a trip through space… and TIME!

more movies:

* *Persepolis* – if the academy chooses “surf’s up” over Persepolis for best animated feature, i’ll kill myself. this could have so easily been as big of a drag as _Reds_ but the graphic novel look and edgy main character completely saves it. the best part is watching her rock out to Iron Maiden. Takes place in Iran and Vienna through the 1980’s.

* *The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford* – I’m just not that into westerns, I guess. However, I love Casey Affleck and I’m completely baffled as to why he’s considered to be a supporting actor; the entire story is told from his point of view. I guess Brad Pitt _requires_ top billing. Whatever.

* *Elizabeth – The Golden Age* – special bonus: Clive Owen! Gorgeous costumes and Owen manages to pull off one memorable, intimate moment with his future wife, but otherwise it’s an historical drama and not particularly human.

* *No Country For Old Men* – I was kind of meh about this movie overall; not up to the Cohen brothers’ usual snuff. Javier Bardem is certainly creepy and memorable as the antagonist and I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks away with the Oscar tomorrow.

My brain is all but fried, but I still want to see *There Will Be Blood* before tomorrow evening.

Boobius Maximus

With permission from B. Maximus herself, I am pleased to link to “Boobius Maximus”:http://boobiusmaximus.googlepages.com/

bq. “Welcome to Boobius Maximus– a page for all the ladies (and gents?) who rock large boobs. The reviews, links, and advice herein are intended to make it easier for you to find and buy large cup-sized bras (DD to K roughly) in standard and small band sizes (28 to 38). There will, however, also be some resources for band sizes 40 and above. These pages are written from the perspective of someone with natural (i.e. not surgically-enhanced) boobs, so the information on this site will be most helpful to others who also have OEM bewbies.”

Things found in old files

Nine $50 savings bonds that would be worth $565 if redeemed this month.

Tax returns from 1987 through 1997, less the years 1988, 1993, and 1996

A lease revealing the fact that i moved into my current neighborhood on february 26, 1996. my rent was $350.

An offer letter from my current employer, placing the date of my return from Europe at July of 1991. My belief is that Moses was born in this same year, meaning that he is now 16, not 15.

ETA: no, wait. I think he _was_ born in 1992. I’m trying to piece this together in my mind. I found my passport, too, which helps with dates.

May 30, 1991 – I arrive in Luxemborg.

July, 1991 – I arrive in Malmo, Sweden- I believe this is just after the death of my stepfather, and I was on my way home.

August 1, 1991 – I am back in the states and go back to the job I left to go to europe.

I know at that time, I was living with my mom at her house. I remember it took me three months to find my cabin in the woods and I stayed at my mom’s that whole time. She was happy to have me there.

I found a lease for the cabin dated October 31, 1993. That means that I didn’t move into the cabin until November of 1991. Which would indeed be three months (about) after I got back from europe.

I remember it was summer when I got Moses and Franny. I remember vaguely that he was born in spring or summer and I have a very specific memory from the first time I let them out in the yard, of laying in the yard with them, Moses stumbling around in the tall grass (short baby legs), and my friends Jonathan and Brad coming to visit. It was definitely warm weather when I got them.

So I must have lived in the cabin alone for at least six months. Which I don’t remember. But I don’t see how else it could have been.

Federal legislative records of Clinton and Obama

I had been thinking about researching the legislative records of both Clinton and Obama– but lo and behold, someone has already done the work for me and posted it to teh internets.

“Grassroots Mom on Daily Kos”:http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/2/20/201332/807/36/458633

Which is not to say that I won’t go look at the Library of Congress records, too, but I appreciate the summary.

Now, this is just their Federal experience. Obama, of course, also has State legislative experience.

Thanks to “particle_man6”:http://sui-generis.livejournal.com/156575.html?thread=1527199#t1527199 for the link.

more brief movie recaps

* *Michael Clayton* – it’s a solid movie but just not that memorable. Clooney needs to be able to joke around and be charming; he never gets to do that in this movie.

* *Eastern Promises* – modern-day Russian spy thriller; what’s not to love? Naked, tattooed Viggio Mortensen fighting in a men’s bathhouse. Lots of homo-erotic subtext, verging on being text. Should have been nominated for Best Picture; I hope Mortensen takes home the statue for Best Actor. But he probably won’t.

movies and metallic sweat

i’ve been watching a lot of movies. for posterity (or my own memory) here are my brief evaluations of what i’ve seen this week:

* *Juno* – Awesome. Keep listening to the soundtrack and want to see it again when it comes out on video.

