and on a lighter note, witchy shoes!

it’s the time of year when people start putting their witchy fleuvogs up on ebay.

there are two eye-catching auctions right now…

these are in my size, but i am sure they will go for more than i want to spend right now:


these are not even remotely my size, but they are _so_ cool:


but i’m really hoping that someone will post a pair in this family (i lost an auction for a pair of flats in this family, and i still regret it, years later):


peel the bandaid off slowly

last night i went out and read parts of “”: it’s a great site and i’m happy to give her more google juice with this link, but it was also overwhelming and upsetting.

i don’t want either of the friends who sent me the url to feel bad about doing so, because ultimately the information on that site will allow me to better help him, and that’s what really matters.

a lot of feline detail to follow, probably not of interest to everyone, or possibly upsetting to some.

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world of BEEP

the beeping continues on into the night. yes, they are out there excavating with a backhoe (?) at 9:30pm. i checked.

the person running the backhoe must either be the owner or a close relative to put in these kinds of hours.


in other news, the pendulum swings now toward selling the convertible right away, for the greatest bang for my financial buck (so to speak), getting the van running, and getting it painted at maaco so it can live in my driveway rather than in a rental space. and also so i can go camping in it this fall with the boy and the dog.


i am watching a terrible tv movie that’s a testament to the fact that good actors cannot save a bad script, direction, and a low budget. it’s called “the worst witch”, and the combined talents of fairuza balk, diana rigg, and tim curry cannot save it. tim curry hasn’t shown up yet, which is just criminal– if you have tim curry, by god, use him!

i can’t stop watching. yet.

beep beep beep beep beep

it looks like someone bought the rental unit on the corner, catty-corner from me. i noticed that the new folks going in and out of the place were a _lot_ friendlier than previous residents– hopefully that means they’re going to reside there. the house has always been one of the more disappointing on the block so it could use some enthusiastic new people living there.

and enthusiastic they are, it would seem. friday while i was home, there was this incessant beeping sound that i couldn’t pinpoint. finally, i went out the front door, and realized it was coming from their yard, where a piece of very large machinery was digging up the yard.

the beeping went on all day saturday (gaaaaah!) and continued this morning and this evening until it was pretty much dark. i also saw a truck from a waterproofing company pull up this morning. so i’m guessing there’s grading, waterproofing and landscaping going on.


i stayed home alone with mo this weekend and i have to admit, i started feeling pretty down. the highlight was going to see mm, who is stuck at home after knee surgery, and playing Clue. she’s sick of tv by now so i figured a board game would be a welcome diversion.

today sarah came over right after work and we gave mo his fluids. i don’t know if it was seeing sarah, or being home, or just doing something to help mo, but my mood finally lifted and after she left, i really felt like _doing_ something.

i decided to see if i could cut back the marjoram. earlier in the season, my well-established marjoram plant put forth a ton of flowers. at first, it was mostly honeybees that visited and that was pretty cool. but more recently, there have been a lot of wasps and hornets loving on the marjoram, plus the flower stalks had grown so long that they were hanging off the raised bed and on the ground and all over some other plants. it was really an unpleasant mess, and i had to water the rest of the garden rather warily, afraid i might piss off the stingers.

well, it turns out that it’s true that wasps return home in the evening, something i had heard but never put to the test. the marjoram plant was completely free of any insects, and sunset was only just starting. i pruned the marjoram back and put the flower stalks on the compost pile.

and then i decided, what the hell? and i mowed the grass. it wasn’t that hot, and the skeeters weren’t out yet, and it really needed it.

after that, i felt a lot better.


i’ve started giving serious thought to selling the westy. it has now been “over a year”: since i last worked on it. it’s hanging over me, going camping in it seems like a faraway dream, and i could use the money.

of course, it’s not as simple as just selling it because it’s mostly bare metal. and, as always with this project, i’m overcome with indecision. take it to maaco just to get a finish on it? make one last push to get the paint off and put the clear coating on it as i planned, then sell it? try to sell it as-is?

i’m also thinking about selling the convertible, which is a much simpler proposition. the idea of getting the money i’d get for both of them, plus also getting rid of two monthly fees (the car payment on the convertible, and the rent on the garage) is really appealing right now.

it dovetails with everything i’ve been reading lately about being organized, being rid of clutter, and not letting your stuff own you. and truth be told, if i really wanted to go camping in a camper with the boy and the puppy, a newer or at least more reliable vanagon or eurovan would be a better setup, probably.

well, i don’t know what i’m going to do, really, but it’s definitely been on my mind.


as for mo, he’s still doing pretty good. if things stay the same all week, i’m going to take him up to virginia with me this weekend.

in fact, he’s giving himself the most complete wash i think i’ve seen him have in years. he’s really gotten into washing again lately, i’m not sure why, but it’s nice. his fur is so nice again, and it’s just good to see him take care of himself again.

not what we hoped for.

although moses is doing better in a lot of ways, the blood work still indicates that this is a case of chronic kidney failure. getting him to eat and doing the fluids helps a lot of the numbers, but the number that really indicates how the kidneys are functioning has not really improved the way it would have if this was acute failure due to a drug he was on.

so i will continue to manage the situation as best as possible with care at home and who knows how much longer he will be with me. days, weeks, months, there is no way to know.

welcome to my crap pile

An overview of the pile

interesting items found in the crap pile tonight:

a vintage dictating machine that has never worked…

vintage dictation machine

a “solid state” tape recorder that defies any current definition of the term “solid state”…

a portable tape recorder

do you want an inflatable black widow spider?

The inflatable black widow spider

a bell that makes a beautiful sound, which i shall keep…

a bell

it’s official…

…i am hopeful. there are little things every day that tell me that moses is getting better. his appetite never falters, and he pretty much acts like his normal self.

d & s came over tonight to help me administer fluids. he’s a lot stronger than he was on saturday, he nearly got away from me, and i had to keep him scruffed the entire time. it was fortunate that we had three people because d. was able to keep him scruffed while i got the needle in and s. handled the flow device.

i have done some reading, and it is actually plausible that he has acute, reversible renal failure caused by an antibiotic that he was on. the vet has mentioned this twice as a possibility, i just didn’t think it was a serious one until this week, because he couldn’t find any reports of this particular drug causing kidney problems in cats.

anyway. i may be disappointed when we do the tests again later this week, but i live with the cat every day and i feel it in my gut that he’s getting better.