Miss Manners on weddings…


bq. “…people spend a year putting on something that’s a cross between the Academy Awards and a reality show; a romance movie about themselves. And the notions that have been perpetrated such as, ‘It’s going to be a perfect day.’ Well, that’s one way to set you up for a fall.”:http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/couplesandmarriage/articlewow.aspx?cp-documentid=8078655&GT1=32001

yes, i have to go to a cat birthday party

i’ll admit, i didn’t think of the position i’d be putting people in, if they needed to explain where they were going.

tonight i invited over a few of moses’ most ardent local fans (aka, people who help me take care of him and will listen to me prattle on about him ad nauseum). (although i have to say that the person who is willing to listen to me the most is J, plus it should be mentioned that he also helps me with moses a lot. for instance, he played a key role in the one and only bath moses has ever recieved.)

anyway, i called it moses’ birthday party because you know, he’s seventeen today. but mostly i wanted to hang out and feed my friends some nice drinks and snacks and stuff. we also listened to records– you know, real actual vinyl records– which was fun. i played that sugarcubes record with the birthday song, and we talked about how the first elvis costello album was rumored to be backed by guys who played with huey lewis (which georg later confirmed to be true).

i attempted to make mojitoes and failed, as usual. i swear i will one day make a decent mojito. this is going to mean figuring out how to really get mint to grow and thrive in my garden. if mojitoes were made with sage, rosemary or garlic chives i’d be set. oh, or marjoram. find me a mixed drink made with marjoram and i can set you up. i suppose it would also help if i would bother to squeeze fresh limes.

we drank them anyway, though. they weren’t too bad, they just weren’t really mojitoes.

moses go to eat so much chicken that he threw up. IT WAS GREAT. i kind of forgot to give it to him gradually. i put a little plate down in front of him, looked away for a moment and 3/4 of it was gone. then soon it was all gone. and then a little came back. then it was a matter of seeing how many barf jokes we could work into the evening.


things i miss a lot

the starlite.

vis-art video. i’m amazed by how much i miss vis-art. i was going through new releases on netflix tonight and had a really visceral reaction while thinking _i SHOULD be browsing these on the vis-art shelves and now i never can again._

my convertible. every so often i really miss her, like on warm summer nights. _but_ it’s good i sold her before gas prices got so high.


Going back into some old podcasts, i found a Diane Rehm Show from 6/24/08 that was all about The Family:

bq. “It’s one of the most influential and least well known organizations in the country. The Family, also known as The Fellowship, consider themselves followers of Christ, and individuals responsible for changing the the world. An inside look at the power and history of The Family.”

I was pretty excited to listen to it because I had read that “Hillary Clinton is a member of The Family.”:http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/2007/09/hillarys-prayer.html In fact, that was one of the main reasons I became disillusioned with her during her campaign.

But I heard no mention of her during the discussion of The Family. I can’t remember the date when she conceded but I think this was prior to that… if so, I can only imagine that they decided in advance not to bring that fact up during the discussion; disappointing, frankly.

There’s plenty of disappointment to go around, really. “Obama supports supreme court reversal of gun ban”:http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jun/27/barackobama.usa

fire and wolves

a dangerous weekend in newport news, with smoke filling the air (from the north carolina wildfire) and… well, i rode a roller coaster. the wolf-themed one. i saw no actual wolves, in part because there are no longer wolves kept in a preserve beneath the coaster, and in part because i was too busy screaming JASONNOTGOODNOTGOODNOTGOODOHGODNOTGOOD!

that was during the second half of the ride; the first half was fun, the second half was the kind of fun that doesn’t feel fun until later.

we noticed that the napkins at the park claim that busch is the last major american-owned brewery or something like that. hah. not any more!

we have season passes, so next up: loch ness monster. happily, neither of us want to ride the griffin or the alpengeist. i’m kind of on the fence about apollo’s chariot.

_one coaster at a time._


Shortly after I became engaged, the Fluevog Wedding Programme was discontinued.

I emailed them tonight to confirm, because it just disappeared off the web site. Indeed– it is no longer.

Since I don’t think I want to wear a traditional bridal color anyway, that’s probably just as well… it just… kinda smarts.

young people! bah!

i’m supervising two student interns right now– those of you who work with teenagers for a living, i don’t know how you do it. they are running me ragged.

well, that, and staying up too late, and figuring out the logistics of a very complex project at work (which the aforementioned students are helping me with), and cleaning up lots of cat related messes (he’s walking and talking fine, next goal is to get him using the fracking litterbox again, at least sometimes), absorbing lots of lots of information about how to plan a wedding, and selling off my worldly possessions.

don’t get me wrong, i like our interns a lot and they are both very sharp. they’re just verrry demanding. hilarious, but demanding.

oh. and my sole remaining grandparent– my maternal grandmother– appears to be declining. so there’s that. but we’ll worry about that when it happens.