The billboard baby

“a comment here…”:

“some comments there…”:

apparently, the baby billboard was just a nice jester.

how could i have been so insensitive? i really have some soul-searching to do… i mean, what the hell is wrong with me?

like i said, it was just a nice… jester.


so much to do…

passed up a chance to see obama speak today so i could get stuff done, so i figured i had better get stuff done.

feel as if i’ve been in constant motion all day. i’ve made five separate trips to various home improvement stores. i got supplies at the vet (because, you know, all the money i gave them wednesday wasn’t enough). i noted that the b20 pump is still dry for the second week running. i noted that spacepod is getting moldy again but tabled that issue until tomorrow.

it still being rather soggy around my house today i kept to errands and indoor activities, such as finishing up a painting project and attempting to replace a light fixture.

the light fixture turned into one of those SNAFU situations which is going to involve me going back to the home improvement store, although i think not tonight.

i was thinking about going to see Smoky and the Bandit at this drive-in theater that’s about an hour north of here, but screw that. i’m staying home.

things i am trying to sell, for what it’s worth:

mac g4 cube with dead hard drive and cd-rom drive; matching monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse. pop in a new hard drive and cd-rom drive and you’ve got one styling little desktop.

g4 ibook (probably, provided one friend definitely doesn’t want it), fully functional.

that big heavy dark modern looking sideboard thing i used to have my tv in.

a set of steel 15″ wheels with holes for vintage hubcaps already drilled, although the person who i got them from says one set of holes is off-center.

a set of three really pretty coco mats for a new beetle, and one coco mat that has been discolored by a water spill.

just in case you guys want some of my crap.

free idea for you, durham

we need a steampunk themed bar called “Tesla’s”. J recommends an octopus behind a porthole at the bar, obtained, of course, during your last trip 20,000 leagues under the sea.

we don’t need any more irish pubs. that’s for sure.

in other news, i am back at work after a week of vacation, and have transformed from being all relaxed and easygoing to being all cranky and irritable. amazing how fast it happens.

it had to happen

it appears that THE YELLING FAMILY have hired Creepy Lawn Guy to mow their yard.

which would explain why their lawn gets mown occasionally this season. they mowed it exactly zero times during the 2007 season.

i will also not have the pleasure of tacking copies of the recently passed no-chaining ordinance to their door, because they don’t seem to let their dog outside anymore.


i’m on vacation for a week. not going anywhere different, just up to Va to hang out with the boys starting mid-week. we’ll be seeing david byrne on thursday night and there’s a VW cookout thing (the remnants of “NBeast”: ) on saturday.

moses holds steady although he still can’t walk due to muscle weakness. mostly that’s not much of a problem but i am reluctant to leave him in anyone else’s care at this point. i’ve gotten the knack of grooming him effectively (regular “baths”: help a lot) and he’s looking really good these days (you know, for his age and all).

spacepod has fun new leaks; he got moldy again, but in the small favors department, he did start right up today. i’ve cleaned up the mold, but still need to attend to the leaks and he really needs a full cleaning. and probably another disinfecting / ozone treatment — after i get the current crop of leaks under control. most of his leaks can be traced back to the large oak tree in my yard — it’s a pin oak, and the narrow leaves find their way into every crevice in the car. i would love, love, love to have a garage one day.

little bro’ S is doing a two month unpaid internship at liberal magazine “The American Prospect”: and has written a couple of pieces for their blog. i suspect that one is in for an interesting career, we’ll see where he goes next.

work has been really cool but really demanding for the last month. well, all summer. that’s why i decided to take a week off; supervising the world’s lamest summer intern for two months and running a huge project for nearly four is the stuff that burnout is made of. (or is it on?) despite having to explain to one client why it’s a bad idea to put out an incomplete site with “under construction” on it, the clients are all being pretty laid back about things and willing to wait. i do like being the evil mastermind behind the whole big thing. i just wish i had more minions. but then, don’t we all?

last night i finished a month-long buffy binge. i watched the whole series from start to finish. i find the early episodes, while she’s in high school, really comforting for some reason. the year she really starts to have serious losses and life changes is a lot less so, but they ended the final season on a high note. i haven’t turned on the tv since i finished and i’m not sure i will for a while. (oh, who am i kidding..) i do feel a compulsion to start watching Angel, but i’m fighting it off. his world is so much darker, and the series has such a dark ending, anyway. in particular, the wesley and fred arcs are so depressing. i don’t know.

in good Joss news, he’s got a “new show”: in production — yes, actually being shot! — that’s scheduled to start in January. YAY! i miss Joss.

so. there you go. that is what is up.