the moses cam is live!

i was feeling kinda worried about moses (as i often do) and a co-worker suggested i resurrect the mo-cam. With the work J and I did in the back bedroom, that turned out to be very easy. So here it is!


watch my cat eat, sleep, and generally not move much. it’s relaaaaaaxing.

ETA: it looks like the demo version of the cam software only runs for an hour, so it has shut off now. bummer.

weekend update

the boy and the puppeh arrived late friday evening. J immediately said _mellow mushroom_ when he walked in the door, but i already had a proper dinner going in the oven so we stayed in.

saturday morning while i made pancakes and sausage, J busied himself getting christa’s old toolbox into a closet. he also cleaned up some messiness along the side entrance and determined that he wanted to install a caster to support the side yard gate, because it drags on the ground and is difficult to open and close as a result.

after breakfast (which was somehow not completed until 1pm or so) we carried the bookcases into the back bedroom. damn, those things are heavy. we did some work in the room, took the puppy for a walk, fed the cat and got fluids into him, then made it to piedmont right at 6 for dinner with christa, mary, sarah and georg.

dinner was pretty fabulous, as you might expect, it being piedmont. i had pork loin with potatoes and J had duck ravioli. we shared a cheese plate to start, i love those nibbly little plates.

after dinner, then locopops, we worked on the back bedroom some more, mainly coming up with the furniture arrangement and the desk layout.

sunday morning we decided to try watts grocery for brunch, which didn’t work out so well. we arrived at 10am to find their doors locked. staff working at the bar seemed to glance our way, then studiously ignore us. their hours weren’t posted on the door.

we decided to run one fast errand and try them again at 10:30. we even tried calling them while we were out, and just got an answering machine with no information about their hours.

at 10:30 some other folks arrived and we all stood hungrily at the glass doors. a young man came tantalizingly close to the door to flop some menus around and _he_ ignored us! finally a woman came to the door and actually spoke to us; she said they would open at 11am.

so, they lost six customers that morning. we all defected to other places; J and i went to mad hatter and had a very lovely breakfast, and argued about politics, and watched a slacker studiously ignore the no laptops on weekends rule, while also tempting everyone in the store to steal his computer as he left it for extended periods on his table while seeking some obviously much-needed coffee.

after breakfast we made a run to J’s favorite store, also known as the Big Blue Hardware Store. the big thing i got was a new faucet for the kitchen sink. mine had become increasingly non-functional, finally refusing to shut off the cold water at some point on saturday. the sprayer had not worked in years, and the cold water knob had fallen apart over the summer. perhaps all fixable, but i had lost patience with it.

we had to make a run to the Big Orange Hardware Store to find a gate caster (apparently, there is such a thing), and then once home J installed the caster, which does make an astounding difference. i had lived with that problem for so long that it never occurred to me that there was such a simple solution.

then he got to work on the faucet while i fussed around with the cat and some small chores. i did make a few key assists including screwing in the faucet itself. i have to say that it’s a thing of beauty and such a luxury to have a fully functional faucet and sprayer again. i even got a soap dispenser!

at some point sunday, moses developed a new problem– a severe limp that makes it very difficult for him to walk. i think he hurt one of his forelegs. poor little guy. he’s still eating great and everything, though.

last night after J left, i came up with a battle plan for the week that will hopefully have the house party-ready by the weekend. one remaining mystery is what the heck i’m going to do about music. the resource i would normally pull from– my mp3’s– was decimated this summer. i might just re-use last year’s playlist, which i have intact on an mp3 cd somewhere, as well as on my computer at work.

all is right with the mo

woke up this morning and immediately knew moses was totally right and himself again today.

he’s got that glazed yet contented look right now after having eaten an impressive breakfast.

today i’m going to the farmer’s market at lunch to buy pumpkins and have fried shrimp and hush puppies, my annual october outing. it’s a little belated, but yet still _right on time_ as we used to say.

time to move. i think i even feel rested today.

the charming english cottage o’ you-know-what

What: The Charming English Cottage O’ Death! (er, it’s a party)

When: Saturday, October 27th, 8pm until it winds down

Where: at the charming english cottage o’ death, of course

Where?: e-mail spacepod at gmail dot come if you need directions.


i had serious thoughts this morning of not having a party this year, but i think i do that every year. i may have to coat the clutter in fake cobwebs, but you know, whatever. it’s SCARY clutter! right, that’s it!

costumes always appreciated, never required. i always lay on lots of food and booze, or BYO if you want something in particular.

a little slip…

the vet confirmed my fears this morning: a blood glucose test showed that moses’ blood sugar was _low_ which means there’s another reason he’s drinking a lot of water, and the most likely reason is that his kidneys have gotten worse.

there’s still a ways to go, i think; moses eats a lot and has gained a little weight in the last two months, which i think is highly unusual for cats with CRF. it’s just sad, kind of demoralizing, and a reminder that this is not a disease that will just remain stable indefinitely. it will progress to its inevitable end.

a plethora of pants!

today i found that i had stored all of my jeans that fit in a new storage location, and then forgot that’s where i put them and that i even had them. they were even on nice hangers and perfectly un-wrinkled, ready to wear. sweet! apparently, i’m more organized than i thought i was.

mo and other updates

i was feeling pretty worried about mo last night; he really slept hard all evening and through most of the night. the kind of sleep where he doesn’t wake up the moment i touch him or move around. i skipped the insulin altogether, but it was all feeling hauntingly like the night before he was diagnosed with CRF.

but this morning, all seems to be well. he came to the kitchen for breakfast and it looks like he’ll be in the clean bowl club pretty soon. there were no weird surprises in the house when i woke up. so i’m feeling much more reassured (and better rested).

last night i came home and slapped a coat of paint on the doors and shelves. i think this process is going to go fast although it looks like we might actually get rain on thursday, so i need to find a way to protect them. the paint dries fast so i should be able to stack them, which will help.

last night i changed out my warm weather shoes for my cool weather shoes and was sort of dismayed to find that i have more spaces than i have shoes, now. i don’t see any shoe-buying in my immediate future, either. of course, i don’t need any new shoes, i have a perfectly good shoe wardrobe, so i have no real complaint here. i guess i have become used to excess.

in the jeans department, however, i definitely do not have excess. i have so far only found one pair that fit me, and i seem to have a pair missing. i’ll hunt for it in the attic again. the pair that fit are becoming threadbare, which puts them squarely in the “nights and weekends” category. i may reluctantly have to shop for more.

i also became disgusted anew at my lack of hanging space. i want my fairy godmother to drop a wardrobe into my bedroom. and a new chest of drawers while she’s at it; something with a little character, and where all of the drawers can actually be used to store things.

well, enough of that. i should go to work or something.

fsck addendum.

i realized, when it was not 5:30 in the morning, when the sun was up and i’d had something approximating a full night’s sleep (not that i feel like it), that i changed two things over the weekend: i upped his dosage and i cut way back on the dry food, which contains more carbohydrate than the wet food.

so that’s hopefully, probably why he went into insulin overdose mode.

in case you were wondering.


at four units (of insulin), moses drinks water excessively, a sign of high blood sugar.

at five units, after two consecutive doses, he’s so weak he can barely walk, and urinates where he’s laying… like, say, on the bed next to me.

hence i awaken three hours early to find my thigh in a patch of damp. he’d soaked through layers and layers of cold weather covers and was just laying there. i went out to the living room to find he’d soaked the blankets he was laying on out there earlier in the night.

he’s awake, alert, and seemingly happy right now… we’re both on dry bedding out in the living room and he ate happily when i put him in front of some food… didn’t seem interested in the litter box… hell if i know what’s happening inside his body.