* *Cashback* – Another youth movie. Also pretty awesome. Distracting that the star plays Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies, but I’d lost the sensation of _hey, that’s oliver wood!_ by the end of the movie. A really nice film.

* *Suburban Girl* – Having been a huge Buffy fan, I retain a loyalty to SMG and like to watch her romantic comedies. Stuff like this probably doesn’t do anything for her career, but I really enjoy her more in something with some emotional range rather than in a horror movie. Nice.

* *Once* – nice but not earth-shattering. the improbability of an unrehearsed band getting a big, OTT GYBE-esque song perfectly right on the first take in a studio was a bit distracting. some nice moments between the two leads, though.

Tonight it’s Oscars catch-up time: MM is coming over to watch some combination of *Michael Clayton*, *Eastern Promises*, or *Across the Universe*. We both saw ATU in the theater but loved it and want to see it again.


very odd experience on monday and tuesday of feeling like i was sweating chrome all day. decided to stop taking the vitamin supplements i had started. that sensation is gone today so.. yeah. i won’t do that again.

it’s all about the dairy fat

a low sodium day, if you don’t count the bacon. this was my comment as i realized i’d forgotten to salt the pasta water tonight.

three meals cooked in my kitchen, eaten at my dining room table. have not done that… well, ever.

breakfast was buttermilk pancakes and bacon; eggs for J (no eggs for me, thanks). potent coffee and fresh squeezed oranges J’s mom sent up from Fla.

we walked the dog to the farmer’s market after breakfast; too late to get any eggs, but we did get fresh farmer cheese and raw honey.

went to the open house/tour at “triangle brewing company.”:http://www.trianglebrewery.com/ thanks to bb for tipping us off to that. very tasty golden belgian; did not like the stout so much. i bought a half-gallon jug of the belgian (a growler, in brewing parlance); i can get a refill during any open house for $8. much daydreaming about living in a warehouse in downtown durham.

lunch was the farmer cheese with ham and mayo on bits of soft oatmeal bread. the cheese was very fresh and tangy, the salty of the ham was good with it.

for dinner we made fresh pasta and tossed it with melted butter, cream, and parmesan: fettuccine alfredo. the dairy fat quotient was so high neither of us could eat much, which was fine.

in the checkout line at the store i spotted bars of “vosges bacon chocolate”:http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/product/bacon_exotic_candy_bar/exotic_candy_bars which i have wanted to try for some time now. the cashier tried to convince me to just try a sample first, but i confidently put it in my stack of purchases. she was quite incredulous that someone might actually like the stuff. in fact i know at least three people who like it. so there, doubting cashier lady.

J is doing some handyman stuff and i am waiting until he is done to break open the chocolate. start the day with bacon; end it with bacon. now _that’s_ a motto.

cat music

mo went in for a checkup today. all is well. dr. c wants to start him on the prescription food for kidney disease. until now he’s been on the stuff for diabetes. i gave him some k/d tonight and he seemed to love it, but now his guts are making all kinds of gurgling sounds. he seems happy enough, but i wonder if it’s disagreeing with him.

saturday will be six months from when he was diagnosed with CRF. a sturdy cat, indeed. i think i am going to buy him some nice organic chicken and cook it up for him. i think he’ll really enjoy that. happy six months, little dude!


i’m excited that NC may actually make a difference in the democratic primary this year.

also, i got called for jury duty in march. i know most people loathe jury duty, but the only other time i’ve been called, i was put on a jury and the experience was pretty cool. of course, i don’t want to be put on a jury for a long trial or anything like that. but i could dig another short one.

Useful Flickr tools

“The Great Flickr Tools Collection”:http://www.quickonlinetips.com/archives/2005/03/great-flickr-tools-collection/

For “some reason,”:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/01/technology/01cnd-subyahoo.html?bl&ex=1202101200&en=deac334204f54d3a&ei=5087%0A it seems like I might want to download all of my flickr photos and metadata at some point in the near future. I’m thinking something on this page could come in handy (or so I hope, having not read through it all).