A slight correction; cleaning out

We’re well into the territory of interesting to NO ONE but me, but I found another vet invoice today from moses’ early years that lists his birth date as June 28, 1991, which is probably his for-real actual day of birth.

This was in the process of cleaning out my basement. Today I attacked the stuff that has, historically, bothered me the most– boxes that i packed at my old apartment, moved to this house eight years ago, shoved in the basement and never unpacked. they’ve been sitting right in the flood zone so i knew it would be an ugly job.

Most of it’s in the trash now– it wasn’t worth keeping anyway, even if it had not been ruined– but i deemed a surprising amount of stuff salvageable and worth salvaging. most of that will need to go to goodwill. Besides moses’ actual birth date, I think the best thing I found was a Fluevog catalog in decent condition that has my favorite Lift Offs as the centerfold.

each box was like a time capsule (of crap) from different points in my life. it was mildly interesting to see that stuff but man, i really used to have a problem discerning what was worth keeping and what wasn’t.

tomorrow i’m going to attack the section that is stuff i set aside for goodwill, shoved in the basement before a party, and is probably mostly trash now.

very smart.

saw my second smart “in the wild” today. much more satisfying than the first one; this guy gave me a big grin when i passed him and gave him the thumbs up. the drive of the first one was too busy shoving fries into his mouth to notice my affirmation.

seeing them running around makes me want to be in on it and have one of the first ones, but i got my deposit back from smart yesterday and deposited it today. i’ll be smart about it (ha!) and wait. what with the imminent collapse of our economy and all, i should probably save what i can.

The closet project

Well, it took a month but the closet project is pretty much basically done. I won an awesome vintage flatware chest on ebay almost two weeks ago that finally arrived today, so my grandmother’s silver now has a proper home:

Safe and sound

This weekend I start on the basement, a much larger and more sordid project altogether. But then, it’s that time of year again: “Discardia.”:http://sethoscope.net/discardia/

my civic duty, part two

as of 4pm, none of us had been called in to a courtroom for jury selection, even the people who did not get to go to lunch early.

the judge came into the jury room to explain. there were murder cases on the docket that plead at the last minute. the judge said that if he had not had a room full of jurors ready to go, the pleas would not have happened, and he thanked us for our service.

so basically… someone who is a murderer keeps about a hundred people sitting in a room doing nothing all day while they try to decide if they are going to plea bargain or go to trial.

okay, i am still very in touch with the fact that there are countries in the world where no one gets a trial with an impartial jury of their peers. i’m glad we have this system. it has flaws but it’s fairer and more just than what a lot of the world has.

but a big FUCK YOU to the assholes who KILLED PEOPLE and then put a hundred people’s lives on hold for the day. our productivity is going to be giving you a place to live and three squares for the next several decades, too, so BITE ME. next time just cop the plea and serve your time.

my civic duty, part one

at lunch i wrote:

bq. Jury Duty – 8:30am, Judicial building.

bq. Charles Kurault.

bq. too noisy to read in the Jury Room. CNN on, people talking.

bq. when Obama comes on to give his speech on racism, the room goes almost silent. one man stands throughout the speech. i find it riveting and put down my book. i think, this man _needs_ to be president.

bq. near what must be the end, the TV’s shut off. the clerk calls our attention and starts calling names. mine is called and i resign myself to being selected. i’ve seen the docket and it’s pretty ugly. murders, at least one rape. drugs are the best i can hope for, or conspiracy w/o violence.

bq. after many of us are called, she tells us to go to lunch! for three hours! i go to Toast.

it was delicious. i appear to be the target demographic– the majority of patrons were white women, often alone or meeting each other, around my age or a bit younger. i suppose that describes the woman behind the register who i think i recognize, maybe from back when i went to a lot of rock shows. she looked extremely happy.

my painini was described as “proscuitto, tomatoes, mozzarella”, which doesn’t do it justice. the tomatoes had been roasted, the mozzarella was fresh. the ham was so salty and thinly sliced.

if i had reason to eat lunch in downtown durham, i’d probably go there every day. but, i’m still hoping i won’t have such a reason.