I’ll see your OMG! and raise you a ZOMG!

“OMG! Gawker Q&A with Joss Whedon!”:http://gawker.com/tag/interview/?i=5024570&t=omg-gawker-qa-with-joss-whedon

Oh, and either “Marti Noxon”:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0637497/ has changed her name to Marni Nixon or Gawker needs a fact checker/more skillful transcriber. See, her name is easy to remember if you’re a _real_ Buffy fan, because you HATE HER.

Hilarity ensues.

via b2

bq. “Salon’s Patrick Smith, author of the excellent Ask the Pilot column relates the incredibly frustrating — and quintessential — story of the day a surly TSA screener confiscated the airline-issue, safe-certified knife from his luggage (part of his hotel stayover emergency kit).”

From “Quintessential TSA stupidity: taking airline cutlery away from a pilot.”:http://www.boingboing.net/2008/07/11/quintessential-tsa-s.html

The really hilarious thing is that TSA makes pilots go through security screening. He’s going to be _flying the plane._ He doesn’t need a _knife_ to hijack it.


yard work is my cardio

last fall i pulled a couple of cubic yards of material out of my front and side yard as a result of pruning.

this week i’ve done about the same again. i have a real problem with vines that take over trees and shrubs. they’re particularly bad along one side of my house, where they weighted some tree branches to the point that they dislodged a gutter. my goal was to put the gutter back together; once i was up on the ladder i realized that job one was removing a lot of plant material first.

this week also features a cat who is improving noticeably, and the realization that i could have hired someone to fix my fence (back when it still kind of existed) and it wouldn’t have cost that much, really. i’m getting estimates on having a new fence put in, one that will keep reese in the back yard.

it’s sort of weird that helms’ funeral was at gran’s old church. i think i knew he was a member of that church (and it certainly comes as no surprise). i wonder if the minister who officiated gran’s funeral also did his. they say that cheney was coming to town today for the funeral.

i wonder if he’ll be buried in the same cemetery as gran and her family.

on the family grapevine

the family grapevine is carried over the telephone wires.

now that my mom has moved away, she calls to chat every few weeks. we never did that before.

i’m now on the family grapevine, for reals.

i can tell you what’s happening with everyone. some of it is pretty amazing. some of it is pretty sad.

i can tell you… but i’m not going to. because, you know. it’s family stuff.

quite a day in durham

well, as most people have now heard, jesse helms died today. while shopping for tv’s, one tv in one store was on a channel running continuous clips of helms speaking, pissing people off, saying no, etc.

in response, the heavens opened on the city of durham just before the big fireworks that were to be ‘sploded after kevin costner (who is in town presumably in response to the 20th anniversary of Bull Durham and NOT because God Hates Durham) and his band played at the new durham ball park (not the one where they shot the movie, sadly).

chaos ensued, and we should know because we tried to go downtown after we thought the massive downpour would have cleared everyone out of there. but no; power was out intermittently, cop cars were flashing lights at intersections but no cops were directing traffic, roads were partially blocked and cars and pedestrians were still trying to escape from the morass of the ball park.

realizing our dinner plans were not going to include downtown, we headed to 9th street. of the several restaurants were visited on foot (in the rain), all were closed, which was too bad because 9th street had power and was virtually deserted. we _could_ have had burgers at the biker bar, but decided not to.

taking to the car again, we drove by another place (closed) and finally headed for the Fed. they were open; we were carded at the door by a jovial young man who recommended the burgers to me, and headed for the muggy back room where the smoke quotient is low and tables were available.

fortunately, they had pear cider on draught, which is J’s favorite. so it all came out in the end. i did have the burger, and as always, it’s was quite good.

now we’re enjoying air conditioning, and watching _The Zero Effect._

what you get for a mil

so the neighborhood i grew up in was briefly featured on HGTV, on ‘what you get for the money’. it was their example neighborhood for what you get for $1m in raleigh, nc.

trust me, my mom’s house did not just sell for a mil.

couldn’t figure out where in the ‘hood the example house was located. suffice to say i do know that neighborhood very well. no idea where the $1m house was.

at least the guys who owned it didn’t tear down the original and build new, which is happening a lot there.