. although, last time we just used captions on the webcam photos for that so i dunno.

old is good

oh my god, it’s a De Lorean!

truck, truck, truck...  delorean!

Sadly, I did not get to see its gull wings open.

marjoram honey and other idyllic thoughts

“photos of a lovely day in june”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/sets/72157600301373563/

observed while watering new plants: honey bee unable to tear itself away from the tiny white blossoms on my gigantic marjoram plant.

a pair of robins. i’ve been seeing them around, you know? i think they’re living in my yard this summer. the female is very bold. well, i guess it’s the female. she has a rusty breast, not bright red.

a white butterfly.


feline locomotion study:

the very high bed

click through for notes.

way number 367 how i am a bad person (and grammarian)

my neighbors, who used to be THE YELLING FAMILY have been pretty quiet lately.

however, today the two heads of the household decided to have an argument outside within easy earshot of, say, a person who had been innocently puttering in their back yard and watering their shrubs just prior to the argument breaking out.

i felt self-conscious going out to move the hose from one shrub to another because of how that put me within mere feet of this conversation that perhaps should have been more private.

anyway, my primary thought, besides _gee i feel kind of weird about this situation_ was _oh my god, please let this somehow lead to them moving out!_

horrible, yes. but that’s really all i could think.


you know, when the first set of instructions for a wireless product are to “plug it into a power outlet”…

it’s not really wireless.

i’m cranking on some creative ideas for the spacepod cam today. i said i’d keep it simple, just do what i did last time, and not make it a big project but…

i can never resist.