Greystone & neighborhoods

This weekend J was in town and we visited “Greystone”: as a potential wedding location.

It’s a beautiful place. If you ever get the chance to stay there or visit, and love old Durham houses, I highly recommend it. It’s the first place we’ve looked at where we got excited about the possibilities rather than being disappointed and crossing it off the list.

I don’t know if we’ll have the wedding there, but it’s definitely a possibility.

We also visited some neighborhoods that I’ve uncovered in the last few weeks where we might like to live. While it would be great to stay close to downtown, the price per square foot around here can be really high by comparison, and we might not find the right place here.

It’s kind of difficult to uncover these places if you’re a devoted downtown dweller, as I am. It’s like there’s a whole other Durham that I didn’t know was out there. A lot of it is very cookie-cutter and disappointing, but there are little pockets here and there that feel more laid back, have lots of trees and houses that don’t all look the same.

Just in case someone reading this is in the same position, the places we like best are…

* Woodberry Forest

* Duke Forest (it’s a neighborhood as well as a forest)

* Five Oaks (as planned subdivisions go, it’s the most laid back)

We also walked the dog around Watts-Hillandale on Saturday. While the houses have lots of character– and I know they have a good time there on Halloween– the lots are small and the price per square foot is astronomical. Ah well.

On Sunday we started the Map Project (well, continued it with my participation). J ordered USGS maps of the area and made devices to store them properly and hold acetate overlays. We cut the acetate to fit (my sewing tools came in handy– cutting wheel and self-healing mat) and started marking neighborhoods and other important features on the acetate overlays.

Busy, busy…