a mo-date

so after waiting days for my vet to call with the blood test results from last _wednesday,_ i finally called him myself this morning. sheesh.

kidney values have not changed, which is good. he has not gotten worse in that regard.

blood sugar was normal, so the diabetes is under control.

anemia has reached the point where it needs to be treated, so on wednesday we’re going to start medication that should stimulate red blood cell production again, hopefully.

so long as the anemia treatment goes well, we’re in a pretty good spot right now, all things considered.


a nice and productive weekend. it took many people and two SUV’s, but i now have four large solid wood bookcases sitting on my patio, ready for paint. J also helped me take a few large items to donate today. sadly, he spotted the woman handling donations putting the parts for my particle board bookcase (still perfectly usable, only in need of re-assembly, which I told her) in the dumpster, as we left. sigh.

we went to brunch at piedmont today with a host of characters, and the theme for this year’s halloween party was born:


so get ready.

last night we grilled steaks and drank cocktails out on the screen porch. the weather has suddenly become real fall weather, after horrible, mean, hideous heat these last few weeks. it rained deeply friday, and though we need a lot more, it seemed to at least break the heat.

today, out of curiosity, we looked at an open house in the neighborhood. it’s an unusual house: it’s new construction. years of living in houses from the 40’s has spoiled both of us, though. it was a nice house, but seemed cheap in so many ways– the heat coming through the windows, the undersized heat pump struggling to cool the house on a relatively cool day, and the doorknobs inside the house were terrible cheap things that we both agreed we’d want to immediately replace. having a garage and 900 closets wouldn’t be worth it. of course, as i walked into first of two walk-in closets, i had to say it: “It’s a little SMALL.”

the kitty and puppy seem to have reached an interesting stage where they just ignore each other. they can be mere feet away and take no notice. moses came into the living room and spent the evening with us in his sittin’ chair last night. i think it helps that he has his own chair now.

500 things – relevant and timely

I’m taking the afternoon off work to remove as much extraneous stuff from the house as possible. Synchronistically (my spell checker says that’s not a word, but you know what i mean) on my way home, my local NPR station was running an interview with a man who has decided to pare his possessions down to 500 things.

I think “this”:http://thestory.org/archive/the_story_341_My_500_Things.mp3/view is a permalink to the piece on the “The Story” web site. You can listen to it there.


and i don’t mean the good, frank zappa kind of freakout, either.

i just moved most of the rest of the back bedroom into the rest of the house. _now_ i feel overwhelmed by it all, and i swear… it’s tempting to take tomorrow off and take as much of it as possible to the scrap exchange and goodwill.

seriously– me and mo in the house like this is one thing, and it’s not a great thing. me, j, puppeh and kitteh? what was i _thinking??_


the other thing is that i’m not sure that my furniture plan is going to work. i’ve got the two big tables in the center of the room now, and they really dominate it. now that i think about it, i think i tried something like that in my old apartment, and it was kind of impractical. maybe i need to keep them in an L shape.

moving all of that stuff, i felt the _weight_ of all of those possessions. i really remember that feeling from my 20’s when my whole living space was one big crap pile. i REALLY want to be free of it.


i didn’t hear back from the vet today on moses’ test results, so i guess i will hear tomorrow. maybe no news is good news, or something.

he’s been great this evening, following me around the house and just generally acting normal and happy.

not really a moses update

moses, by the way, has been doing great. really great, actually. he plays. he goes outside of his own volition and sits in the sun. he jumps on furniture and never falls. he wrestles the evil slipper. he sharpens his claws. he bathes (kinda).

today we went to the vet to recheck the bloodwork. they sent it out to be done this time, so i won’t know until tomorrow what the numbers are like. the vet seems to be ever more impressed by his condition, which improves each time i bring him, rather than deteriorates.

not to be too optimistic or anything. his gums are still pale, so anemia is an issue. we’ll see how bad tomorrow. he still gets dehydrated before the fluids. he’s still a sick kitty. just one who doesn’t really act sick.

last night ray and mary came over and helped with the fluids. ray’s job was to keep him distracted with dinner for as long as possible. well, i have never seen moses eat for such a long time! i think ray patiently held the bowl and scraped the food around for a good 45 minutes, long after i had finished the fluids.

today, after fluids, a massive dinner, and a deep sleep, he’s like a younger cat. like _pow._ he gave the vet a really hard time today. i couldn’t feel too bad about that.

