no news is good news

he’s doing great today. he’s scooting around the house, not sleeping much at all, going in the kitchen and eating, using the box like normal, getting up on the furniture.

he’s also suddenly _totally_ spoiled. he wants me to bring him food when he sits in his chair in the living room, and then he likes it if i make the food move (one of the things i did to stimulate him to eat when his appetite was low). and the baby food, oh he loves the baby food.

feline TMI behind the link, don’t read if you don’t want details 🙂

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happy cat

moses is doing surprisingly well. he sleeps a lot, but otherwise usually seems pretty normal. i do bring food to him and make sure he eats, plus he’s getting spoiled with all kinds of fun treats like baby food and chicken stock and whatnot.

today, J and i administered subcutaneous fluids to him at home. right in the living room in the sleepin’ chair i’ve set up for him. it’s a little more difficult than giving an insulin injection, but it went okay and i think it really helps him feel better.

one interesting effect of the fluids is that i think it hydrates his skin really well. the purpose of the fluids is to flush toxins out of his body– kind of like dialysis. but his fur is also softer than i’ve felt it in a long time.

he’s also washing. i haven’t seen him wash in a long time. it’s not a thorough full-body wash, but he’s definitely reaching areas he hasn’t reached in years. i’m fairly sure he’s truly grooming himself, and not licking areas that are in pain. i think this is due to two things: first, his weight is down to 14.5 lbs which is close to ideal for his size. of course, the reason his weight has dropped so much is because he’s sick. but it has some positive side effects. second, i think the hydration from the fluids means his skin is more elastic and it doesn’t hurt to stretch as much as it did.

the positive effect of the fluids are so pronounced that i wish it were reasonable to administer them to pets who are simply old and have painfully dry skin. it would make them so much more comfortable. but of course, the process of administering the fluids is not comfortable at all so i doubt this would really be a reasonable thing to do.

anyway, he is fed, clean and soft and sleeping on his comfortable chair on many layers of blankets and towels while J and I watch tv. we’ve moved the mattress into the living room so we can sleep near him without having him try to get up on the bed.

sleeping on cat time

thanks everyone who has written with their support. it means a lot to me.

i woke on cat time this morning. not for any reason that i could find. i was just awake at 5am.

he was sleeping in the hall when i went to look for him. well, not sleeping, he was awake, but that’s where he spent the night. he followed me back into the living room, where i’m sleeping now, and climbed on the sofa with me, and start gnawing my hand.

which is moses for, “i’m hungry.”

we did subcutaneous fluids yesterday which is probably why his appetite has rebounded. dr. c said that getting him to eat is the most important thing right now. all day yesterday i brought him tempting things– chicken stock, baby food, and wet cat food. he consumed everything i brought him. he _loves_ baby food. and i think it helps if he doesn’t have to expend the energy to get to the food.

mom is coming by this morning with dan. i was supposed to be joining them and going to atlanta, but of course i won’t be doing that now. they are going to pick up a few things to take to stuart in his new place, and say goodbye to moses.

J is coming tonight. the puppy will be staying the weekend at the puppy spa so moses can have peace and quiet and have his house to himself. i would love to have reese here, but J and i both agree that that’s probably not what the moses needs right now.

a very sad moses day

moses is still with me, but probably not for much longer. he has kidney failure that has come on very fast and will probably progress very fast.

i know a lot of people who care about moses and me read this blog, so i am posting this here to let everyone know at once.

when a recovered hoarder finds an old hoard…

(moses is a lot better this morning, by the way… moving about the house, eating, and sleeping real sleep. no insulin this morning and we’ll be cutting way back for a few days.)

i think my transition from hoarder to non-hoarder has been so gradual that i never truly thought of myself as a hoarder until yesterday. a pack rat, one with low standards when it came to organization and cleanliness, a reluctance to add to landfills… sure, i would think of my past self in that way. but not as a bona-fide _hoarder._

so yesterday i was cleaning out the drawer in my desk at work where i’d stashed office supplies. i used to be an administrative assistant– someone who wielded the power to order anything from the office supply catalog. exotic hot pink post-its? sure, i could get those for you, or i knew someone who could. that special kind of pen you like? let me whip out a purchase order form.

but then, after a while, i wasn’t an admin any more, and i lost that power. and apparently, that’s when i started hoarding pens.

pens are small. you can hoard a lot of them without really noticing. i would say that i pulled a couple hundred out of my desk, most of them functional. tested each one and decided if i was keeping it or not. and i really had to convince myself that it was okay to not have a big stash of pens in my desk. _i’ve had those pens for years… i’ve never needed them in all this time… and i work in a big office, i’m never going to not be able to find a pen._

because that’s why i had them. _what if i need a pen, and can’t get one?_ WTF? there’s no logic there. only hoarder logic.

lesson learned

when your gut tells you not to give the cat insulin, go with your gut.

he’s not passed out or anything, but has seemed close, and i finally wound up rubbing corn syrup in his mouth, which is what you’re supposed to do when their blood sugar gets too low.

tomorrow we skip the insulin until i talk with the doc.

poor little guy.


i think we’re overdosing moses again. he’s definitely not right.

feline diabetes is the pits. i wish i had gone with my gut instinct and reduced or withheld his insulin tonight. i should have; he’s barely eaten.

sorry, no happy moses story tonight, i guess.

i travel with my posse

met up with georg and sarah at tonali last night; in one of those perfect timing things, s & d called just before i left to see if i wanted to get dinner, so i brought them along.

which turned out to be a smooth move, because besides the lively dinner conversation (and as always tasty food), they invited us all back to their place after dinner to attack the top of their wedding cake, which they had no interest in keeping for their anniversary.

i love wedding cake. i love cake.


this morning the moses allowed me to sleep in. i was dimly aware of him coming and going several times through the night, but i never fully became conscious until 9:30 this morning, which was nice.

when i opened the back door to enjoy the cool morning air and gaze upon yesterday’s handiwork, i realized there was an odd but familiar sound coming from my neighbors’ yard. not the terrible neighbors next door who yell and treat their dog in a questionable manner and never mow their yard. no, the folks on the other side of them, who just moved in late last year.

so i stood on the porch and realized that the sound was the sound of a push mower– the kind with no engine, just a reel of blades– and that my neighbor must do this every weekend in the morning while the air is cool. and it turns out that she does it in a pajamas. which i found both amusing and adorable, and made me wish we could pinch the house between us out of existence and send all of its miserable residents along to a happier place where they have enough bedrooms, and a properly fenced yard with a dog house.

in his box

the moses decided we’d get up early this morning, which for a change was amenable to me. the heat has broken. it’s very nice today.

took him for an arthritis shot and then decided to go through the mickey death drive-thru afterwards. moses was in his carrier on the passenger seat.

when the young woman at the window handed me my change, she giggled and said, “little cat sitting in his box!” i smiled and giggled too.

i don’t think anyone (besides me) has called moses little in a very long time.

after making a couple of stops after the vet, i guess the little cat decided that we were going on a long trip in the car, perhaps to see J, so he rolled over on his side to sleep, but couldn’t, because there were too many bumps and too many interesting smells to smell out the window.

he seemed quite surprised when we arrived home, like, “wha? i thought we were going to J’s house?”

the various medications seem to be doing their job; his breathing is quieter, his coat looks better, he’s drinking less and i saw him washing one of his hind feet the other day, although the arthritis still seems pretty bad. i’m tempted to put little dabs of yogurt on parts of his body to see what he can reach. i suspect he could wash most of his body if he really wanted to; maybe he just needs a little reminder. it would also be a safe way to get him to stretch.