waffle report

I preferred the bacon waffle. J preferred the sausage waffle. we put whole pieces of bacon or sausage into the waffles. i think crumbling the pork product would be a better approach, in both cases.

on saturday night we cooked small bits of fish and shrimp in broth over a live flame– fondue, but not cheese. a very civilized, slow way to have dinner.

iPhone debate


* online PDA

* bigger iPod

* better battery life than my current phone

* it’s not my current phone (which, to put it kindly, has outlived its lifespan)

* awesome image quality from the camera


* spacepod cam not possible unless i either hack the iPhone (no thanks) or someone develops a legal piece of software that allows the iPhone to act like a wireless modem.

* 2 year contract with a carrier I’ve heard almost nothing good about

* carrier doesn’t seem to have good signal coverage compared with my current carrier

* costs a lot

* signal sucks inside my house

Fully waffle-enabled

Waffle irons get a bum rap from proponents of de-cluttering and home organization, but you know what? When I owned a working waffle iron, I used that sucker all the time.

I’ve really missed my waffle iron, but wanted to hold out for a model with removable plates that I could clean easily. Surprisingly rare!

So. I found one:


I think it may be the exact same model my mom had when I was growing up. The plates snap out, flip over, and then you can make awesome grilled cheese sandwiches that are all pressed flat. Since I grew up with pressed flat grilled cheese, this is how I believe grilled cheese is meant to be eaten. Even better was when you’d forget to flip the plates before heating the grill, and you’d have to make a grilled cheese on the waffle plates. Awesome.

This one also lays flat, giving you a perfect flat surface for, say, pancakes. A little minimal if you’re doing pancakes for a lot of people, but still probably better than trying to do them on the stove in a frying pan.

So, a little pricier than I thought a waffle iron would be, but it’s not just a waffle iron, so I guess that’s okay.

This weekend’s plan is to replicate the bacon waffle I got on my sole trip to Vegas. J says he’ll eat pretty much anything I cook, so he’s in.

Moses is 16 – I can prove it!

Okay, so no one cares about this except me, but I find it somehow reassuring to have definitive proof of Moses’ age.

While working on my filing tonight I found a vet invoice from November 2, 1991 that describes “Male, Tabby, 4 months”. That puts Moses’ birth date at around July 2, 1991, and his age is definitely 16.

I need a battery indicator

I need to know when I need a recharge so I don’t spend my last few minutes of energy when I get home on stuff like sorting mail.

I was sorting away (I really had many days worth of mail that had not been properly dealt with) and was thinking about dinner when all of a sudden… yeah, I’m sitting on the couch now.

trinity lofts

i went to an open house at trinity lofts today. these are urban lofts built on the foundation of a small warehouse in my neighborhood.

the price is pretty astonishing. from the price list they gave me, they range from $211 – $225 per square foot. for this you get a reasonably nice urban loft, but basically no outdoor space at all. I guess they’re banking on the fact that it’s right on the greenway and central park is walkable.

so that translates into the big end unit being $443k at 1965 sq ft, and one of the, um, more modest units being $250k for 1182 sq ft.

for perspective, my house, which is about four blocks away, is 1100 sq ft and was valued at around $153k last summer. that 1100 sq ft doesn’t include my attic, my basement, or of course, my yard.

so for an extra $100k, you get brand new construction, yes, but way less space, all told, and a lovely view of the parking lot.

they have actually sold a couple of the units, and when i was walking around in the one really large unit that was open and staged (around 2000 sq ft) i could see the appeal. it has a really nice modern feeling to it.

nice energy efficient and sustainable touches; bamboo flooring up in the loft, nice double pane wood windows and sliding doors, and the big unit had a pellet stove with a fair amount of exposed chimney– although it would have been nice to see the chimney run horizointally across the space to get more heat out of it. i was also surprised that they didn’t use tankless water heaters. with the cramped spaces, that seems like a no-brainer.

they’re having open houses almost every week, and the realtor on duty said they are mostly trying to reach people “in the neighborhood”, i guess so we can, like blog about how expensive they are, or something.


i laid out the full calendar for april and may. aside from my usual visits to (and imports from) virginia, i’ll be visiting atlanta, miami, and indianapolis this spring. another weekend will be spent on dan’s graduation, resulting in much jubilation and dinner at everyone’s favorite massive local barn-like steak house.

i’d had it in the back of my mind that i might want to volunteer for the obama campaign in NC, but looking at that calendar, i realized there’s no sane way i can do that. there’s no way.

i’m also going to have an interesting time working out cat care. all of the trips are short, and moses is in pretty stable condition right now. provided i can give him fluids on the days i leave and return, i think my usual cat care buddies can handle everything else. that’s about a thousand miles away from where i was four months ago, when i didn’t want to spend even one day away from him and made his care a full time job. but he’s good now. and if he’s not good when i go, dr. c has assured me that he can stay at the vet and will be given tons of attention and care.

this is all happening against a backdrop of I’m Getting My Shit Together, which has been a general theme in several parts of my life, and which seems to occupy an awful lot of my free time. it’s focused on my finances to a large extent; an offshoot of that is dealing with the fact that my “filing system” is failing to scale and i now have a table full of loosely organized stacks of paper which, to the untrained eye, might appear to just be strewn about haphazardly.

because we’ll be getting an entire drought’s worth of rain over the course of the day friday and saturday, forcing me to stay away from yard work this weekend, i hope to emerge into the sun on sunday with a fully functional file system and a newly organized closet in the dining room. you’ll see. i’ll post photos.

I’m Getting My Shit Together has also lead me to order a certain organizational book that the geeks all love. Even though I haven’t read it yet, I’m dangerously close to Inbox Zero and even Desk Zero. Co-workers have actually commented on the extreme de-cluttering of my desk at work. I’m going to have one of those moments soon where I sit at my desk, not a loose paper to be seen, and say, _oh my god, i am so organized!_ It will be like the first time you get really drunk and you think _oh my god, i’m so drunk!_

and in other news, there’s a very large, very dead tree in the railway easement adjacent to my back yard and it’s sending hunks of its rotten trunk into my yard every time it rains. i’m actually a little worried that it’s tall enough to fall on my house. i have a tree guy coming to look at it as soon as the rain stops. why it never occurred to me to do anything about it before, i don’t know. i remember looking up at it in the warmer months and noticing that it had no leaves– and in fact, no branches. the neuron that would have told me that it posed a danger to my house apparently never fired.

careful what you wish for…

my basement is fully flooded today– from each entry point where water comes in, not just from a couple. so basically there is water streaming across the floor from seven different points along the walls.

i haven’t seen it like this in probably a year-ish. i had forgotten how gross it is! ugh!

we got about 2 inches of rain yesterday, putting us within spitting distance of an average rainfall amount for the year, although we still have a significant deficit from last year to make up.