massive hoard-house cleaned out on oprah

the organizational blogs are abuzz with this one… the clean sweep organizer peter lead the cleanup of the house of a massive hoarder. like clean sweep, but they did the whole house and it was a lot worse than most clean sweep houses, right on down to finding black mold in most rooms. they filmed it and put it on oprah who used her connections to get them all new furniture, flooring, and a kitchen.

in the end they had a rummage sale in a rented warehouse, and cleared $13k. the other stats are pretty incredible– 8 weeks, a staff of 100 people, 75 tons of trash, 3,000 pairs of shoes and 3,000 purses, 8 hours to clear the master bedroom of clothes, etc. you get the idea.

they’ve done a good job of putting the details and photos on the oprah web site, so you don’t actually have to watch the damn show to see it (i didn’t).

“Shopaholics and Clutter”:

Snowball effect – Katrina fallout

“Hurricanes triggered disastrous tree kill”:

bq. “This is the worst environmental disaster in the United States since the Exxon Valdez accident … and the greatest forest destruction in modern times,” said James Cummins, executive director of the conservation group Wildlife Mississippi and a board member of the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

a good mo check-up

just heard from the vet and it’s mostly all good news. his creatine level has dropped again to 3.5 which is really great. that’s the main indicator of how well his kidneys are functioning and how much the fluids are helping. apparently, a lot.

other things that must be monitored in the crf cat are at normal levels– phosphorus, potassium, and blood pressure.

blood sugar was still normal, so i was indeed wrong about the diabetes being back.

finally, he has become slighly anemic again but not dramatically. he’ll get another epogen shot tomorrow and given his past response to the drug, that should hold him for another two weeks.

so, here’s hoping we can keep him at this good place for a while to come. everything is very manageable right now and i like it like that. he’s also obviously feeling pretty good and happy.

freedom toast, redux

sunday morning we decided to go to IHOP for breakfast, but found it a little on the crowded and people standing on the sidewalk waiting side, so we headed on to other sources of pancakes.

we wound up (after much driving, and finally calling w. for directions) back at the place that has, no kidding, freedom toast on the menu. i’ve mentioned this place before. it’s right smack next to langely.

so J ordered the freedom toast this time. i could see he was having trouble keeping a straight face while ordering. i looked away to keep from cracking.

i asked him how it was.

_it’s good,_ he said. _it tastes like VICTORY._


my company is well known for its employee benefits. way beyond excellent health care, vision and dental.

a little known service of our company cafeteria is after hours food. you can go online and order a sandwich to pick up in the late afternoon. and you can sign up to receive leftovers from the hot food menu. the food is company subsidized, and payroll deducted, so financially, it’s like having takeout from a restaurant without any of the financial pain.

it’s been years since i’ve even thought about signing up for leftovers, much less actually did it, but tonight i decided to give it a go. i’m overdue for a trip to the grocery store, so coming home with a good dinner seemed like a great plan.

wow. what an awesome benefit! i brought home what they consider to be one portion of veggie lasagne. cost me maybe $4, if that. i heated it up in the oven with some marinara sauce and it’s really two portions, and oh so very tasty and delicious. plus, vegetables, yay.

plus, the walk over to the cafeteria is a nice way to break up the afternoon and get a little exercise. sweet.

Moses Burns

I have decided that my cat is like Mr. Burns on The Simpsons.

he has many illnesses

every third day, i pump him full of live-giving fluids

he’s shaky on his feet

and yet… he just keeps on living past all expectations.

i am not so sure that he has high blood sugar. wednesday he has a scheduled blood test and i decided to wait until then to find out. his water consumption and appetite are not that outrageous.

he fared very well during our trip to virtginia this weekend, and as always enjoyed the extended time in the car. no pee incidents in almost two weeks now, which is nice.

pondering while driving

bart’s “real deal”: post had me pondering old shows i’d seen, while driving home tonight, and somewhere along memory lane i got started thinking of artists i’ve seen perform who are now dead. I could only come up with four:

d. boon

jerry garcia

sun ra


i really wish i had records of all the shows i’ve seen over the years; i once found a ticket stub to a royal crescent mob show that i have absolutely no memory of attending. it makes me wonder who i’ve forgotten who might belong on the above list. or just, who i’ve forgotten.

anyway, who would go on your list?