_i must insert this: i think i just heard our barred owl! he’s back!!_

i think tonight i’m going to make a push on the back bedroom. i’ve removed about a third of the crap in a fairly orderly fashion. i think i could get most of the rest out tonight, and possibly begin painting tomorrow evening.

the boy and the puppeh will be coming on friday _(rain, rain, finally!!)_ which makes this tricky; it’s not good to have the house full of displaced crap when they’re around. but i’m so ready to see the room change.

saturday we’re picking up some bookcases from my mom. real wood, although battered from years in my brothers’ bedrooms. i’ll have to paint and otherwise rehab them, but they’re free and they’re not particle board. she couldn’t believe i wanted them. but i think they’re going to be a great backbone for this room.

my plan is to paint a very faint blue/green color (similar to or the same as stepsk8r’s favorite seaside blue), but instead of a crisp white for the trim and furniture (most all of which will be painted the trim color), i’m going to use a creamy, yellowy white, the same as the trim in my bedroom– in part, because i already have a lot of it, and in part because i think large masses of dead white might look, well, dead, and not warm.

well, enough jawing. time to work.

piecing together the past

i put this question to the internets: does anyone remember the name of the _opening band_ when “beck played the duke coffeehouse”:http://www.whiskeyclone.net/hijacked/concertinfo.php?concertID=10 (which, as it turns out, was in march of 1994)?

i think it was a band from the northeast and i think the guitarist had a meltdown onstage and destroyed a valuable vintage guitar.

actually, what i _really_ want is a list of all the shows that jeremy steckler booked at the coffeehouse, so i can remember all the ones i went to. mainly i remember harry pussy and beck, although apparently he also booked the ruins, and i’m sure i would have gone to that.

i really wish i’d kept records of that stuff.


i’m going with open windows and doors today. the trees around my house keep things cool enough until early evening.

and i’m cooking today. lots of food that i can put up in the freezer. the kitchen stayed cool enough to work in for the duration. now i can escape while the meats roast.

i made a lasagne first– most complicated dish first, and that worked out well. used half sauce from a jar, half sauce of a sort made from J’s canned tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and herbs from the garden. the cat, true to form, appeared while the beef was browning.

second came mac and cheese, which would pair well with a pork loin i found i had forgotten in the freezer. at last minute inspiration lead me to season the cheese sauce with chili powder, cayenne, and a bit of paprika. wish i’d thought to add hot sauce. ah well.

the pork loin is roasting in similar (i hope) flavors: bone suckin’ sauce mixed with “smoky campfire” marinade (both leftover in the fridge), with a little of the chili powder and cayenne. i’m also trying out my new meat thermometer– the digital kind where the probe is on a metal lead, and the gauge sticks to the outside of the oven.

finally, i’m trying to make chicken stock, very bland chicken stock that i could feed to the cat (e.g., no onion or salt). if he likes it, it could be a good way to get some calories and protein in him if he loses his appetite; or he might just enjoy it. if he doesn’t like it, i can season it up and use it in my own cooking.

lots of using things i already had in the fridge and freezer– all of the meat was already there, and that’s the expensive part.

a good day

today, sarah came over and helped with moseman. it went perfectly; she kept him distracted with food, and he never noticed that i was pumping him full of fluids. and he ate quite hearty as well, better than i’ve seen him eat in a while.

then sarah helped me get photoshop working on my computer. i was in this crazy catch-22 where i had a real copy that i could install, but in order to get it installed i had to have all these other things installed, and i could not get that first item installed.

i felt completely lazy today, but managed to do some really useful stuff, anyway.

like, i got my cube working again. it’s been dead since the great hard drive disaster of aught-seven, and it took much fiddling and booting into different modes and such, but i now seem to have a working OS and it’s bootable.

and moses actually wanted to play, really play! i got out the string on a stick and he got so caught up in it that he actually pounced and stuff. i almost _don’t_ want to get his blood work checked next week. i want to keep living in the fairlyland where my cat is suddenly acting like he’s young and healthy again.

anyway, tonight i went and had tasty thai food and watched ‘stardust’ with m. it was fun, although there was an awful lot of “helpless blonde girl needs rescuing!” i guess as a buffy fan, i have a hard time with that now.