this headline:

“Bush faults Congress for inaction on energy…”

I just can’t get past it.

in the most recent de-crapification of my house i found a booklet called “heating with wood”. (those in the back can stop snickering.)

it was printed by the US Department of Energy and is dated May 1980.

the inside cover says:

bq. “All citizens must be aware of this nation’s need to achieve a smooth transition from its reliance on imported oil to a more self-sufficient, energy-diversified economy. Over the next few decades, we must reduce our dependence on foreign petroleum. We must increase domsetic production, not only of oil and natural gas, but of coal, nuclear power, solar energy, and other renewable facts.”

operation OMG, my family is coming over!

absorbing cartons of photos and memorabilia into my household is one thing; absorbing pieces of furniture (plus extra cartons) is another. it means large items need to leave the house.

it also turns out that my family– including some extended family who never see my house– are going to be coming by on mother’s day.

no time to waste.

big stacks of stuff in the living room. everything is either slated for goodwill or already listed on ebay or the bulletin board at work. all the stuff i’d pulled out of the back bedroom but never got rid of is now going. everything, as they say, must go.

the decisions get harder and easier. easier because i’m used to making them. harder because the stuff i’m deciding on is nearer and dearer to my heart. like, if only i had fixed that shortwave radio. it’s so cool. but i had it for ten years and never did. my grandfather’s cameras, so well cared for.

but, you know, it’s just stuff. it’s gotta go.

Vintage shortwave radio – TAKEN

-I’m giving away- this shortwave radio has been taken:


The last time I tried it (10 years ago), it powered up but only made a clicking sound. The person who gave it to me told me that it probably needed to have a vacuum tube replaced.

The cord is in excellent condition. That’s about all I know about it.

Bust magazines

I have some back issues of Bust magazine (I guess there’s no other kind of issue of Bust, at this point). Does anyone want them?

I also have a ton of old design mags, architectural digest, southern living, a few wired, some mac addict and mac home… those are slated for recycling but if anyone wants them, they won’t be picked up until next friday.

nice work, what not to wear

this week’s participant looks to be about a size 18-ish. the few women they’ve had on the show in this size range have usually been very frustrated on shopping day one because they send them to stores that don’t have their size, then they go to lane bryant on shopping day two.

this time they’ve sent her places where they actually carry her size, so she’s not set up for failure. day one she went to Loehmann’s, and day two she went to Lee Lee’s Valise.

furniture overload

i have too much furniture now. some of it is not right– the thing i store my tv and stereo in is too wide for the space it’s in. a lot of it doesn’t go together– i have traditional stuff that has come from other people in my family, and modern stuff that i’ve bought for myself.

i’m also going to replace my bed. it’s too small and the mattress and boxspring didn’t last as long as they should have– there’s a dip in the middle.

i tried to figure out if i could consolidate the modern looking stuff in the bedroom with a new modern bed, but since my couch, etc are not very traditional, i don’t think that’s going to work.

i need to reshuffle my house, and i need to get rid of a lot of stuff. still.

i was looking at old pictures of my basement and it made me realize how much crap i’ve removed from the basement so far. it’s actually a lot better than it used to be. i have to remind myself that, although it may be slow going, i will get there with the whole house.

1013 w. main

while most people in durham are interested in the food, beer selection and atmosphere the new occupant of 1013 w. main will offer, i have to provide the nerd’s critique of their web site.

the site looked suspiciously amateurish, and i couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at the html behind the web site. even better (or worse?) than i hoped, it’s a tour de force of poor coding featuring links to 14 different style sheets, plus tables for layout and font tags!

here we go again

moses has diabetes again. we did a full panel yesterday and his glucose was 600 which is quite high.

i had a feeling that might wind up being the case. my guts tell me it’s because we switched him off of m/d (the diabetic food) for k/d (kidney disease food). after we switched him he started to gain weight again and now he needs insulin again.

i asked dr. c if he wanted to put him back on m/d and he said no. but i think i’m going to bring it up again in two weeks when we re-check.

in the good news department, the anemia situation seems to be stable and his kidney values have actually not gotten worse, which was a pleasant surprise. i really thought we’d see downward progress in the kidney disease.

we’ve passed eight months now since was first diagnosed with CRF. if nothing else, that’s pretty amazing.

walking alone vs. walking with the boy and the dog

this week i’ve resumed my evening walk around the neighborhood. it’s the perfect time of year for it– warm, but not hot; nature is looking its best and the sun is setting later.

i’m used to walking around with J and the dog. reese needs a daily walk so we go every day when they’re here.

i realized this week that one of the reasons i don’t often walk down mangum when i’m walking alone, even though it has a nice sidewalk and makes logical sense as part of my favorite route, is because i’ve had guys make catcalls at me when they drive down the street.

it will surprise no one that this never happens when J and reese and i walk down this street.

fuck it, i’m walking down that street alone if i feel like it. you know?